Sunday, 29 April 2012

The (joys of) cot to bed transition

I jinxed it.  Totally.  Completely.  Utterly.

Last week my husband was in Spain for a long weekend and was only getting back on the Monday, so I thought that this would be the perfect time to do the cot to bed move.  It isn't because he is less patient, it's just that I thought I'd take the slack if the move didn't go well and avoid having him losing hours of precious shut eye.  After doing night feeds for 12 weeks I thought that losing a few days of sleep would potentially be easy to handle.  I also need to live up to my name of All-in-One Mum after all!

We set the bed up on the Wednesday night before my husband left for his trip.  What an absolute disaster.  Even the new gorgeous Peppa Pig bedding couldn't convince our daughter that her new comfy bed was the best thing since sliced bread.  So night 1 was spent in her cot.  Epic fail.

My husband left for his cycling weekend and so I carried on with my usual dinner, bath, bed routine but instead of singing nursery rhymes I picked out three books with my daughter to read in her new bed.  I asked her to quickly get under the covers and she more or less hopped into bed.  Fabulous!  This has to be on of my best parent moments so far, being able to lie next to my daughter, tucked up under a pink duvet, reading her a story while twisting her beautiful brown curls in my free hand.   I turned off the light and said goodnight and that was that.  Toddler asleep at 7.30 p.m.  Night 2 was fab.  Result!

This wonderful routine and sleeping pattern remained the same right through until Sunday night.  I was, in short, pretty damn chuffed with myself.  In the words of my daughter, "I did it!".  She had successfully moved from cot to bed.  Time to breath a big sigh of relief.  Hoorah!

Anyway, as I was saying, the move from cot to bed was wonderful, blah, blah, blah.  My husband arrived back on the Monday afternoon and ever since then bed time has been a nightmare.  It has turned into a two person task which ultimately ends up with both of us admitting defeat and bringing our daughter downstairs until she is completely and utterly exhausted and then us putting her to bed at about 10.00 p.m. when she is shattered.  Yes, we tried taking her up periodically but the resultant tears were just too much.  I've never been a good one with controlled crying and stuck it out for as long as possible before fetching her and stopping her from getting into a hysterical state.  Yes, the toddler won the battle.

Yesterday we thought (naively) that she would be exhausted after spending 2 hours at a group birthday party for her and 15 other 2 year old friends at the Gymboree.  Honestly, who were we kidding?  There were far less tears but she still didn't go to bed at her usual 7.30 p.m.  At about 9.30 p.m. I put my daughter in her bed expecting the worst but she closed her eyes and went to bed which was wonderful.

I'm pretty sure that going to bed at this time and still waking at 6.30 a.m. each day is exhausting her and hopefully this will naturally make her go back to her regular bedtime.  It all seems so completely crazy that only a week ago she was happily going to bed at 7.30 p.m.  I guess it's all part of her growing into a little person as well as part of the joys of being a parent.  It's never boring, that's for sure and I honestly wouldn't change anything for the world.


Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

Seeing as my husband's bike box has become resident in our lounge (way too many bike holidays for him...not me!) I thought I would try and capture...something.  I'm not sure what though!  

All thoughts and captions welcome as always.


Competition: Win £30 in Amazon Vouchers complements of Babyhuddle

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Friday, 27 April 2012

Essentials for a Newborn

Hoorah and congratulations!  You're pregnant, and in 8 months time you will be holding your little bundle of joy in your arms.  It's the moment you've been waiting for and the excitement is mounting every day at the idea of meeting your little one for the first time.

So after the initial shock and excitement, what now?!  What does a newborn need?  Which way is up?  What clothes do they wear?  Where do they sleep?  What do they eat?  How do I feed the baby?  So many questions that need to be answered and you are probably being told 50 different things by 50 different people, both whom have children and those without.  People without children seem to be the ones with the most ideas and (strongest) opinions oddly enough...

Well, fret no more wonderful and blooming pregnant mommy and ecstatic expectant daddy!  Head straight over to Babyhuddle where you can ask other moms and dads those niggling questions that you just have to get answered but weren't quite sure who to ask.  Take comfort in the knowledge that you are getting honest and truthful answers from people that have tried and tested various products and have gone through the stages that you are yet to reach on this amazing baby adventure.

Users can also create lists of their favourite products ranging from their best and favourite baby carriers right down to their top baby essentials.  These are fantastic when it comes to making an informed decision as to what to buy for your little one.  

Why not make a list of products so that if people want to buy gifts for baby you can simply send them the link to your list and they can purchase the products straight from the website via one of Babyhuddle's affiliated Amazon retailer?  Sheer genius I tell you!

Babyhuddle and All-in-One Mum are currently running a fabulous competition until the end of April 2012 where one lucky person can win up to £30 in Amazon vouchers to spend at Babyhuddle.  I can easily think of at least a dozen things that I'd like to buy for my daughter and I'm sure you can do the same for your little one.  Click here to enter now!


Babyhuddle Elite Blogger

Monday, 23 April 2012

A Meme: Ten Things I Tell Myself Every Day

The fabulous Mrs Jones from Keeping up with the Joneses has tagged me in a wonderful Meme entitled 'Ten Things I Tell Myself Every Day'.  It was started by Mum of Three Boys.

I'm a list making person.  I write my thoughts down.  I talk about things and then create a written list. I compile lists in my head as I'm walking along and then I either put them into my phone or write them down (sometimes as I'm walking).  It's sad, I know.  I like to think of it as being efficient and not OCD.  

Anyway, enough rambling.  Here is my wonderful list of the ten things I tell myself every day.

1.  Today is the first day of your life.  Yes, it's sad I know.  Everyday is a fresh start and a new beginning, blah blah blah.  It's something that I've grown to realise.  Each day is a new day and you really are the master of your own destiny.  After you've gagged, please continue reading.

2.  Today I am not going to eat chocolate.  I have a slight addiction to Cadbury's Crunchies.  In South Africa we used to have white chocolate Crunchies.  Oh my word...I have no words for how fabulous these were!  If you remember these, please tweet, Facebook or Google+ this!

3.  Today I am going to achieve everything I set out to do.  I do honestly try my best to do everything that I need to do yet unfortunately there are only 24 hours.  An extra hour in my work day and then after work day would be nice.  Just saying.

4.  Tonight I am going to write an amazing blog post that everyone is going to love and it will go viral and I'll have 1000's of followers by the end of the week.  A girl can dream, can't she?

5.  Today I am going to be more tolerant.  I'm working on it.  I'm a bit too intense for my own good...and breath!  It adds to my quirky yet loveable character.  

6.  Today I am going to learn something new and actually absorb it.  I've actually learnt quite a bit from watching Horrible Histories and funny enough, I remember most of it too!  Everything else that I come across needs to be written in vibrant colours and mind map form for it to sink in.  I can still remember remember learning about the Taureg tribe in Std 4.  I think that is Grade 6?  Basically, I was about 10 years old and I'm now 30.

7.  Today I will be happy with the mommy body that I have.  I carried a child and have the tummy to show for it.  I don't work out so I have no excuse.  I'm 8kgs lighter than when I had my daughter (5'3" and roughly 54kgs) but I also walk nearly everyday and for much longer distances but I enjoy it.  However, I'm not toned.  8kgs lighter and thinner has nothing on 8kgs lighter and firmer/toned.  Something to strive towards.  I don't really see me running along the beach in '10' style any time soon...

8.  Today I am going to smile at everyone I see.  It doesn't take much and I honestly don't do it to annoy people.  It costs nothing, it makes me feel happy.  If I was grinning like a loon and scaring people off then it might be a bad thing, but I like to think that I've made someone's day and they've made mine by smiling back.

9.  Today I am going to brush my daughters hair without having to bribe her/pin her down/chase her around the room.  I've learnt a great deal of patience from this.  You'd be surprised how strong a 2 year old girl actually is.  Lucky for her she has curly hair that can pass as being brushed!

10. Today I am not going to check the countdown timer on my iPhone...again!  We are going to South Africa in December and I get to meet and hold my nephew for the first time.  He will be 18 months old.  Seeing everyone else is a bonus.

So I am now sharing the Meme love and tagging a few other fabulous bloggers.  Please don't feel obliged to take part, but it would be awfully and terribly nice if you did!  If you do though, please carry on with this Meme and share it with other bloggers.


Saturday, 21 April 2012

100 Books in a Year Reading Challenge 2012

I started following Mental Mum's Little World about a month or so ago and while having a snoop around her blog I came across a badge which I (just had to!) click on to see where it lead.

I was swept away to Book Chick City which is an absolutely fabulous book and movie review blog.  It was started and created back in 2009 by Carolyn and is now made up of a team of four.

The original badge that I clicked on took me to the "100 Books in a Year Reading Challenge 2012" page and so I thought, well, why not give it a go?  I have my shiny new Kindle which I was given as a gift for Christmas and so far I have managed to read 3 and a bit books which is pretty darn good seeing as I have not finished a single book since my daughter was born in April 2010.

When I was commuting to and from London each day, I could easily read 1 book a week, if not more.  I would devour them and get completely engrossed in the story as the characters and plot slowly developed into a magnificent read that I simply couldn't put down or wait to pick up again.

I am about to join the "100 Books in a Year Reading Challenge 2012" so from now on, I'll accept gifts in the form of Amazon vouchers so I can buy more books, please!  Well, Champneys and Monsoon vouchers are good too.  Just putting it out there!


Saturday is Caption Day!

Take part in Mammasaurus's 'Saturday is Caption Day'.  

Leave a comment on my photo.  You should know the drill by now!


Doing housework with a bit of help from my friend, the Telly...

Just over 2 years ago this would have read slightly differently and been more along the lines of 'Doing the housework and listening to music while dancing around the house like a loon with no distractions and little person to mess it all up again". Something like that.  It may even have been as long as that too as I would have had the pleasure of limitless time.

I never wanted to be the type of parent that plonked little one infront of the big black picture box but unfortunately,when the laundry basket lid no longer shuts and the husband's gym and training kit is about to walk downstairs on its own and the floor looks like it is actually pleading with you to mop it, a Mom has to do what she has to do!

My daughter loves 'Beebies. Now other than the obvious CBeebies channel, my husband and I have yet to actually figure out what programme she is actually referring to.  We thought we had cracked it with Waybuloo but that was short lived.  We are now at the stage where she will do something, watch a programme or adore a character for an extended period of time and then get bored of it...and fast!  Even the morning Weetabix had to be upgraded to a Weetabix and 'crispies' combo and then cranked up a few notches to porridge with fresh berries and honey.  At least mommy gets fed a good breakfast at the same time and doesn't end having hers stolen.

Anyway, I digress!  My daughter is now napping in her big girl bed.  Peppa Pig is the flavour of the month and so she is tucked up in and sleeping on a Peppa Pig duvet and pillow set.  Happiness is!  Truth be told, it's actually a damn nice bed and in an attempt to get her used to it the other day I ended up passing out for a good hour on it.  Slept like a log too I might add.

While my daughter is napping I should actually be doing the housework but since I haven't blogged in what seems like an eternity (a week, yes, an entire week!) and after all this talk about housework, distractions, strange talking ridiculously pink pigs and general procrastination, I began to think about how I am actually managing to get bits and bobs done around the house now while my daughter is awake and slightly older (just turned 2 on 2 April - her crown birthday).  I'm pretty sure that there are quite a few parents out there that do exactly the same as me although it still doesn't stop me from feeling slightly guilty for using my TV as a babysitter.  I've listsed a few of my my daughter's current favourite shows that let me get on with it basically.  Here they are!

1. Peppa Pig
Even as I type the name visions of a strange pink pig talking and other characters from the side of their faces pops to mind.   The theme tune will forever haunt me but the vibrant colours and catchy music seems to have a fantastic calming effect on my daughter.  She snorts at the TV with occasional exclamations of "Peppa!" and then various other ramblings.  This gives me enough time to usually do any left over pots and pans and small things that need washing up from breakfast and (heaven forbid!) the night before.  Da, da, da, daaa, daaa, da, da, da, da, daaaaaa, daaaa!  Peeeeeeppa Pig!

2.  Waybuloo
Now, I really like Waybulo and we even bought 2 DVD's for our daughter for Christmas with roughly 10 episodes across them.  Some parents find the bizarre flying, floating creatures that do yoga and have their own language a bit odd but I find them very calming.  Perfect for after lunch when you need to do a surface clean, pack the dishwasher and then finish with a floor sweep.  Calms little one, calms you, get's mommy into good blogging mode and mood.   We have some quality time on the couch before nap time too.  It's a win/win situation.

3.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Perfect for hanging up/folding washing.  You are moving around anyway so you can get in a little dance and work out with little one at the same time.  Who can resist the 'Hot Dog' dance anyway?  Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog!!!

4.  Charlie and Lola
We bought our little girl a Charlie and Lola DVD for her 2nd birthday and I can safely say that in the 19 days that she has owned it, we have probably played it at least once a day without her getting bored of it.

The theme tune is jolly and pleasant, the characters are adorable and they teach wonderful life skills.  Totally inoffensive and even I quite enjoy watching an episode or 2.  I can usually leave this on when I need to vacuum and do a few things upstairs quickly.

Believe you me, I am not the most domesticated soul in the world.  I work 4 days a week which means I only have 3 days with my daughter which I treasure, so I will try do the majority of the cleaning and housework while my girly is asleep at night.  That said, as long as I have recordings of Peppa Pig and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my Sky+ I may actually have a semi-clean house when we are in on the weekends while spending time with her and having a laugh at silly old mommy too.  


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Happy Places Meme

Jenna from Stillettos on the School Run has created a wonderful Meme that makes me, well, happy!  The task that Jenna has set everyone is to think of 5 places that you consider to be "happy places".  It can be anything really, but generally it's a place that you can call your own, where you can simply be yourself for a few moments without disruptions, food to make, noses to wipe, clothes to wash and all other things that come along with being a Mom/Wife/Partner/Other half/Woman in general!
My 5 happy places...

1. Anywhere where my gown is
I love wearing my white towelling gown.  I wear it all year round and have often opened the door wearing my gown and received many a strange look.  I get a look of shock when I quickly flash it open to show that I have actually been showered and dressed for a couple of hours!  It's soft, it's warm, it makes me happy.

2.  The Couch
I should actually say, 'My husband's couch".  It's an incredibly comfy cream fabric 3 seater.  I sit on here and watch TV at night with him or read my book while he rubs my feet.  Very lucky wifey indeed!  During the day I sit here with my daughter and we have cuddles while watching CBeebies. There is always a blanket on the end to snuggle up with.

3.  Anywhere where there is sun
I'm like a cat.  Wait, no, I'm South African!  I love the sun.  Just thinking about the warmth of the sun as it's rays wash over my skin, creating a feeling of utter comfort and relaxation.  I really do miss the sun and have only been on summer holidays since moving to the UK nearly 8 years ago.  
4.  The Body Shop
I could spend hours in my local store.  The manager even knows me by name! I love the smell of the shop and it even feels 'happy'.  I'm a big fan of the body butters, make up, skin care products, shower gels...generally everything in the store.  I was even a Body Shop at Home consultant a few years back!

5.  Anywhere with my Kindle
My husband bought me a Kindle for Christmas and since I've had it I have read 3 books.  That is 3 whole books in 3 months!  Since I had my daughter in April 2010 I have managed to get half way through 2 books.  I'm a definite Kindle convert.

I have tagged 3 people to take part in this Meme and tell us where their "happy places" are.  Once you have done your meme, linking back to Jenna's page at Stillettos on the School Runcome back to this page and copy the post URL into the widget below for all to see!  To get everyone started, I've put a link in to Jenna's original Meme.

The ladies that I have tagged are:

Mum of All Trades @daramc76 

It's all about passing it forward.


Friday, 13 April 2012

How and when do you find the time to....

I was recently tagged in a Meme by Rachel of Three years, one stone then home.  Dolly Daydream over at Sex, drugs, rocker...and stroller, baby is the creator of this interesting Meme.

Essentially it is a bit of sneak peak into the daily lives of other bloggers and is fabulous because it's a great excuse to ask those questions that you always wanted to know but never dared ask.  Well, sometimes I do ask people this kind of questions but I think that my quirky character gives me a bit of leeway and people humour me and answer as honestly as they can!

So, let's cut to the chase shall we!

Here are the rules:
1.  Please post the rules (Visions of Fight Club are popping into my mind...)
2.  When answering the questions, give as much information as possible.  It's all about the finer details people!!
3.  Leave a comment on Sex, drugs, rocker...and stroller, baby.  This is so we can keep track of the Meme and take a polite nose into everyone else's lives!  Mwhaha!
4. Tag 3 or more people and link to them on your blog.

How and when do you find the time to.... your laundry?
I try and do laundry on a Thursday when I am off.  If I'm lucky I can do 3 loads!!  Very exciting times I live in!  My daughter helps me to load the machine and then hang up the wet laundry so it is a group exercise and she loves helping with the housework, having fun while doing it.

...write a blog post?
I walk to and from work at least 3 days a week and as soon as I get an idea for a post, I jot it down as fast as I can on my Blogger App.  I put in key words and prompts so that I don't forget the 'gems' that I come up with and then usually get a chance to type them up, edit and add any images that I might want to add after 8.30 p.m.  If the post is quick and doesn't need images, I'll post it while walking!  My Mother-in-Law will occasionally look after my daughter on a Sunday morning and I get 3 or 4 hours to draft a few posts and publish one or two then.

...look after yourself i.e. wash your hair, paint your nails, take a bubble bath etc.
A self-confessed Body Shop addict, I love to use body scrubs and creams, perfumes and all things that smell lusciously fruity and floral.  I used to have pedicures once a month in the pleasure of my own home but now I do them myself as my amazing beautician has just had her first child.  I wash my hair before work usually but straightening only happens once a week.  I'm a bit lazy about doing it but it does make me look a heck of a lot better!  Bubble baths are my guilty pleasure and I usually just top up my daughter's bath water.  Bathing in possibly wee water really doesn't bother me anymore.  After a long day, a stinking hot bath full of white foamy bubbles with an intoxicating floral scent makes me forget everything.  My internet connection in the bathroom is rubbish though but I know the exact angle to hold my phone to get optimum signal!

...spend time with your other half?
Well...I should be spending time with him now!  We take moments when we get them and love going to the movies together.  Sunday afternoons are for family time which I look forward to every week. fun stuff with your LO?
I try to do as much as I can with my daughter on my day off with her during the week.  Arts and crafts, reading, messy play, play groups or children's play areas are perfect for Mommy and daughter fun.  We go to the park on the weekends and walk to the shops or library and go for coffee (babycinnos) and cookies

...spend time with your family?
My direct family live in South Africa and the last time I spent time with them was over 2 years ago.  We are going home at the end of the year for 3 weeks which will be absolutely amazing as I will meet my nephew for for the first time.  My husbands parents live near us and we see them every few weeks.

...socialise with friends?
I try catch up with friends on my day off during the week but usually have one day or night on the weekend to see people.  I can go for weeks without seeing people though because diaries get busy so quickly, it's ridiculous sometimes actually.  We all have such busy lives and in between work and trying to look after my little family and keep the house in some sort of order, I get a bit flustered and my poor friends are lucky if they get a text from me.  I'm awful and am lucky that they actually want to speak to me still!  I have a wonderful group of friends and value each and every friendship.

...prepare an evening meal juggling a baby/toddler bedtime routine?
I don't really find this too hard.  When I was on maternity leave I would make dinner when my daughter napped and I try do the same  now.  If I don't get a chance to do it then, I make dinner when she is eating her evening meal.  My husband, on the other hand, my see things slightly differently.  Men always do, don't they?!

...deep clean your house?
Seriously! Deep clean my house?  Come now, you are having a laugh!  I clean my house and always have very good intentions to deep clean it but I am blessed to have a Father-in-Law who cleans my bathroom and kitchen on the day that my Mother-in-Law looks after my daughter.  It keeps him out of mischief! the food shopping?
Sainsbury's online is fab and I've been shopping with them since I was 37 weeks pregnant.  We do occasionally go shopping in store but this ends up being a few hours and costing us nearly double what we would spend online. bulk ironing?
I don't iron.  I mean, I can iron but try to avoid it as much as possible.  I guess that if I ironed often enough I would grow to enjoy it.  Oh, and if I had a glass of red at the same time that might make it more interesting...

Done!  Now to share the love!  
I've tagged the following 5 fabulous ladies to take part and I can't wait to have a sneak peak into how they juggle being a mom with everything else that comes along with it.

@MamaStiletto - Stilettos on the School Run

@nat_gourley  - Ready, steady...Mummy!!!

@mummyconstant - Mummy Constant

@lucyjaynemoore  - Leopard Print Mommy

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hi, my name is X and I have Blogger's Envy...

Yes, I said it, well, technically typed it but regardless, it's now out there.

I started blogging over 2 years ago but only got into it in earnest at the beginning of 2012. I was overrun with ideas and 'newbie' enthusiasm and spent a large amount of time dreaming about what to write and wether it was actually worth reading.

I joined networks, I joined groups, I researched, I linked, I linkey'd, you name it, I probably did it, thought about it or planned to do it. It turned into an obsession.

In the middle of February I contracted conjunctivitis in both my eyes which meant that even looking at my phone screen was ridiculously painful so I stop blogging.  It also meant that I looked like I'd been smoking something dodgy and had crusty eyes in the morning.  Sexy!  I could feel the cobwebs growing (in my blog!) and I was itching to compose my latest post, dreading the idea that my hit rate would go down or even worse, that people would loose interest. In my daily life I am a pretty straight down the line individual who would look at people like me and think 'what a nutter!'.  For goodness sake, it's only a page on the Internet anyway!

Well, it isn't. It's my release. A way of expressing myself and of improving my writing skills and ultimately setting me on the right track to penning that novel I've also dreamed of.   I could see it all unfolding before me eyes.  A Kindle book in the next few years that I could call my own would be a dream come true.

One thing I did forget to mention though is the extremely minute thing called a day job. Yes. I'm a mom, I am self-employed and run a business with my business partner.  I work 4 days a week but this means that I have 4 full days that I can't blog.  That is probably 35 hours that I am not able to blog.  After fetching my daughter from nursery in the evenings I make dinner and then put my daughter to bed.  From about 8pm I make an attempt to relax and wind down from the day, doing my best to stay away from the computer, but ultimately I spend 2 or 3 hours either blogging, reading blogs or tweeting.  You see, it's a bit of a catch-22 situation when you love doing something but you also need to spend time with your husband and not hide behind a computer screen, tapping away on the keyboard like a woman possessed.

I need to realise that I am a working mom who blogs as a creative outlet.   I can't let it to consume me.  My weekends need to be focused around my husband and daughter who are my number one priorities.  Having my daughter sit on my lap while mommy is blogging completely unfair to her. No, I don't have my husband sitting on my lap when I blog, for those of you with filthy minds!  These are moments that I will never get back and as much as my blog makes me happy, sharing time with my daughter and husband is far more important.  Blogging needs to be worked into evenings, nap times and Sunday mornings when my husband is cycling and my daughter visits her granny.  

So, with all that said, I do honestly think that if I can get the balance right, I can have a fabulous work/family/blog balance.  I can still do all the posts, meme's, reviews, competitions that I want without having to be glued to the computer 24/7.  Besides, I have an iPhone.  My blog and Twitter are only a tap away if either of them need me! ;)


Monday, 9 April 2012

Kylie the Koala's Weekend Adventures

Wow!  Isabella and Kylie had a wonderful weekend!  On Saturday Isabella's parents took them to breakfast at one of her favourites restaurants.  They had babyccino's and blueberry pancakes covered in bacon and syrup.  Kylie didn't eat the bacon of course because she is vegetarian!

Next they went to the outdoor shop because Isabella's daddy wanted to buy a new backpack and her mommy was looking for a present for Isabella's baby cousin who was turning one years old in June.  They had a very exciting time running around the store while mommy and daddy were shopping, hiding behind sleeping bags and pretending they were camping. It was very tiring work so they eventually decided that it would be a good idea to save some energy for the afternoon and for Easter Sunday, so they sat down on the special children sized chairs and watched the grown ups shop.  The grown ups all looked very bored anyway and had confused looks on their faces while they picked up different items, comparing them to other ones that looked very much the same to the one they were already holding.  Adults are very strange.  Why didn't they just run around and play with everything?  It would be so much more fun!

On Easter Sunday the two girls were very spoilt by the Easter bunny who had left them both delicious chocolate Easter eggs.  Yummy!  They even had Easter eggs all the way from South Africa!  The girls spent the rest of Sunday eating chocolates, relaxing on the couch, playing with Isabella's sticker book and drawing pictures. 

On Easter Monday Isabella's mommy and daddy took her to the shops.  They had a yummy lunch and then mommy and daddy surprised Isabella by taking her to look at and buy a big girl bed!  Isabella was so excited, she didn't know what to do!  She jumped up and down on the new bed and didn't want to get off.  Mommy and daddy said that it would arrive next week and that there would be another surprise then.  So many surprises.  What a very lucky girl!

Kylie and Isabella are now sleeping in their warm beds, dreaming about chocolate bunnies, ponies and Isabella's birthday party next weekend.  Kylie will go back to her home at the nursery tomorrow and she can't wait to tell all her friends what a wonderful weekend adventure she had.


p.s.  Isabella's mommy doesn't usually write like a 6 year old.  She thought it would be different and exciting to write it like this for a change.  It's nice, isn't it.  Yippee!  The end.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Kylie the Koala's Good Friday Activities

Kylie and Isabella had a fabulous day today which started with a very relaxing morning catching up on CBeebies.  After that Mommy took the two girls for a walk to the shops to buy goodies for Isabella's party packs for her birthday party next Sunday.  The party games are all organised and all mommy has to do now is decide on what she is making for the adults and kiddies to eat.  Braai if it doesn't rain.  Braai if it does rain!  South African's can even braai in winter (nothing much stops us).

Isabella and Kylie then had a wonderful lunch time nap and when Mommy brought them downstairs she sat them at the kitchen table where she had set up rubber stamps, ink and paper.  They played happily together with the stamps, making beautiful pictures.  All this creativeness made them extremely hungry so they had a small afternoon snack before carrying on with the rest of the activities.  Kylie loved her sugar snap peas and said that they were now her second favourite food after eucalyptus leaves.

Next the two girls made a beautiful Easter bonnet.  They had such fun making this, sticking the flowers and fluffy glittery pom poms and hearts all over the place.   They decided that they would take turns wearing it, so Kylie will wear it tomorrow.

Once they had finished their arts and crafts Isabella took Kylie for a ride around the house on her magic pink caterpillar that her granny in South African bought her when she was born.  What fun they had!

Kylie and Isabella were very tired after such an exciting day so they went to bed early, snuggled up in their warm beds, dreaming of what adventures tomorrow will bring.


Meet Kylie, the Koala: 1st Ever Nursery Homework Assignment

The first thing my husband said to me when I jumped in the car on Friday after work, with a rather mischevious look on his face I might add, was "You didn't tell me that we had to look after the Koala for the weekend".

Now, any sane adult would immediately look for the stuffed toy but after a long day at work and in a complete state of shock at what he had just relayed to me I asked him where it was?  It's amazing how my mind automatically jumped to visions of having some small rodent or other creature roaming in my house for the weekend.  I had guinea pigs and hamsters growing up and cleaning up after them was definitely the least fun bit.  Also, it was predominately my mom's job which means that it is now MY job to do. This in itself is a very scary job.  We have a cat.  Cat's need feeding and occasional grooming but otherwise, they do their business outside of the house which has nothing to do with me cleaning up after her, thankfully!

After I quickly snapped back to some state of adult reality and sanity I saw the stuffed Koala sitting snuggly on my daughter's nap.  Big sigh of relief at this time I might add.  I still can't believe that I was looking for a real life creature.   I honestly can't belive that I have admitted this either!

So, for the Easter weekend, we are welcoming Kylie the Koala into our home.  Mommy (and daddy?!) now have to document her adventures in our humble home over the next four days.  Of course my competitive nature is about to overtake itself and I have already planned the layout in the journal, the activities we could do and pictures we will take.  I just can't help myself.  It's all in the name of being fun and creative after all, and yes, I'd like my little creation to look fabulous as all the other parent's at the nursery who are in the Koala group will get to see it too, and it will be forever saved in this wonderful little book and kept in the nursery (I hope!) for years to come.  My daughter will of course have the main role in all of this too so I need to make sure that she looks her best!

Watch this space for the tales and adventures of Kylie the Koala.  (Drum roll please!  Maybe some cymbals?!)


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Listography - My April Goals

This week Kate at Kate Takes 5 has chosen April Goals as her Listography topic.  We are now in the 4th month of the year and I'm sure that many of us have let our New Year's resolutions fall by the wayside.

I'm going to use this listography as a chance to make my New Year's resolutions V1.2.  Listed below are my goals for April which hopefully will flow out into the rest of 2012 too!

1.  Computer Free Thursday

I look after my daughter on a Thursday and when she naps I usually take this time to blog.  However, this is also the one day in the week that I have off from work so I am going to use the time that she is napping to watch catch up TV instead, do the housework and possibly just relax on the couch doing absolutely nothing!  I will not blog on a Thursday and will only check the occasional work email on my iPhone if I need to.  Lucky for me I have a fantastic business partner who shares the work load when I am off and vice versa.

2.  Stop getting stressed about not blogging enough!

I have a full time job and company which I own with my wonderful business partner.  This is my focus.  I love my blog and writing is my hobby and a way that I relax but sometimes I need to chillax and realise that if I don't blog every single day, life still goes on and the world will not come to an end.  I will however amend this if people start knocking down the door in protest that they can't live without my daily musings.

3.  Start putting some money away for my holiday to South Africa

We have decided to go home for Christmas for the first time in 8 years.  What this basically means is that we are going home at the most ridiculously expensive time of year and that we will be paying extortionate prices for car hire for our holiday in Cape Town, never mind everything else that goes along with it.   It's silly when you think about it really as I am South African, going home for a visit to see my family but having to pay tourist prices!?  It's also my fault for having expensive tastes, which doesn't really help the matter much.

4.  Phone my friends instead of texting them

This is an awful habit.  I text people and don't phone them.  It probably takes longer to text than to push a button to dial someone's number, so this month I resolve to phone my friends instead of texting them, unless I think only a simple text is necessary, of course.   Phoning to say, 'see you in 5' seems a bit daft...

5.  Go to bed earlier

I feel the need to get the most out of my day which inevitably means that I get up early and go to bed at about 11.00 p.m. when I am actually tired at 9.30 a.m.  It's stupid and all it does is make me more tired and look a bit rubbish really.  There is only so much that eye cream and the Body Shop's Lightening Touch can do to help the situation.  

Have a fabulous week everyone!


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Crayons for Tea, Anyone?

My daughter has a 'thing' for crayons and from what I can gather, the chunkier they are, the better.  I first noticed her taking a nibble of one when she was quite small and managed to get all the bits out of her mouth.   A few tiny pieces may not have been fortunate enough to ever see the light of day again...

Now that she is a good year older and about to turn 2 you would think that she would have outgrown this phase.  Her crayon collection is slowly but surely getting smaller by the week and I am losing the will to keep on saying 'please don't eat the crayon, please take it out of your mouth'.  I'll give her her dues though as when I say this she does lean forward and carefully, pushing out her lips, a stream of gob and crayon begins to dribble out of her mouth into my outreached hand.  Before I was a Mum I would have found the thought of this quite disgusting but now, not much bothers me, luckily!  

Hopefully in the next few months the idea of nibbling on a crayon will become boring and she will decide to eat her vegetables again instead.


Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday
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