Friday, 9 November 2012

Babyhuddle: The Adventures of Baby's First Year and Launch of US Babyhuddle

The first year of your baby's life is a magical adventure for most parents; sometimes scary with the ability to make you gain a few grey hairs but mostly rewarding.   The Babyhuddle team have created a fabulous infographic entitled Babyhuddle: A Baby’s first year – what an adventure!  And boy oh boy, what an adventure it is!  Be sure to have a look and share it with your friends for a good laugh.  The information was gathered from real parents within the Babyhuddle community and is a hilarious but very honest read.

Something else exciting happening in the life of Babyhuddle is the very recent launch of their US Babyhuddle site!  Now friends and family across the pond can also be a part of the Babyhuddle community and create their own lists, ask questions and purchase products for themselves and baby.   Be sure to let your friends and family know that they too can be part of this wonderful community if they live in the US by registering at


Babyhuddle Infographic: A Baby's first year - what an adventure!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hi to Baby, Goodbye to Friends

Everyone knows that having a child will change your way of life in more ways than one and many of the early changes to your lifestyle are quite a shock to the system yet you learn to adapt to them over time.  

One of the changes that I didn't really stop to think about was how my social circle would change and how a completely new one would form, with many life long friendships developing along the way.

I recently wrote a guest for  Shona of Wriggly Rascals on the topic of how when baby arrives, things do change and so do the people that you interact with.  Read my post 'Hello Baby, Goodbye Friends' over at the Wriggly Rascals site.  I’d like to say it’s a good read but then again, I’m ever so slightly bias!

Have a great week everyone.

A x

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Win a Copy of Andy Bates's fabulous ‘Modern Twists on Classic Dishes’

Andy Bates (aka Pie Man) and star of Andy Bates Street Feasts on Food Network, has returned to the streets for a second fabulous and mouth watering series in Andy Bates American Street Feasts.  Andy visits diverse and vibrant food hot spots in the U.S. discovering the tales behind these truly wonderful recipes from the classic hot dog to southern fried quail.  Visit the American Street Feasts page
 where you can catch up on episodes from the second series and try your hand at the fabulous array of recipes.
Extremely well known for his wholesome, traditional British street food, Andy brought the inspiration behind these amazing American dishes back to the UK and used that to create his own modern take on classic dishes.

Andy’s delectable first cookbook, ‘Modern Twists on Classic Dishes’ was launched on 31 October 2012 and from 2 November 2012 you can stand a chance to win this beautifully illustrated book full of delicious recipes, simply perfect for every occasion.  To enter the competition, follow the instructions on the the Rafflecopter below.

‘Modern Twists on Classic Dishes’ is available from WH Smith, Waterstones, Amazon and all independent book shops throughout the UK.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: The Blogger was sent a copy Andy Bates's 'Modern Twists on Classic Dishes' free of charge.  All views are the Bloggers own and completely unbiased.

ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Review: Green People Organic Children Sticky Hand Sanitiser

Green People have produced a fabulous organic hand sanitiser specifically with little people in mind.  The Organic Children sticky hand sanitiser, which was awarded the Bizzie Baby Gold Award for 2012, has a refreshing citrus fragrance and comes in a pump action dispenser that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The sanitiser squirts out in a light and bubbly foam that can be put straight onto little hands and can be squirted onto a cloth to clean sticky and mucky faces.  It can also be used when you are on the go to clean and wipe down toys and high chairs that are looking a little dirty and unloved before little one enjoys using either of the two.

This natural hand sanitising product uses Tea Tree extract as the key anti-bacterial ingredient and contains 96% certified organic ingredients.   It is suitable for sensitive skins, even those prone to eczema, psoriasis and other skin allergies and as it doesn't use any harsh chemicals, it won't dry out the skin.

I've used this a number of times with my daughter who loves rubbing her foamy hands together to get them nice and clean.  You don't have to worry about it harming your child as it is safe to ingest, so there is no need to make sure their hands are dry before eating anything.

The Organic Children sticky hand sanitiser RRP is £9.45 for a 100ml with over 200 squirts of germ fighting foam in each pump action bottle.   It can be purchased directly through the website or from selected John Lewis, Ocado or Independent Healths stores.


Note: The Blogger was sent this product completely free of charge by The Green People to test and review.  All views are the Blogger's own, completely honest and unbiased.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Listography: My Top 5 Things I'd Like to be Reincarnated As

I'm still pretty darn sure that I am a reincarnation of someone from Henry VIII's Court (hopefully not one of the many wives) as I absolutely adore that era and could read books and watch documentaries and movies on the subject for hours on end and still be left wanting to know more.

Kate over at Kate Takes 5 has made reincarnation the most recent subject of her Listography.  So, after a little bit of thought, these are my top 5 things that I'd like to be reincarnated as when I leave this wonderful world one day.

1.  A Fly on the Wall
I'd like to start off as a fly.  Most people at some stage of their life have wanted to be a fly on the wall and see exactly what goes on behind closed doors.  I'm nosey by nature so I think this would be fun for the 21 days of my little fly life.  Hopefully then I'll go on to option 2.

2.  Some sort of Author
I have an idea of what I'd like to write about (like I'm telling you lot!) and if I had already been a fly on the wall I would have had time, albeit it very short, to add to my plot and basic development of each of my characters.  I don't think I'd be too bothered if I wasn't well known as I'm a bit odd like that, but I'd like to be published one day all the same.  I think that would be rather nice.

3.  An Archaeologist
As a child I wanted to be an archaeologist, discovering old dinosaur bones, remains, castles, ruins and things like that.  I drive my husband to distraction with all the Time Team episodes and other historical programmes that I record.  Maybe I could have a crack at when I retire, too?

4.  One of the many Apple Products
Who wouldn't want to be loved, adored and desired?!  Yes, there is that whole thing about being tossed aside for the younger model but the the majority of Apple owners who love the products simply keep the older models when they a sort of Apple, um,  harem...hmmm...might have to rethink that one.

5.  One of the Dog's in my Parents House
We grew up with at least 3 or 4 dog at any given time.   As one passed away, another one was rescued from some awful fate and then added to the family.  In winter my mom would put the dog blankets in the tumble dryer for a few minutes and then gently place these warm comforters over each of the dogs and tuck them in.  I can still remember our Bull Terrier, Benson, letting out little sighs of delight as he was wrapped up snug as a bug, almost smiling as he drifted off for his early morning nap.   The dogs ate well, slept well, were cuddled, given treats and generally well loved and cared for.  It really is a dogs life!


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Review: yoomoo frozen yogurt

I've recently discovered the absolutely delicious yoomoo frozen yoghurts.  The home range is made from a 70% natural British sourced yogurt base with natural ingredients and is low in fat, which means that you are supporting local British suppliers and enjoying a relatively guilt free treat at the same time.  Fabulous!

I sampled (devoured?!) the Angelmoo which is a natural flavoured frozen yogurt with blueberry sauce swirls, a perfect scattering of mixed berries and topping of vanilla flavoured pumpkins seeds.  A true heavenly delight which left me rather sad when I reached the bottom of the pot.

My husband taste tested the strawbswirlmoo which is a natural and strawberry flavoured frozen yogurt with generous strawberry sauce swirls and strawberry pieces.  I had to buy him his own pot because I knew that I most likely wouldn't want to share mine!  

In South Africa we have a local brand of frozen yoghurt that we grew up with and until recently, in my opinion, not much could compare to the taste and texture of it but from my husband's reaction as well as my own, our kitchen freezer will soon be stocking the yoomoo range on regular basis.  I would say that is a pretty positive result!

Available in 150ml pots (RRP £1.79) and 750ml tubs  (RRP £3.49) yoomoo frozen yogurts are waiting to be discovered by you in these 7 scrumptious flavours:


The yoomoo frozen yoghurts "fro yo" range can be purchased at Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado, Sainsbury's, Morrison's and the Co-Op.  

Note:  The blogger was given a voucher to purchase, sample and review one of the frozen yogurts in the yoomoo range.  The other pot was purchased directly by the Blogger (as they couldn't resist it!).  All views are, however, completely unbiased and the Blogger's own and 

Monday, 8 October 2012

How working mothers can be comfortable yet stylish

Being a mother is one of the most important jobs you can have, and is a rewarding but sometimes tough experience. Mums are on the go from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep and having a full or part time as well doesn’t make things easier. It can feel like you’ve already worked half a day before you even get to work, especially when your morning involves getting children to nursery or school. Work doesn’t finish when you leave your job for the day; there’s always a lot to do once you and the kids are home.
So wouldn’t it make life a lot easier if you could feel really comfortable in your workwear? Office wear can be stifling, especially if you feel you have to wear restrictive trouser suits and high heels to be taken seriously. But when time is of the essence and there are errands to be completed, you might not always have the chance to get changed. So to make life easier, instead of wearing work clothes that are uncomfortable and restrictive, choose style options which help you look professional whilst still being able to run around after your little ones!


Whilst trouser suits can be uncomfortable, they undoubtedly look smart. They also provide more versatility for women who do not want to wear skirts. However, trouser suits can often end up being ill-fitting which will be even more uncomfortable and you may lose that professional edge. A good alternative is lose the suit jackets and just wear a pair of smart trousers and a sophisticated blouse. Depending on the time of year will depend on what materials you go for, depending if you want to warm up or cool down. However there will always be a lot of choice regardless of the season. A statement blouse will mean your outfit will look complete without a jacket, and will help you feel less restricted.


Shoes always seem to be the hardest part of an outfit to get right, style and comfort-wise. I think this is even harder when you’re looking for shoes to wear to work. Some women may feel that high heels are the way to go when it comes to looking professional, but that’s not always the most practical option – especially when it comes to running round after kids. Even carrying a spare pair of shoes around with you can be a pain, especially if you have to get public transport – rush hour is bad enough as it is without dragging round a heavy bag. Look into investing a pair of work shoes that are comfortable and professional – from flat shoes to mid-height heels, there is a lot of choice available out there. 

Changing what you wear to work so you will be more comfortable will help you when you need to change back in to mum mode once you leave the office. A massive spending spree for new clothes won’t necessary (unless you want to have a splurge!) but making a few tweaks to your wardrobe will not only help you feel comfortable but also more confident – making life as a working mother a little bit easier.

Note: This is a sponsored blog post.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Blogger I aspire to be (and remain)

I recently went to my first blog camp which turned out to be a fantastic experience, giving me the opportunity to meet a group of wonderful and inspirational foodie and mommy bloggers and other individuals that I would not normal get the chance to be in the same room with.

The guest speakers passed over information and inspiration on how to make various social networks work for you as well as ways of dealing with those nasty trolls who seem to make it their life's work to belittle others and leave nasty comments on posts that you've spent time labouring over.

"Keep Calm and Carry On" would be the stance I think I'd have to adopt.  I've only had one possibly nasty comment from some anonymous creature.  I've deleted it, due to the sheer stupidity of it, but I should have kept it for a memory box.  I felt embarrassed for them and for the fact that my readers might have to have the unfortunate chance of reading it too.  There was a bit of racism thrown into it too which I didn't agree with.  I think that is what really made me a bit twitchy but to be honest, the comment itself was just so pointless.

My thinking is that having to censor your writing style is ludicrous.  If some idiot gets a kick out of writing stupid and potentially hurtful comments (they think they are witty but in reality, they are just nasty and evil little people), then so be it.

Anyway, enough about the trolls.  I still can't work out my Google+ page (don't think I ever will?!) but on the positive side, I've now opened my StumbleUpon account which has given me hours of entertainment and I can really see the value in it.  Why I didn't do it sooner, I don't know?  I love sites like this where you never know where you will be taken, like the journey of life really.  It's a lucky dip that slowly over time will show you predominately pages that interest you.  Extremely intuitive.

When I started my recap of the day I was inspired to create a post around why I actually started blogging, what I wanted to get out of it and what type of blogger I wanted to be.  I've broken my thoughts down into a few headings that has become the Mission Statement for my blog.

My Mission Statement

I honestly don't mind if I have a big following or not and I am not keen on running competitions simply increase my Twitter or blog following.  I'd rather have people follow me on Twitter or other places because of the incredibly witty and creative writing skills I possess.  Hopefully I have something interesting and useful to say somewhere along the way too.

If you do follow me and appreciate my incredibly witty sense of humour and unique (I hope?!) writing style, then I thank you!  I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want people to follow me and read what I had written on a regular basis.  Blogging is my verbal release and a way of expressing myself on a worldwide platform.  It's the one place where I can let all my thoughts go into one (somewhat censored of course) and be creative through my writing and photos.

Ratings and rankings
Ironically I checked my Tots100 scored during one of the breaks at blog camp and I've shot up in the rankings to 427.  I did a small fist pump and (almost) inner exclamation of delight.  It is based on a number of factors and while I don't live or die by this monthly ranking figure, it does make me happy to see it climbing.  I don't know how I got there but I am not questioning it.  Thanks Tots100!

I'm not trying to get into the actual 100 but if I did I would definitely feel ridiculously happy and maybe a little smug.  I'm still very reserved with the whole writing and blogging thing as a whole.   I've been trying to write for years and to have someone read my work and appreciate what I've taken the time to create still makes me feel a bit weird.  I'm the type of person that if I cook something, I hate to eat it because I'll be very critical of what I've done and am rarely happy with the finished product (I'm strange like that).  I do make a mean batch of cupcakes though!

I will run competitions on my blog only if they completely tie in with my values and the ethos of what my blog is about.  I don't want to run them all the time but they do add a fun element to the blog.  Too many and it becomes boring, too few and you feel like you need to do more.  Bit of a Catch 22 I think but I'm sure there is a happy middle ground somewhere.

I LOVE doing reviews.  No, I don't do it for the 'free stuff'.  I don't do it to get exposure to my blog (although it doesn't hurt of course).  I do reviews because if I truly believe in a product, I want to share it with other people.

I'm that weirdo in Boots that stands next to you and recommends products.  In South Africa it's called being friendly and helpful.   In the U.K. it makes people look at you twice and give your family worrying glances as if you are about to be sent off with the men in white coats.  I honestly don't care.  I 'm just trying to help and would hope that someone would do the same if I too looked a bit confused by the sheer volume and variety of products on the market.   So yes, I love writing as well as reading reviews.

I will read the press release but no, I will not regurgitate it and/or claim it as my own.  I have a reasonable IQ and think that I can muster creating something that is my own.  It took someone time and effort to write that document so I will do them the decency of reviewing the product and then doing just that...writing a review in my own words.

Guest Posts
Love them, love them, LOVE them!  The chance to write for various other blogs or companies is amazing. It is challenging and pushes my creativity and imagination to their limits which I adore.  I also like people to guest post on my blog.  It brings a completely unique voice and I've met and discovered some wonderful and incredibly talented people that way.

Respecting Other Bloggers
If I ever get to the stage where I go to blog camps just for the exposure, and not to learn or help new bloggers find their feet, I think that would be the stage where I realised that I had gone over to the 'dark side'.

If you find a blog camp boring then it's time for you to sod off and not ruin the experience for others, right?  If I ever (heaven forbid!) spoke during a lecture because I thought that I knew more on the topic than the expert, I think it would be time to make a swift exit and go and find why I got into blogging in the first place.  Maybe reinvent myself or read this mission statement again?

Never forget why I started blogging in the first place
Well, I'm not actually sure why I actually started??  I toyed around with my blog in 2010.  Don't look at the posts.  They are hideous and make me scrunch my entire face into an unsightly grimace at the thought of them (I just did it.  You just envisioned it).  I should go and change them but then hey, never forget where you started out!


Monday, 10 September 2012

All I Want for Christmas...

That crazy time of year has already begun.  The shops are slowly beginning to stock Christmas wrapping paper, cards, candles and all things red, green, gold, glittery and shimmery for the Festive season.  We've barely finished the Easter eggs (I can never eat them in one sitting) and now we are onto the next celebration!

My daughter was 8 months old when she had her 1st Christmas.  At the time it was very important to me that she had a special and memorable 1st Christmas but in all honesty, she wouldn't remember it even if I showed her photos and videos to jog her memory.  If she claimed that she could remember then I would very quickly get her signed up to Mensa.  Those retailers that sell the cute baby Christmas outfits are laughing all the way to the bank...

We are heading off to South Africa for Christmas this year and as she will be 2 1/2 I think she will appreciate Christmas far more and actually be excited to see what she what toys and other wonderful things she has been lucky enough to be given on Christmas morning. 

Of course I don't want Father Christmas to completely short change her due to his weight allowances of flying all the way to Africa instead of to the UK so I've created a fab list of light weight gift ideas at Babyhuddle, all of which I think she will love.

Now Father Christmas has a very easy job this year because all he has to do is go to the list that I created at Babyhuddle, click on an item, add it to his cart, pay (he has to pay because he hasn't made the toys directly in his factory this year) and that is his shopping complete for my daughter!  No writing to decipher or lists to try and keep tucked away safely as it's all stored safely online.  The toys and books will be sent straight to him to put into his Christmas sack to bring over to my daughter for Christmas morning in Cape Town.  Either that or he can send it straight to me and I'll pop it in my luggage and save him the trip!

Why not head over to Babyhuddle and create your own list for your little one for Christmas and send it to Grandparents and other family and friends too who can buy things that Father Christmas can't put into his sack?   I'd ask them to get in touch with mommy or daddy once they've ordered anything so that it can be taken off the list so that little one doesn't end up with 5 of the same thing!

Happy pre-Christmas shopping.


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Review: 23Snaps

Living roughly 11,210 miles away from close family and friends in Cape Town (give or take a few inches), I use social media to share photos and videos of my daughter.  The only hitch is that a large number of these sites are not incredibly private and so I am slightly apprehensive to share more intimate family moments which is a real shame.  

23snaps is a fairly new App on the market and a wonderful discovery too at that.  Basically, clever mommy's and daddy's use this extremely user friendly App to share photos of their wonderful offspring with loving family members and friends both locally and around the globe.  Comments can be left on the media you have chosen to share and if they really want to express themselves they can 'heart' the photo or add a smiley or sad face to show deeper virtual emotions.

To get started, download the App, register with 23Snaps (none of your information is shared with 3rd parties) and then create a profile for you each of your children.  Images and videos are uploaded through the App on your iPad or iPhone to your child's profile and will automatically fall in chronological order on their timeline.  This is wonderful especially when you take a number of snaps of your child and don't always remember the precise date of the magical event.  

If you have a single photo with all of your children in, simply tag each of them individually in the photo and the image will be shared to each of their timelines.  Weight and height milestones can also be recorded.  Get creative by cropping your image, adding filters and choosing from a selection of frames.

Invite family and friends by clicking on Family & Friends in the main menu and either selecting them from your contacts, by email or through Facebook.  Once they receive and accept your invite they will be taken to the 23Snaps website where they can register and will be given the option to download the App if they have an iPhone or iPad. 

Notifications of new photos or videos that you have uploaded are shown in the notification bar in the App or are sent to friends and family by email as you add them or on a daily or weekly basis.  These settings are chosen by your friends or family members on their login page on the 23Snaps website.  

Photos and videos can be added to your camera roll on your iPhone or iPad and there is the option to send the media to other people by email or share it with others on Facebook.

The App is completely free, very user friendly and takes seconds for photos and videos to upload.  It makes sharing your precious family moments extremely quick and simple, so why not give it a try now?



Note:  This is a sponsored post.  All views, however, are the Blogger's own, completely honest and unbiased.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Making your Car Child-friendly

This is a fabulous Guest Post from Joel Dowling who writes for the Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters blog on a wide range of subjects including family life and motoring. He has two young children but no longer dreads long journeys.

I hope you find this as informative and helpful as I did!

Making your Car Child-friendly

One of the many daunting aspects of parenting is working out what you need and what you don’t. The marketplace seems to teem with products that you simply must have.

But for travelling with your kids, there are only really a few essentials that you need to help you get by. Here are a few handy tips to consider:

Safety is the first consideration:

  • Make sure you have a car seat that’s the right size and shape for your child and that it definitely works with your make and model of vehicle. Any serious vendor will have staff trained to know exactly what you need.
  • Make sure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. Get your tyres, brakes, air bags and fluid levels checked regularly, and carry out all the regular maintenance recommended in your owner’s manual.
  • Make sure you have adequate and appropriate central locking and child locking systems, and that they work properly.

Occupation – is next on the list of priorities. Children of any age can be incredibly distracting to a driver, especially if you don’t have another adult with you. So, here’s what to do:

  • Get your in-car entertainment sorted out before you go: integral rattles, books, music, films and toys should be exactly where you need them to be, and cued up, before you set out.
  • Make sure that you have fed the children before you leave or have planned a stop en route so that you are not distracted by endless demands for food, the consumption of which will leave the interior of your vehicle looking like a fast food outlet on Saturday night.

Cleanliness on the subject of hygiene and the preservation of your vehicle:

  • Make sure you are well-stocked with wipes, nappy bags, sick bags and a changing mat as well as a change of clothes for everyone, including the adults!
  • To avoid mishaps, make sure that everyone has visited the bathroom before you leave and plan regular stops.
  • Whatever other precautions you take, make sure you are adequately covered with car insurance.
You may well find that with a little preparation, nightmare journeys are a thing of the past and car travel is something you look forward to doing – together.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sunday, 12 August 2012


My daughter jumped into bed with me after both of us had woken from gorgeous afternoon naps.   Normal hugs, kisses, tickles and cuddles were followed by my little one wanting to play the 'name that body part' game.  This is what went down...

LO: "Look. Freckle!" (on her arm).

Me: "Yes, and mommy has freckles on her arm too!"

I have way too many in fact, all from growing up in the South African sun.  Don't think I've added that many in the past 8 years while living and spending most of my time in the UK.

LO: (After brief inspection of mommy's freckles).  "What's that?" (pointing to my rather wrinkly elbow flesh)

My elbow has a tiny scar on it from where one of the family dog's we had whilst growing up accidentally bit me when I was about 10.

Me: "It's my elbow, sweetie."

At this point I straightened my arm to look at it, so the skin was no longer tight.

LO: "Ewww!!" (Looks of utter horror and disgust!  Examines her flexed arm which looks nothing like the funny skin that mommy has on her elbow).

Me:  "It's just my elbow..."

I don't think that all the Bio Oil in the world can help my chicken skin now.   It honestly isn't that bad, but way to go to give me a small complex!

Glad to know that I can make my daughter cringe at just the slightest flick of my arm.  Who needs the naught step when I have a wrinkly old elbow to disgust her into listening to me...


Silent Sunday

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Getting My Slice of the Action...Triathlon Style!

My husband began to train and compete in triathlons about 6 years ago.  Since then our home now houses his bikes, training gear and other 'essential items' that come along with this 3 discipline sport.  I still think that he owns more running and cycling shoes than all the shoes in my closest put together?!

I have a very deep respect for what he does; swimming great lengths, cycling across long stretches of road, up steep inclines for extended periods of time and then topping it off with running a few laps of whatever venue or area that particular race covers...all in the matter of a few hours!  Well, more like half a day if it's an Ironman distance.  Yes, he has competed in and finished 2.  Incredibly proud triathlete wife!

Yet, that is only what he does on race day.  People don't see what goes on behind the scenes; the hours spent on the bike, in the lake, in pools, running in all the glory that is our British weather system.  The blisters, the injuries, the recovery, the treatments needed.   Their bodies go through a great deal of (self-inflicted) torment.

I know what kit he needs, I know what time he should do for each part of the race and get worried if he is off by a second.  

What do I do when he races?  I'm the screaming, shouting, cheering wife standing on the sideline, chasing him around the course and making sure I'm at the perfect spot at the correct time to try and take a picture of him (if I can...don't ask...) and to show my encouragement and support while he strives to get the best time possible.  Our daughter takes part in all of this too and seeing the pure and genuine excitement in her face and to hear her shouting for her daddy is extremely rewarding.  IronKids starts at the age of 6 and I'm pretty sure she will take part in at least one race!

So, today being the Men's Triathlon in Hyde Park, I jumped at the chance to go along with hubby to watch it.  We arrived with friends at about 9.30 a.m. and found an excellent viewing point where we could see these incredible athletes on the bike and then as they ran past us to their glory.  What an incredible, electric atmosphere!    Unfortunately we missed the boat to book tickets to one of the local cafes in the park (one of my friends didn't though!  Booooo!) and so we didn't see the swim section as it simply wasn't in good viewing range.  

Being of dual British and South African nationality I cheered on the 3 British and 1 South African contenders with equal amounts of pride.  I think I even welled up at one stage.  Seeing them in the flesh was an experience second to none.

I find the sheer speed, determination, drive, concentration, perseverance, dedication and focus of all of these incredible athletes unbelievably inspiring.  I might not show it on the outside and may not actually want to take part in a triathlon but I find that if I ever struggle with something, I think about my husband, friends and these athletes and how they manage to simply push through the pain to reach their goal.

Hard work, dedication, hours of training and practise really do pay off.  You don't get good at something by sheer luck!  Well done to all the athletes that we saw today.  Simply amazing, every single one of you.  I'm Proudly South African today, and Proudly British too!


p.s. no snaps of the athletes as my iPhone battery went from 48% to 9% to 0% in record time....

Review: Green People Organic Children Shampoo and Conditioner


I recently had the pleasure of sampling the Organic Children lavender shampoo and conditioner.  Made from 83% organic products both are mild, gentle and non-irritating which is fabulous for using on sensitive scalps like that of my toddler.  Organic Lavender, Aloe Vera and Tree Tree naturally cleanse the hair leaving it clean, smelling beautiful and feeling tangle free (every mom's dream!).  

For parents with school going children it can be used to treat the removal of head lice.  Evidence suggests that Tee Tree oil naturally and effectively treats head lice.

As with all the products that I test, I use them on myself first.  I have long, thick hair that is naturally brown and not coloured treated.  I blow dry and straighten my hair at least once a week.  After using the Organic Children shampoo and conditioner and gently blow drying, my hair was left feeling soft and silky which was not far off from my regular products, and possibly, even better.  

The shampoo foams well so my daughter and I had heaps of fun giving her crazy hair styles while using daddy's shaving mirror to see what she looked like.  Once we had finished off with the conditioner and rinsed it out, I towel dried her hair and then quickly finished off with the hair dryer.  This is her favourite bit, especially if I brush her hair while gently blow drying on a very low height.  Her hair was left shiny, soft, tangle free and smelt wonderful.  Fabulous!

The shampoo and conditioner contain no nasties such as SLS/SLES, Parabens, phthalates and artificial fragrances.

Both products are available in 200ml tubes at the RRP of £7.75.  They can be purchased through the Green People website or from selected health food stores. 


Note: The blog author was sent this product completely free of charge by Mummy News to test and review on behalf of Green People.  All views are her own, completely honest and unbiased.
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