Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mommy MOT for my back

Why is it that many mom's think they can multi-task by carrying a toddler and the shopping/laundry/any other awkward object in their free hand and arm, all at the same time?  I do this ALL the time.  Never mind the fact that it really isn't safe but the damage that I am doing to my body is ridiculous!

I often stand with Bella resting on my left hip which means that my hip is pushed out while I bend my upper body to the right like a contortion artist, making the perfect little place for Isabella to sit comfortably on my side.  As I write this I can imagine the feeling of the muscles in my back twisting and pulling, creating that awful dull ache that I have grown so used to.  I also walk along carrying her like this.  I must look ridiculous from the front never mind what I would look like from behind!

Well, no more I say, no more!  I am not very good at suffering in silence so after boring myself to tears by constantly complaining about the dull pain in my back, I got my act together and booked a treatment with Doug at the 1 Life Health clinic in St Albans.  The pain was affecting my moods as well as having a negative effect on my sleep.  I couldn't get comfortable at night and was constantly relying on my husband to rub Deep Heat on my back.  I actually longed for it all day and couldn't wait to get to bed so that the pain would be masked by the heat of the rub.

Doug helped to ease and relax the muscles in my back and used just the right amount of pressure so that I felt comfortable while still receiving the treatment that I desperately needed.

I've booked in to have the same treatment done in 4 weeks time and will most likely carry on having this done as a sort of 'mommy MOT'.  I am not going to stop carrying my daughter but I can definitely carry her in a smarter way, one that isn't going to leave me with aches and pains.

Another option is to do research into a toddler carrier although this would only be used for a few months.  I could always keep it for number 2 I guess?!

A x


  1. Totally know what you mean! It's worse when you have 2 kids as well. I feel like I'm constantly having to carry my 10-month old and trying to chase after the 3-year old at the same time. If you're serious about toddler carriers, I can't speak highly enough of the Ergo. I used it with my first, and now with my second. Another good one is a Finnish brand called Manduca (that my South African sister-in-law swears by!) Good luck with your back!!! x

  2. I was dreaming about baby carriers last night after looking at the Ergo and other one you recommended! Thanks so much for giving me those. I hate having so much choice. It's ridiculous! There are tons on the market. Wish there were only 10. That would make life easier :)


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