Thursday, 8 January 2015

Nappies, inspiration, epiphanies and random trains of though

It's rather bizarre where you can find inspiration and finally get out of that writing slump, one which I've been in for nearly 6 months!

On my way to the kitchen, plodding down the stairs in my aubergine M&S slippers (I'd wear them all day if I could plus my white robe), I had a half dressed baby in one arm, baby gros, jogging bottoms and towel covered in yellow, toxic and possibly glowing baby poo under the other.  A nappy sack with one of the most vile yellow nappy disasters known to man dangling from one of my free hands was the new accessory of the moment.

That's when it hit me! If I stock piled nappies that were quite of this ferocity then I could ship them to South Africa where they could use them, along with all the other rubbish generated, to produce an extremely potent methane gas to help generate electricity.  Shedding a load to shed the load shedding, so to speak.  That was my one and only 'wow' moment of thinking during the day so far.  Possibly the last?

Once I went through my pile of freshly washed baby clothes, I dressed my son in his cute baby gear.  He dribbled on it almost instantly.  That's what babies do to clean clothes.  My then biggest worry was what to feed him for lunch.  Could I be bothered to make something from scratch or would I take the easy route of feeding him from one of those Organic food pouches.  Someone had taken the time to create the recipe (not exactly rocket science) and put it all together and I had paid for it, so I went down the route of the pouch.

The telly then showed an advert for children in third world countries with no food, so as my son ate a few mouthfuls before deciding it was vile and by far the worst concoction known to man, instead of chucking it in the bin I ate it myself.  Waste not, want not right?  I'm actually not surprised why he didn't want to eat it to be honest, which basically set my first world problems straight as I decided that I would make instead of buy the food.  I'd done that for my daughter and she never had an issue when she was being weaned so why had I tried to invent the wheel?  I am now also compelled to give money to a charity in Africa to help fight starvation as a result of my disgusting and very apparent first world problem.

The nearly six month old dude is having his lunch time kip upstairs so instead of drivelling on, I am going to sit back, enjoy a HOT cup of coffee, fold the washing at my leisure, check up on e-mails,  make baby food and dinner for hubby, daughter and me, source a new energy company that isn't trying to rob me blind and then probably end up sorting out toys and bits that my children have grown out of and no longer need, and pass over to charity.  What ever happened to just doing nothing for two hours?  Oh yes, I had kids...

Ally x

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