Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Slipping into something more comfortable

Oh phooey! So you saw the post title and thought this was going to be a bit saucy? Seriously now, this is a family friendly blog people!

On a more serious note, I really did just slip into something more relaxing. Two things actually and they are absolutely fabulous! You'll only see me wearing these babies when I'm at home and man, oh man, they fit like a glove. Soft, fluffy, tan and red Winnie the Pooh slippers.  Never mind that they keep my toes toasty but they always lift my spirits at the end of a nippy winters day.

RANDOM INFORMATION THAT YOU COULD DO WITHOUT: I've lived in the UK for nearly 8 years and have slowly developed quite a collection of flannel pyjamas, gowns and fluffy footwear.  My winter wardrobe is about twice the size of my summer one and I always seem to have an emergency umbrella somewhere in the house in case one meets with a large gust of wind and turns inside out.

Isabella thinks my Pooh shoes are hilarious, especially when they 'chase' her around the house. Who would have thought that a pair of slippers could have my little monkey in fits of laughter, ending up with both of us acting like loons as we play with mommy's crazy choice in footwear.  The cat on the other hand isn't too sure.  Silly human wearing animals on her feet.  What next?!

I also have turquoise house slippers for general use.  It feels as if I am wearing a pair of thick, soft, slightly cushioned socks.  Perfect for taking away on holidays and they are definitely slippering their way into my luggage when I go home at the end of the year.

If I'm feeling slightly more mature (doesn't happen often) then I'll bring out my white monogram slippers.  I like to think the 'D' is for the first letter of the last name.  Those of you who know me and can put 2 and 2 together from previous posts will know where this started their life.  I adore these too and feel like I should be living in a mansion in the Hertfordshire countryside, while I traipse around in my jim jams, white towelling robe and monogram slippers.

"Jeeves!  Where are my monogram slippers?!"
If you too have a pair of cuddly, wuddly slippers that you can't do without, post a pick on your own blog and then pop a link to your post in the comment section of my post so that I can have a peek.  Nosey, aren't I?

Just when you thought my posts couldn't be anymore random, I think that this one may have taken the cake!  (Thanks M!xx)


p.s. It may be time that you followed by blog too...

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