Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!

This is my first time taking part in Mammasaurus's 'Saturday is Caption Day'.  

Leave a comment on my photo and then why not take part yourself?


Friday, 30 March 2012

Random Ramblings: Circles, Robots and Cents...

Having lived in the UK for going on 8 years you would honestly think I'd know better when it came to using the correct terminology for day to day items.  I'm not too worried about my daughter getting confused as I want her to know about South Africa and where mommy and daddy came from originially as it is part of her heritage.  What I am worried about though is confusing the heck out of my British friends, colleagues and other people that I speak to.

A very recent example was when my husband phoned me at work to say he wanted to have a braai and was going to get meilies from the shop.   I told this to a colleague who stared back with a rather puzzled look on their face.  Was it their fault for not understanding me?  No, of course not!  It was mine for being so ridiculous and not saying in plain and simple English that we were going to have a BBQ and wanted to buy sweetcorn to put on the braai, I mean, BBQ.   Regardless, on a braai you have real meat like 10oz rump steaks, ribs, boerewors (sausuage) and flatties (whole marinated chicken).  

Occasionally when I give people directions I tell them that they need to go left at the circle and turn left at the robot.  What did I say, you ask? Take the first exit at the roundabout and turn left at the traffic light.  A roundabout is circular so yes, calling a circle a roundabout does make sense although in my mind a roundabout is something that kids play on in the playground.  However, some of the driving I've seen around roundabouts could possibly be compared to children at play so it actually fits perfectly!

I've also been known to put 'R' for Rand instead of '£' for Pound Sterling when I've been working with figures.  I've both written and typed it like this completely without thinking.  I wasn't thinking about South Africa or about Rands at the time but both are clearly bobbing around in my subconscious, just waiting to pop up and make me think about my home country.

So, as long as everyone is now aware that I am not completely loopy and that what I am saying makes sense somewhere in the world, I wish you all a fabulous weekend!


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Silent Sunday

A Meme: My 8 Best Memories Over 8 Years

This year marks 8 years of me living in the UK.  As much as I moan about the weather, rhubarb and rude commuters, I do love it here.  When spring arrives and the days grow longer it becomes an entirely different world.  There is an amazing feeling of happiness and bliss as everyone soaks up the warmer weather and lives the days to their absolute fullest.  Light reflects off corners that you had forgotten about and the warm touch of sun on skin seeps right down to my soul.  I come alive again at this time of year.

I inspired myself to create a Meme reflecting over my nearly 8 year stay in the United Kingdom as I was walking into work earlier this week before my brief stint of acute tonsillitis.  Even more reason to be positive now as it's now passed.

I have nominated and tagged 5 wonderful individuals to take part in my Meme, listing their top 8 memories over the last 8 years and then tagging 5 other people, just like I have done.  The next 5 that they tag simply repeat the process.  Once the post is complete, copy the post URL and paste it into the linkey widget at the end of this Meme so that it can be shared, so you will need to put a link to this post into your Meme too so people can find my page.

Without further ado, these are my 8 best memories in the last 8 years.  Enjoy!

15 October 2004 - 12 December 2004
I landed at Heathrow on an extremely cold morning having just left 30 degree weather in gorgeous and sunny Cape Town, South Africa.  Who was the person that came to meet and greet me on the other side at just after 6 a.m.?  My amazing and truly inspirational cousin, of course!  If she wasn't my cousin, I'd want her as my older sister and if we weren't related, I'd want her as my best friend.  I could spend hours with her just listening to her positivity and creative ideas.

I left for Scotland 2 days later...

After many phone calls and texts with my parents and sister across I decided to move closer to London as the area that I was staying in Scotland was simply to isolated for me at the age of 22.  I was given the opportunity to live in a house share closer to London with my sister's boyfriend's friend.  Little did I know at the time how much this move would change my entire life.

May/June 2005
Bali!  A holiday was arranged with myself and my boyfriend (housemate had been upgraded) and my sister, her boyfriend and two others.  This was the fist time I had seen my sister since October and getting to share this time with her and everyone else was incredibly special.

12 December 2005
As a birthday present my boyfriend treated me to a surprise birthday meal, so after a train and tube journey we arrived at our destination which turned out to be Jamie Oliver's restaurant, Fifteen.  I had no idea where we were going so was lost for words when we arrived at the restaurant.  Just before dessert my boyfriend got up from the table and went back to his coat.  He came back, sat down and placed a small black box on the table and asked me if I would marry him, and I said yes!  Perfect end to the perfect evening.

22 June 2006
Our wedding day.  My husband and I were married in a registry office in the morning, him in board shorts and t-shirt and me in a skirt and top which was followed by a formal afternoon blessing where I wore a beautiful bridal gown and him in tops and tails.  He looked so handsome and I just remember feeling incredibly lucky to be married to such a wonderful man.

November 2007
We purchased our first family home!  Hoorah!  We are still here and will be for quite a few years.  I love the area we are living in and have met such wonderful people that I couldn't imagine ever moving from here to tell you the truth.

5 July 2009
My husband completed his first Ironman triathlon in Frankfurt!  Words couldn't describe how proud I was of him as he stepped over the finishing line.  To have the drive and determination to train for an event like this is one thing but to actually combine all three disciplines on one day and complete the event is truly inspirational.  He has done one more since then in 2011 in Lanzarote and made me just as proud.

21 July 2009
We had decided to try for our first child after my husband had completed his Ironman in Frankfurt.  After Frankfurt we headed to Canada for a 2 week holiday to visit one of my best friends who I have known since I was 10 years old.  Imagine our surprise when I found out I was pregnant 2 days after we landed back in London!

2 April 2010
On a rainy Easter morning and a relatively short labour of which the final stage was 18 minutes in the birthing pool, our daughter Isabella Joyce was born.  I remember sitting there holding her in my arms and thinking "she's here, she's our daughter".  I love this little creature with all my heart and thank God for her every day.  What a blessing to have this beautiful little girl in our lives who brings so much joy and laughter into our home and hearts.

Click below to see who I have tagged.  There is no method to my madness as to how I selected these individuals.  I read their blogs and enjoy them and think (hope!) that this would be something they would like to take part in.  Fingers crossed!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Listography - 5 reasons I know I'm a...

This week Kate at Kate Takes 5 has chosen the subject of "5 reasons I know I'm a (fill in the blank).

I'm making my Listography into "5 reasons I know I'm a South African (living in the UK)".  Yes it's silly, but I'm feeling a little homesick today and this has made me feel slightly better for some odd reason.

The 5 reasons I know I'm a South African (living in the UK)...

1.  I say 'now now' and 'just now'.   In every place that I have worked in the UK and every person that I have met in the UK over the past 8 years, I have had to explain to them what I mean when I say these words.  What do I say?  "Now now" means that I'll do it shortly when I can or want to and "just now" means I'll do it later.  No actual timescale given.  Simple enough.

2.  I say 'shame' way too much.  It is a word with hundreds of different uses.  Such a fabulous way of expressing emotions and reactions to different situations.  Love it!

3.  25 degrees celcius is not hot.  It's not a heat wave.  It was 3 days of slightly warmer weather.  I will not be rushing down to a pebbly beach, getting stuck on the M25 for hours for a touch of colour.  I know a fabulous place locally that does a nifty spray tan in 20 minutes, thanks!  (I'm honestly a very positive person, trust me!).

4.  I don't eat rhubarb.  Ate it once.  Didn't like it.  Brits can keep it!

5.  I talk to people on tubes, trains and buses.  I even talk to people when I pay for things in a shop.  Oh, the shock and sheer horror of it all!  It's called being friendly.  The world would be a much better place if we were all a bit nicer to each other, don't you think?


Mother's Day Meme

I've been tagged!  Huh, say what?!  I've never taken part in a Meme before today but I've seen a number of them floating around the blosphere at the moment.

Chloe at A 20 Something Mum tagged me as well as 4 other Mums in her Meme to answer the questions below.  In turn, I will tag 5 other Mums who can then take part in the Meme if they would like to, giving their answers and tagging another 5 Mums in return.

The original Meme was started by Loretta at More Than a Mum who drew her inspiration for this Meme from an article she read this week in the Metro.

I would like to add that there can be no right or wrong answers as everyone has their own views on Motherhood and how to raise their children which we are all so rightly entitled to.

I've listed the questions and my answers below and hope that you enjoy reading them.

Describe Motherhood in 3 Words
Exciting.  Eventful.  Amazing.

Does your experience differ from your Mother's and how?
Well, I would have to say yes.  I live on a completely different continent to my Mother who lives 12 hours away in South Africa.  My Grandmother (my Mom's Mom) was a great help to her and played a large role in the lives of myself and my sister.   My mom didn't necessarily need the help but just having that constant support from her own Mom must have been amazing.  There is not a moment that goes by that I don't miss my Mom and wish that she could experience the magic and beauty of my daughter in real life, and not through a computer screen.

My Mother-in-Law is extremely helpful and supportive but I think that some people may agree with me when I say there is nothing quite like having your own Mom to help you and give you advice when you are raising a child.  I can take it from my mom too.  She is one amazing woman!

What is the hardest thing about being a Mum?
I get scared that I am not stimulating my daughter enough in her daily routine on the days that I am off with her.  I take one day off in the week (that and childcare costs are extortionate!) and then come the weekend I am sometimes quite tired from my week but need to make sure that she is entertained and getting the attention that she needs and deserves.

No, I am not feeling sorry for myself.  I chose to have a child but yes, I do find it tiring and I really take my hat off to Stay at Home Mums who NEVER get time to themselves yet still manage to hold it all together and run a household at the same time.  Very inspirational!

What's the best thing about being a Mum?
Being called "Mommy".  I love it.  I love the hugs.  I adore the kisses and cuddles.  I don't even mind snot being wiped on me (as long as it belongs to my daughter of course!).

I love that this little creature is something that I created with my husband and I can't wait for her to wake up in the morning just so that it can start all over again.

How has it changed you?
Well, a typical Friday night for us now consists of steak, gnocchi and a movie or catch up TV.  Oh, and blogging!  Well, blogging for me and my poor long suffering husband trying to watch TV while I tap away on the keyboard.

I think I'm slightly less uptight than before I had my daughter.  I like to think that I tend to go more with the flow and just try to deal with things and get on with it really.  I don't think it's changed me dramatically but I know that I'm not the same person.  I'd like to say I'm a better person but that may be debatable?

What do you hope for your children?
I hope that when they grow up they can look back on their childhood with only happy memories, like I do.  I had a fabulous childhood and all I want to do is give Isabella the same.  Ultimately I want my children to be a healthy, happy and confident individuals, treating others with respect and kindness.

What do you fear for them?
Heartache and disappointment at the hands of others.  Unfortunately these are all parts of life and can only make a person stronger if you decide to learn and grow from it.  Of course no parent ever wants to see their child hurt and I will be with them every step of the way, watching in the wings, ready to jump out for when they need me the most.

What makes it all worthwhile?
The laughter, the hugs, the kisses and cuddles.  The things that she says and the way that she will just suddenly break into a little song and dance at random.  She makes me think of the famous quote by Mark Twain which I've written down below.

"Dance like nobody's watching; 
love like you've never been hurt. 
Sing like nobody's listening; 
live like it's heaven on earth."

For this Meme I tag the following wonderful and inspiring Mums who's blogs I follow. 

Kate @ Kate Takes 5
Karen @ Missing Sleep
Rebecca @ Roller Coaster Mum



Mother's Day Surprise From Bella and Daddy

I absolutely love receiving flowers especially if they are for no obvious reason.   I call these "just because" flowers.

This time my flowers were from my amazing hubby and darling daughter, Isabella, for Mother's Day.  Thank you for my gorgeous bouquet and I love you both very much.  

Being a mummy to Isabella is still one of the most wonderful gifts that I have ever received so anything extra that I get on Mother's Day just adds to the indescribable joy of being a Mother to this amazing little being.


Silent Sunday

Saturday, 17 March 2012

A few of my favourite baby items

Books I read from pre-conception to the toddler years

Stealing Precious Moments

My husband is away on a boys weekend, competing in a 150km cycle race in the Hague, so after I had taken advantage of this by dominating 'his' couch last night and watching a girly movie with Snickers on my lap, I went to check on Isabella before I hopped off to bed.

Armed with my heart shaped water bottle to keep my feet toasty as I had no hubby to warm them up on, I placed it under the duvet at the lower part of my bed so that I wouldn't be greeted by cold sheets.  I tip-toed to Isabella's room using my iPhone to light my way and made the fatal mistake of opening her bedroom door just as I heard her stirring yet I decided not to turn around and went in to make sure that she was snuggly tucked in.  

I was met with open arms and a smiling toddler so, as it was very late, I picked Isabella up and popped her into bed with me.  This was the first time in months that she simply put her head down and went to sleep in our bed.  On most other occasions that we have put her in our bed when she was crying or wouldn't go into her cot she thought that coming to our bed was a game, so I am very grateful that she did in fact decide to sleep this time!

I was gently woken up this morning by hugs, kisses and cuddles and soft whispers of "Mommy".  Granted, I was kicked once or twice in the ribs during the night but I can't think of a more perfect way to start the day.


Friday, 16 March 2012

Pre-Mother's Day Treat to Myself

After nearly 3 weeks of an off again/on again eye infection I think the end is nearly in sight! (ha ha ha, in sight!  I crack myself up!).  Hopefully it will all be sorted out tomorrow when I see the specialist and then I can really get back into my blogging which I feel is being very neglected.  It's one of the things that keeps me sane so for the sake of those around me, my eyes had better sort themselves out and fast!

On a more positive note, I have my husband's couch all to myself this weekend and have dug out my 'chick flicks' which I am going to attempt to watch.  Well, I'm not happy that my husband isn't joining me on the couch but sometimes you need to capture these little moments as they are presented to you and use them to the fullest.  

I'm thinking of watching The Time Traveler's Wife first, followed by Twilight tomorrow and maybe the Notebook after that.  I really need to sort out my accounts too but procrastination seems to be my number one character trait at the moment.  I may even get a full body massage on Sunday?  Look at me go!!!
The kettle is boiling as we speak and the blanket, cat and couch are waiting for me.  Any other Mums being indulgent and treating themselves this weekend?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Giving Birth vs. Going to the Dentist

I have developed an irrational fear of the dentist to the point that I have postponed appointments in an attempt to delay the inevitable.  Ironically I had no fear of giving birth.  Giving birth is meant to be one of the most painful experiences that a woman can go through and as it was my first child I had absolutely no idea of what to expect pain wise.

Here are my ramblings and reasonings that I sorted out in my head (possibly talking aloud to myself) while walking home from the dentist today as to why I can happily give birth to child without batting an eyelid and why I break out in a sweat at the thought of a visit to the dentist.

1.    If you go to the dentist and are on the NHS you inevitably have to wait for a week or two until you can get an appointment.  You are then left waiting all that time with the pain until you can be slotted in somewhere.  When you go into labour and have pains and then contractions it should hopefully be over in a matter of hours if not days at the longest.   I had no complications in my labour and the SPD and sciatica was bearable after a while as I just didn't really walk that much but when I was in the greatest of pain it was sudden and then suddenly over!  No mucking about.  Win to labour!

2.  Lying on your back with someone peeking into your mouth at a very intimate range in a clinical setting with a light shining over head feels more like an interrogation and possibly torture session.  In labour people will give you your space and hopefully allow you to be in pain in peace.  Heaven forbid they get too close into your personal space when you are having a contraction and you don't want the assistance as they might loose a tooth and need to see a dentist!   Letting you get on with it as opposed to making you feel like a prisoner of war is a definite win to labour!

3.  When you need to get dental work done they will numb the pain with injections which takes a matter of minutes and usually has no side effects.  You are safe in the knowledge that you can still feel the rest of your body, are not acting like a fool or asking for your Facebook status to be updated just before you are about to jump into a birthing pool like I did.  I don't think my husband will ever let me live that down!   The TENS machine was slightly painful after a while and it didn't really take away the pain, making me irritated which didn't really help the situation much.  All it did was make me finish nearly a tank and a half of gas and air, feel high and forget about the pain for a while however the pain never really went away.  No pain as opposed to some pain and acting like a numpty means a win to dentist in my case.  Yes, I could have had an epidural but didn't want one so I know I shouldn't really complain, but each to there I own!

4.  You somehow always remember dental pain and the pain associated with procedures whereas I can't, for the life of me, remember how painful labour was.  I know it was agony at the time and that I didn't like it one bit but I honestly don't remember it at all.  Remembering the pain vs. not remembering it at all means a win to labour!

5.  After my tooth was fixed I was left with a numb and droopy face making me look slightly odd with people giving me the 'pity' look.  I felt compelled to tell people that I didn't know from Adam that I had just had a filling, which in itself is a bit mortifying.  In my case it was an old filling that came out but still, I didn't really feel like going into that much detail at the time.  After labour I was in a euphoric state.  I had a water birth with gas and air and once I was out of the water and the rest of the birthing process was complete, I felt fine.  Job done!  I was walking fine.  I looked fine and had a beautiful baby to show for it.  Win to labour!

So, with a score of 4 to 1, giving birth for me is a winner!  If I can give birth I think that I can honestly do anything!!  Well, that's my logical and it's made me feel slightly chuffed and not so secretly smug.  Being a woman is an extremely powerful thing!  After all, I am an All-in-One Mum!!!

I know that my experience of labour wasn't that common as some women have a really awful time with quite a bit of intervention and don't possibly get the birth that they planned.  I admire each and everyone one of you, especially if you have had more children after that.  You see, women are amazing!

Just when you thought my train of thought couldn't get anymore random I drop this bombshell on you!


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Fabulous cupcake bouquets and Mother's Day hampers from Mile House Events

With Mother's Day only 5 days away I thought I'd throw a spanner in the works by introducing you to the latest creations from Mile House Events.  From cupcake bouquets to beautiful hampers for Mum the creativeness of the team at Mile House Events is clearly limitless.

Baby hampers are also a fairly new addition to their repertoire and are the perfect gift to welcome a new arrival to the world.

"Cupcake Bouquet"
Cupcake bouquets are made to order and are available at £30 each.  Each bouquet contains 6 cupcakes, 6 fresh roses and 6 sweet peas in oasis floral foam.  They are presented in a coloured tin, available in green, dark pink, light pink and blue and loving wrapped in cellophane and a beautiful ribbon.  

"Mum Hamper"
The Mum Hamper is £45 and is presented in a gorgeous basket with a ceramic potted calandiva, Langdon trowel and fork, 10oz lavender candle and wrapped in cellophane with a decorative ribbon.

"Potted Calandiva with Melon Slice Candle"
The potted calandiva hamper is £25 and is accompanied by a 10oz melon slice candle and presented in a wooden bucket.  It is also available with an assorted selection of candles (please contact Mile House Events for price details).

"Potted Calandiva with 3 assorted candles"

"Baby Bouquet"
Beautiful baby bouquets and hampers start at £49.95 and are made up of 3 cotton long sleeve sleepsuits, 3 pairs of socks, 1 muslin square, 1 Weenie Beenie, 1 teddy and are presented in a wooden bucket.  Baby Bouquet hampers are also available with a beautiful candle and retail at £55. 
"Baby Bouquet with Candle"
How to Order
Phone 01727 834 617 


Discover Babyhuddle

Whilst reading through Chloe's blog at A 20 Something Mum I noticed a new badge on her profile saying 'Babyhuddle Elite Blogger'.  What I found was list maker heaven! 

Babyhuddle is a fabulous website that was started by a husband and wife team to help parents and soon-to-be parents make informed decisions on what to by for their babies and children.  The lists are created by other parents so you can find comfort in the fact that the products have been tried and tested for comfort, durability, ease of use; generally things that parents look for in a product.  Just one example of the fabulous lists that the members have created is 'baby travel essentials'

Join the site and you can make lists of your own as well as ask questions and have them answered by the other very helpful and friendly members of the Babyhuddle family.  The other joy of the site is that you can also buy the items that you see.  Hoorah!

I'll be blogging for Babyhuddle as well as creating all manner of wonderful lists (this makes me very, very happy!), answering and posing baby and family related questions and generally having a fabulous time doing it.   So become a member of the Babyhuddle family, follow my blog and follow me on Twitter so that you are never left out of the loop!


Babyhuddle Elite Blogger

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Listography - My Top 5 Cookbooks

Oh my goodness!  I have been waiting all day to get the chance to start this post!

Kate from Kate Takes 5 has made 'My Top 5 Cookbooks' her listography for the week which is by far my most favourite one to date.  Even though I am a qualified chef (which doesn't really mean much unless I actually use the skills) and worked in restaurants for a number of years, I love lost a bit of my inspiration for cooking.  It is a very, very sad state of affairs indeed.  However with that said, the books I've listed below help me find and channel that deeply longed for cooking mojo that I've been lacking.  So, without further ado, her is my list of my top 5 cookbooks.

1.  Cake Days by The Hummingbird Bakery

It's like going to cupcake and baking heaven!  My daughter will carefully page through, examing each page and picture as she slowly turns to the next one, stopping when she finds an image that she loves and points to it, which means that I need to bake!  No, I don't always bake on command or demand (as my husband will most probably point out quite happily or unhappily for that matter) but I love the fact that the whole family loves this book too.  

The recipes are easy to follow and turn out beautifully each time.  The compliments I get are very well received by I do believe in credit where credit is due, so thank you to The Hummingbird Bakery for letting us share the baking joy and happiness.

2.  The Essential Mediterranean Cookbook

My mouth beings to water just at the sheer sight of the cover.  Flavours come from all over the Mediterranean and are perfect all year round.  I think that I've just been inspired to have a dinner party?  Hmmm...blankets and pillows on the floor, red and white wine flowing, a gorgeous tapas style spread.  The only thing that would make it even better would be if I could have it on a sandy beach in the gorgeous sunshine and take my friends along too!

3.  Michael Olivier - A Restaurateur Remembers

An autographed copy, I absolutely adore this book.  Beautifully written and full of wonderful recipes, gorgeous wines, nostalgic tales, historical facts and family histories.  As soon as I open it I am immediately homesick and feel as if I have been transported back to the Cape.  It makes me very proud to be South African.

4. Baking notes and recipes

This is my baking book from my days at the Elsa van der Nest Culinary Academy in Cape Town (now known as The Culinary Academy).  If I ever have any questions about baking methods or why something needs to be done in a certain way, I turn straight to this.  It's has tuille batter on some pages and chocolate smudges on others, just the way a good cookbook should.

5. The Complete South African Cookbook - Magdaleen van Wyk

I have saved the best for last!  My mom gave this to me when I left home in 2003 to begin a new chapter of my life in the UK.  When I open it I always think of her and often read the message she wrote to me in on the first page.  It is full of absolutely wonderful South African recipes.  I think that most of my friends own it and if you don't, you should definitely buy one for your cooking book library.  Alternatively, a South African dinner night at mine?!

Have a fabulous week.


Conquering Cradle Cap

The first time I heard of cradle cap was roughly 3 years ago whilst doing a quick late afternoon shop at Boots.  I'm not sure why I was anywhere near the baby section but as I was standing there I overhead two mom's talking about yellow and brown scales on their children's scalp and how they would ‘flake’ and come off in large bits, taking out strands of hair in the process.  They were looking at various products as both desperately wanted to treat it and quickly!

Thank goodness I hadn't eaten my dinner as I think I probably would have lost it after hearing all of that.  It sounded absolutely horrific, like a dreaded disease that this poor child had been inflicted with.  I was determined that my child would never suffer the same fate yet little did I know that my daughter, Isabella, would also develop cradle cap.

What is cradle cap
Also known as infantile or neonatal seborrhoeic dermatitis, cradle cap usually appears in babies in the first two to three months and can last from as little as a few weeks to a number of months.  It is usually found on the scalp but can also be found behind the ears, under armpits, back of the knees, groin area and also in the nose.  It appears in the form of patches of yellow or brown scales with crusty edges and can also be slightly greasy to the touch.  

When did Isabella start showing the signs? 
The first signs appeared when she was two months old.  I noticed a small patch of scalp on the tip of her head had suddenly started to develop small yellow scales, roughly 5mm in size per scale, with very crusty edges.  

It is very unsightly and my first reaction was to pick it straight off and so, against my better judgment, I began to gently pick off the scales.  This is something that you should of course never do as you can cause infection, ending up with a baby with a red and slightly inflamed scalp.  It can also and usually does result in baby losing bits of hair as strands are pulled out with each of the scales as they are lifted.

Why did my daughter develop cradle cap?
No one is exactly sure why babies develop cradle cap although I was told that it could be due to over active sebaceous glands in the scalp causing the scales to develop.  I immediately thought that this was due to me not keeping her hair clean enough and not maintain high levels of hygiene for my daughter but as many people assured me, it was simply something that happened and had nothing to do with me not looking after Isabella properly.  Fortunately in Isabella’s case it only developed on her scalp.

How I treated it
I soon discovered after consulting with my GP, Health Visitors and other mom's that it was easy to treat and by quite natural means too, especially in my daughter's case that was confined to her scalp with no signs of infection.  It covered a 3cm square area of her scalp and the best thing I could do was leave it alone to eventually disappear on its own yet there was a gentle way to treat it with predominately natural products.

When the scales appeared to be getting thick (about 1mm) I would lightly rub a very small amount of olive oil on them at bedtime so that they would soften over night.  In the morning, using a muslin cloth, I dabbed off any excess oil and then with a soft bristle baby brush I gently brushed away the loose scales.  They came away very easily and with less effort that the harmful picking that I had done in earlier months. 

I washed Isabella’s hair with baby shampoo once or twice a week as the oil made her remaining hair very greasy and after a day or two it didn't smell very nice but I wanted to use the least number of products on my daughter and the cradle cap as possible.

This treatment was very good in helping to slowly decrease the patch of cradle cap on her head over a two to three month period until one day it more or less disappeared, leaving extremely small soft brown patches that could simply be rubbed off.  By the age of about eight months her scalp was completely clear.

What to do if you think your child has cradle cap
One thing I will say is that cradle cap causes more irritation to the parent than to the child who probably doesn’t realise that there is any issue at all.  It wasn’t painful or itchy and Isabella never complained once, except for when I was trying to treat it. My daughter now has a beautiful head of hair with gorgeous curls that I love to twirl in my fingers and there is not a single scale in sight!  

I don't have that many photos of Isabella from when she had cradle cap as most of the images are of her face and not of her head, for obvious reasons.  I don't know many people that take head shots of their kids but I did find a few.  You can't really see the cradle cap that well but you can see the gradual stages of hair loss and then hair growth!

July - cradle cap comb over
September - chicken fluff hair
November - hair growing back
December - Superbaby with no cradle cap!
I hope that you found my personal account informative and useful and as every case of cradle cap can be different, please always consult with your GP or Health Visitor before treating the cradle cap yourself or diagnosing it as cradle cap for that matter.  Whatever you do, resist the temptation to pick the scales!


Thank Goodness for Another Mommy MOT!

I usually dream about waking up to a sunny and warm morning or day dream about what it would like to win the Euro Millions and how I'd spend and donate the money to worthy causes.  Lately all I've been dreaming of is seeing Doug at 1Life Health for my Mommy MOT!  Yes, this is indeed the highlight of my month.  It's a very simple life that I lead these days indeed.

I finally saw Doug today who treated my lower back which has become increasingly painful over the past few weeks.  This is a recurring complaint and it will take time for it to go away but having regular treatments really does help and I could feel the difference almost immediately.  It was almost like walking on air afterwards.  Some might call it sheer bliss?!  I couldn't wait to book in my April treatment which I did as soon as we were finished, and I'm already counting down the days.

If you are in the Hertfordshire area and in need of a deep tissue or sports massage by fully qualified therapists, don't hesitate to contact 1Life Health.


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Treat Mom this Mother's Day - Sunday 18 March 2012

Based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, Mile House Events are offering all of my readers a fabulous 15% discount on all bouquets ordered for Mother's Day.  

Mother's Day is on Sunday 18 March 2012 for those of you who had accidentally skipped over the date in the diary!  And no, I highly doubt that the new Jamie's Italian in town has a single table left!

A fabulous range of colours is available and Mile House Events will lovingly put together your perfect bouquet for your Mom or special Mother figure in your life.

Show below are just three of the beautiful arrangements that they have created.  Such amazing talent, which I'm sure you will agree with! 

Show from left to right, prices are £59, £36.50, £43.50 (prices quoted before 15% discount)
How do I take advantage of this fabulous offer?
Quote All-in-One Mum blog when placing your order(s).

How do I order?
Phone 01727 834 617 

When do I need to place my order by?
Orders must please be placed by 5pm on Thursday 15 March 2012 to make sure they can source the colours and particular flowers that you would like.

How much is delivery?
Delivery is free in Hertfordshire for all purchases over £30 (excl. discount).  For all other delivery charges, please contact Mile House Events at the number or email address show above.

Beautiful Mother's Day hampers are also available and I will have photos of these from Tuesday, so watch this space.  If you can't wait until then, visit their store.

Wishing all the Mom's out there a wonderful Mother's Day in advance, and hope you have a very special day.  I know that if I had to receive flowers from Mile House they would be very well received (do you think that was subtle enough for my husband?!).


p.s. surreptitiously linking to or emailing this post to family members, friends and your significant other is recommended!

Visit Mile House Events at 102 Victoria Street, AL1 13TG, St Albans 

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