Monday, 29 April 2013

It's time to slow the blog down...

It will come as no surprise to those of you who stumble across my blog that I have near as darnit fallen off the face of the planet.  My blogging mojo has unfortunately been a bit squashed under the pressure to produce informative and quirky posts a couple of times a week.

To be honest, I'm really not that interesting and although I do come up with the odd occasional gem, I don't really think I'm that funny; a little quirky but not one to send you into side splitting fits of laughter.  Do I capture the attention of my audience?  I'm not sure, as I write for myself and if anyone follows my blog and comes back for more, I see it as a happy little by-product of my ramblings.  It does, of course, make me feel just a teensy bit giddy with pride and joy at what I've created and that people can react positively to what I've written.  It's flattering and does spur me on to improve on this skill.

That naturally follows on to the topic that, like most people in the world, I would love to write a novel one day. So until the day that I can fully construct a decent sentence and put together at least one meaningful chapter, I'll carry on putting my rather random thoughts to online paper in my blog.

When I stumbled across the Tots100 Slow Blogging Manifesto earlier in April, I took a step back and realised that I was indeed turning into a (extremely) slow blogger.  It made me feel good instead of guilty for not blogging at each and every free nano second of the day.   I'm a working mom who juggles work, family and 'me time'.  Blogging is 'me time' and also needs to fit in with 'us time' for myself and my husband.  It's all about getting your priorities right and finding that near as perfect balance between it all.

I don't need to post something each and everyday and to be honest, some of my favourite posts are the ones where I took time to create and develop them into something that was meaningful to me; something that I could be proud of.  Creating pieces of writing in a rush just in order to draw in the masses and increase my ratings or follower list would end up leaving me feeling a bit flat, as if the creativity was being drained out of me, like a word sucking vampire.  I'd eventually run out of ideas anyway...

You may be hearing less from me but when I do have something to say, although not always extremely profound or earth shattering in it's delivery, you can be safe in the knowledge that I've put a small amount of thought and effort into what I've decided to put up for the world to see.  That's all I can commit to for now and to be truthful, I'm okay with that.

Happy slow blogging.


Tots100 Slow Blogging
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