Sunday, 19 February 2012

All-in-One Mum Weekly Goal No.3

Other than looking for a new soft toy to pattern that I can start knitting this week, my major goal is a Spring clean of my bedroom clothes cupboard and the dresser next to my bed!

Since having my daughter I am now back to a weight that I was at in my early 20's, largely down to a great deal of walking and then partly to a healthy diet.  I gave many clothes to charity and clothing bins but kept a few 'just in case' items, which seems a bit silly.

Hopefully by next Sunday I will have bagged up a good number of items that I can donate to The Children's Society Charity Shop.

Do you have a weekly goal or something that you want to finally achieve in the next few days?  It could even be the start of a long term plan with week by week achievement updates!

Think about it.  Blog about it.  
Post a link to it in the widget below.
Very, very easy!

There is something amazing about putting things in writing on the public domain.  You feel largely obliged to commit to what you have said you aim to do.  I would feel slightly gutted with myself if I didn't achieve what I set out to do but obviously, as happens in life, things don't always happen the way they are planned.  I guess that is half the fun!

Reading a book, starting to write a book, travelling around the world or going a diet.  You name it, I want to read about it!  Hope to see your weekly goal on my page soon!


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