Thursday, 16 September 2010

It's all about the soft leather baby shoes!

Check these out!!!

I HAVE TO get a pair for Bella. Aren't they just too gorgeous! I can just see her look at her feet and going "ooooooh! Kitty cat!!!"

Ahhh! A week in the sun!

Well, we are back from a fabulous week of basking in the Lanzarote sun! What a fabulous place. Sun, sea, friends, great food and wine, what more could a girl want? Well, other than winning the Euro Millions of course!!

After all the debate of what to pack, I think I've now (finally) got it!! So, for my next summer holiday I will pack:-

  1. More nappies than I need - they were 12 Euros for 26. Seriously?! Are they extra special Pampers?? Last time I checked it was £6 for 32 or something like that in Boots!
  2. One of those UVA/UVB sun tents for kiddies for the beach. Taking a buggy, no matter how big or small, to the beach, is a luss. Take 1 x baby, 1 x sun tent, stick baby in tent = no mess, no fuss and happy, cool baby.
  3. Disposable nappy changing pads. Great for putting in the buggy when little one is sitting in it in their swim nappy. A swim nappy should actually be called a poop catcher as they provide absolutely no other purpose! We had numerous accidents so thank goodness we only bought an el cheapo second hand Maclaren Techno otherwise if she had made a wee in my Bugaboo Bee, I would have been a teeny bit upset.
  4. Extra baby formula. Bella uses SMA and I got something that is similar to Aptamil which is the closest to SMA but heck, was it expensive or what? Honestly, I'm really glad to be living in the UK with all the baby events and fabulous prices. I will NEVER again complain about the prices of nappies, formula or any other baby item again!
  5. Lots of baby vests or babygros. I never know what to call these, but the ones without arms and legs. I tried sleeping her in a nappy at night but when the temperature dropped it got a bit too nippy and these were fab.
  6. Obviously the usual Calpol, baby medi kit, teething stuff, nasal spray and anything your baby needs. I ended up using Bella's nasal spray and now I realise why she doesn't like it. You try blasting that stuff up your nose, it's awful! At least it works though which is all that matters.
  7. Pack a small play mat or extra towels to put baby on when you are busy. Also, just take between 3-5 key toys. Anymore than that is a waste of space and just adds to your weight allowance.
  8. Good sunblock for you and baby or in my case, just use the baby's sunblock. I forgot mine at home one day and hers is factor 50 and it saved me from a rather burn face.
  9. Make sure your buggy has an umbrella or sun shade cover to keep the sun off of baby's face.
  10. Extra baby wipes because you always need those. Great for getting sand off baby.
  11. Take a happy go lucky attitude. You are travelling with a baby and things happen!!!

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