Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sick Mommy? Say what?!

For the past few days I've been wrestling with a leaky nose, cough and achey bones.  I'm not sure where I picked it up from because my daughter is perfectly fine.  I do find that germs have a field day at playgroups so I most likely caught it from one of the groups.  Bleh!

As a child I vaguely remember my mom having one or two days when she was feeling slightly under the weather.  She probably felt like death warmed up and simply wanted to crawl up in a ball and jump into bed but in my eyes she was invincible and she didn't get sick.  Simple as that.  It just wasn't a possibility.  My mom just didn't get sick!

Looking back now I realise how tough it must have been having two kiddies, managing a household and a very successful business while still having to do the school runs when you aren't feeling well.  I only have the one child and have been lucky enough to mainly be man down on the days that I am off with Bella during the week.  I say I'm lucky because I don't have to worry about missing work as I'm at home anyway and Isabella can happily spend an entire Thursday having cuddles with me on the couch.

For Isabella's sake, I can't afford to be sick or feel like rubbish.  Bella doesn't understand that mommy has a banging headache and feels rotten.  There are only so many cuddles that any little child can have before they get bored and she will still want to be entertained and learn and see new things.

Before having my daughter I probably would have taken a day off of work to try and recover but now I simply carry on.  I clean the house (to the best of my ability), I do the washing (only a few loads), I make sure we are both up and dressed at the usual time, that lunch is ready when it's meant to be and that even though I'm not feeling fabulous I still give Isabella all the attention that she needs and deserves.

Today we sat on the floor huddled in blankets while Bella stuck In the Night Garden stickers on any available surface possible for nearly an hour.  I fear I might be finding these on items of clothing and on the cushions for weeks to come!  We then coloured in peacefully while learning about the different colours and talking about the pictures, read a few books, did one or two happy dances and spoke to Gran Gran on Skype.  I also learned that if you inflate a balloon and let it deflate in a child's hands, this can land them in stitches of laughter which in turn makes you laugh and inevitably feel better.  Endorphins are amazing things!  

I doubt that Isabella will even remember the days that I wasn't on top form but I definitely will because it's a milestone in my life.  Having a child changes you in so many ways and this is just another example of how, being the adult, you just need to do your best to keep on going because it isn't just about me anymore.  

On a slightly different note, I had an invigorating and stinkingly hot Arnica bath and am feeling slightly better.  Hoorah!

A x


  1. Yes, it is amazing how one changes once you have had a baby. You give them your very last piece of chocolate or the last sip of your milkshake! But I must admit, we were lucky enough to have our own gran gran nearby, who would fly over and help us all when we were sick. I jus wish I could be around when my poor girls and their babies get sick. kiss

  2. Yup amazing how being a parent changes everything-even your allowance to be poorly! Hope you continue to feel better quickly! x


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