Saturday, 4 February 2012

How to Follow My Blog!

It suddenly dawned on me that not everyone is as comfortable with the Internet and all things computer as I am.  I've always been happy working on a computer and although I'm no wizard, I can work out basic HTML if pointed in the right direction.

Here are a few ways for those of you who would dearly love to follow my blog but aren't quite sure how to do so.

It's safe (and logical!) to assume that if you are reading this you are on my blog page, so you have already started 1 of the 5 steps.  Well done you!

1.  Visit my blog:  Be amazed by the simplicity and beauty of it.  As I wrote that my mind immediately leapt to an old school friend called Shannon.  How strange indeed?

2.  Add my blog to your Bookmarks bar or folder (if using Safari) by clicking on the word Bookmarks at the top of your screen.  It should be six tabs across to the right.

In Internet Explorer (if I remember correctly) you can click on the orange/yellow star in the top right of the screen to add this to your favourites.  It should give you an option of where to save this to.

3.  Click on Follow at the top of the blogger screen.  It is next to what I refer to as the Google box, or the place where you 'Google things'.  It says Follow.  It's next to Share.  Clicked on Follow?  Good!

 4.  A Follow this Blog pop-up should appear.  Simply click on the orange FOLLOW button and hey, presto!  All done!

5.  Alternatively, scroll down my page and just below the button that says 'I Love Comments' (which I do!), you will see a nifty little thing declaring 'IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, FOLLOW ME!'.  Gone on!  Click on Join this site.  It's the pretty blue button.  You should be taken to the same Follow this Blog screen as shown above.

6. You can also follow me on Twitter by clicking on the very pretty Twitter Button just below the Follow Me section on right hand section of my blog.

7. Last but not least, you can follow me by email.  This is at the bottom of my page.   Yes, that means you need to scroll write down to the bottom of the page and put in your email address.

That is definitely a load of following but it will be worth it, I'm sure.  
Hopefully my blog will brighten your day when you need it most!

I hope that you found this a very useful and relatively painless exercise.  Looking forward to seeing your face soon, mixed in with the rest of my current followers.



  1. just followed you via google friend connect and network blogs :) hoping to see mroe of you posts now :) x

  2. I'm such a saddo! I actually said a little 'oooooh' of excitement when I saw your blog title. It's so calming and beautiful!

    Thank you for following me and I'm not following you right back! A x


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