Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The difference a child makes to your life, heart and home

A few of you may think that I'm about to go straight into waxing lyrical about my daughter and what she has brought into our lives.  I think it goes without saying that each child is precious and individual and that they touch your lives in such a unique way and that all the words in the world could never truly express this.

Yes, I do get a bit soppy at the end of this post but the real aim of this was to see what a change Isabella has actually made to our home in the physical sense of the word.  It must have been extremely dull and boring before she arrived in April 2010.

Here is a small peak into what our home is like now.

1.  Our Bathroom

Pre-baby our black and white tiled floor bathroom with other basic white goods was very simple.  Now it is colourful with baby bath toys, bath products, etc.

2.  Our bedroom

Our room is a subtle green.  Extremely peaceful with black brown furniture and a gorgeous Feather and Black Oliver bed which I adore.

We currently having a pop up house full of ELC pink and blue ball pool balls in our bedroom that moves from room to room.

Next to my red nail polish is pink kiddie nail polish that peels off when it is dry.  Isabella loves having her nails painted and getting her hair blow dried.  She can actually do it herself.  I don't encourage it but she enjoys being pampered and   she wants to do the same things that mommy does.  One thing we won't be doing anytime soon is applying make-up.  Kids still need to be kids and not turned into little living dolls!

I'm reliving my childhood as my daughter is playing with the toys I had as a baby, like my Fisher Price horse.   It still makes the sound when you move
the reigns!

3.  Family shoe box

The shoe basket now has big shoes and teeny tine shoes.   When Isabella takes her shoes off she pops them straight into the basket.  

Nursery has taught her so much and being neat and tidy is just one of them!

4.  My hand bag

This used to hold my keys, make up, pens, make-up bag and other things that woman just seem to gather.  It now also holds a constant supply of wet wipes, various snacks and random bits and bobs.  For example, I found Isabella's toothbrush at the bottom of my bag about 2 weeks ago and have also found building blocks.

I like to think that she puts these in there especially for me so that she knows I think about her all day long, which goes without saying.

5.  Entrance hall

This used to be the place where my husband left his various bikes.  Isabella's Bugaboo Bee buggy has taken their spot!

6.  Kitchen

Another 'fun zone' for Bella.  You have no idea how much fun and delight a toddler can get from playing in the cat's water bowl.  I'm not too sure how Snickers feels about this but it keeps Isabella happy, especially in winter when it's freezing cold outside and you have to do your best to be imaginative to find things to keep little minds active and have it be fun, interesting and include a few educational bits at the same time.

Not sure what water splashing teaches though?!?

We have toddler snacks, toddler yoghurt, toddler spoons, a plastic box for toddler plates, cups and bowls so that when she is hungry she can go and grab what she needs and bring it to me and ask for it.  It's also great because it's perfect for when she helps me unpack the dishwasher.  Fantastic fun and she loves it!

Our fridge is now home to various family photos and also to Isabella's artwork that she brings home from her nursery, which she adores.

7.  Lounge

This is now a room for toys which even comes with Isabella's own couch, complements of Thelbridge Curtains, Blinds and Chairs.  Lucky for us, Isabella is a neat and tidy child and likes to pack away after she has finished playing for the day.  She also has her own toddler broom that she uses to sweep the floor when I (occasionally) clean the house!

8.  Car

We had to upgrade to an Estate which now has a car seat in it and raisins that never seem to stop coming from somewhere?

9.  Spare bedroom

This is now Isabella's bedroom.  This is the sign I made her for her 1st birthday which I will of course change in 2 months time when she turns 2 years old!

I can't believe how much Isabella has changed our lives, and only for the better.  I can't imagine not having a toothbrush in my bag, or raisins randomly strewn across the house.

How something so small can bring you feel so much joy still amazes me every day.  The love I have for this tiny creature is beyond words and I can happily sit on the couch just gazing at her as she babbles away to her dolls, plays with her other toys and then looks up at me and smiles, and then goes back to doing what she was doing.  It makes me heart melt and there have been many occasions when I need to stop myself from crying (I blame it on becoming over emotional after having a baby!!!).

I put her to bed at night after singing her nursery rhymes as I cradle her in my arms and her eyes grow heavier as she slowly nods off to sleep.  I know she won't remember these moments when she is older but I will treasure them forever.  I simply can't wait for her to wake up in the morning so it can all start over again.

So honoured and blessed to be Isabella Joyce's mommy.


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Indecisiveness...what would you do?

For my 30th birthday I was given a very generous gift card for Champneys.  Any other sane person would look at the little golden book of fabulous treatments that Champneys includes with the gift cards, pick something and book in to be pampered.   Well, not me!

Let me attempt to explain a bit of my logic behind not treating myself to a much needed (deserved?!) full body massage just yet.

  1. I don't usually take the time to treat myself to things like this.  I get the basics done (mani, pedi and other bits) but nothing more indulgent than that.
  2. There are 9 treatments that would fit the bill.  I'm torn between Mediterranean Bliss and a stock standard full body massage. 
  3. I have read this booklet front to back on a number of occasions and each treatment sounds more dreamy than the other.  I can actually imagine how relaxed and zen like I will be after my special pamper session.  The more I read them the harder it is to choose!
  4. If I actually book in a session and have the treatment, then it's over.  Is this what it is like for men when they talk about the thrill of the chase?!
Here is a link to the treatment guide that Champneys have on their website which is very similar to the one that I have.  Go have a look and then, just for a bit of fun, use the voting bar on the main section of my blog to tell me which massage YOU would pick out of the 9 that I can't decide on!  

I want to book this by the end of the week and have the treatment on a Sunday afternoon so that I can get my week off to a beautiful, relaxed start.  I'm thinking late Feb or early March when I have free time.

Happy voting and apologies if I've left you in the same predicament as me! :)


Cause and effect, and then repeat

My daughter knows the basics of cause and effect, action and reaction, etc.  She is slowly learning not to do the same thing twice and if it isn't something that will bring her harm, she does it very carefully and with much greater caution that her first attempt.

Bella was sitting on the couch with my husband who had his legs stretched out on the couch with the cat lying on top of him.  Isabella stood up and decided to walk from the head of the two seater couch to the other end where my husband's feet were resting and subsequently close to where Snickers's head (and claws and paws) were positioned.

I'm not sure of what actually happened next but all I know is that Snickers swiped at Bella's foot and her claw clipped on Isabella's heel.  I'm pretty sure what did actually happen was that Bella stuck her foot directly in Snickers's face!

Bella was obviously slightly shocked and upset but she knows that if she disturbs Snickers while she is sleeping, she gets upset.  Not even a few minutes after this all took place, Isabella looked at me and then looked directly at the cat and with utter determination and full knowledge of what she was about to do, she lifted her leg, pushing her foot heel first and with a slow hit firm action aimed it towards the cat's face!  Lucky for kitty, Bella withdrew her leg when she realised that this wasn't the smartest of moves.

I'm not sure if this was an act of defiance, courage or pure curiosity, but I will never forget the look of utter determination and calculation on my daughter's face.  Where did my baby go?!


cause and effect...

Phew! MELT DOWN OVER!!! Panic stations are back to zero and mommy can calm down!  That serves me right for trying to be a fancy pants and change my blog for the umpteenth time!!!

Basically, after trying to be clever and attempt a bit of HTML, I lost the entire side bar on my home page. I realised that I'd deleted something and managed to work it out thank goodness.

I now resolve to keep my blog layout and design as simple as I can and the only changes I make should be new badges and things like that.  I think that this new theme suits me and says a great deal about the person that I am.  Less is more and all that stuff.  Rainbows and colour make me feel optimistic and cheerful.

So, welcome to my new blog design and layout, complements of the folks The Cutest Blog on the Block.  When I saw their logo pop up on a few blogs I thought that it might be an award for bloggers who had cute looking blogs, but when I finally clicked on the badge to see what it was exactly I was taken to their amazing page.  Go have a look.  I'm pretty sure that you won't be disappointed.


Silent Sunday

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Listography - Top 5 Websites

I came across Kate's blog, Kate Takes 5, a couple of weeks ago.  When I read 'Blogging for Sanity's Sake' under her blog title I immediately took a liking to it.

Once a week Kate picks a topic or subject and makes a list of 5 things that relate to her particular choice for the week.  These can range from top 5 destinations right down to top 5 biscuits.  Once posted, Kate invites her readers to do the same and then share a link to their list on her page.  You can read about what inspired her to begin Kate Takes 5 Weekly Listography here.

It is extremely interesting and a real eye opener to see just how different (or similar!) we all are.  For a person that loves making lists, this is heaven!  I make lists for absolutely everything.  I even make lists for what I am going to blog about.  I like order and it makes me happy and keeps me semi-sane.  So, with all that said, I start my 1st listography list on my Top 5 Websites!  Hoorah!

These are the websites that I have saved into my favourites bar in Safari in order of left to right.

  1. My Blog - I always had very good intentions of blogging and started on quite a few occasions but was never consistent until this year.   I blog on average every other day with at least one or two posts per time.  I find it an extremely satisfying and calming experience and even if I never have a stream of followers, I'll carry on blogging simply for the love of writing and the joy that I get out of expressing myself through this medium.

  2. Twitter - I don't tweet every day.  I check my feed about twice a day and follow people that I find interesting.  These are mainly individuals that are foodies, involved in the wine industry, who are local to my area and people that are in the same business sector as me.  There are a number of people in South African that I follow in an attempt to keep in touch with life back home even though I have lived in the UK for nearly 8 years.  I also use it as a platform to get more exposure for my blog.

  3. Facebook - Love it or hate it, I don't think you can sit on the fence on this one.  As I live far from my friends and family in South Africa I use this to send messages, keep updated on random daily activities and see photos of my loved ones.  Yes, I do own a phone and can text and call South Africa but it is pricy.  I still don't really feel the need to justify my love for Facebook and yes, I also use this as a platform to get people to visit my blog.

  4. Kindle - I love my Kindle!  I read more books now than I have in nearly 2 years and am so grateful to my husband and parents-in-law for buying this for me for Christmas as my surprise gift.  I go to this site every few days to see what new titles are out or to filter through the Classics which are often free.  These are books that I always wanted to read, never did, and now can.

  5. 2oceansvibe.com - A South African site.  Keeps me up to date with the goings on in my hometown of Cape Town and South Africa in general.  When the UK winter gets very long it's easy to get homesick and long for the gorgeous summer days in Cape Town.  This makes it a bit more bearable in some strange way.  It's the small things that keep me happy I guess!

So ends my first listography post, with many more to come!


How can you not LOVE these?!

I think I have fallen in love.  
Completely head over heels in fact!  

A very routine shopping trip turned into a rather fabulous outing today!  

I stumbled across the most wonderful, fabulous and amazing kitchen storage ranges at my local Marks and Spencer.  With collection names like Circus, Geisha, Animal Print, Retro and Cherry Heart, how could they go wrong?  

The spring cookware collection is also completely gorgeous and simply on first sight would inspire anyone to cook and bake in an utter frenzy of food happiness!  

The snaps you see are of a couple of the Circus tins that anyone who loves to bake should, in my humble opinion, own.  I will definitely have to buy them and once they are filled with scrummy cakes and bakes, I will post the photos for all to see.

My store also stocks La Crueset and with Valentine's Day just around the corner, what better excuse to buy the collection of 3 gorgeous heart ramekins.  Can you just imagine dressing a plate with a quenelle of mascarpone, a scattering of raspberries and placing this pot of joy in the centre, filled with a rich, warm, melt in the middle chocolate pudding?  A totally blissful combination in my mind!
All I need now (besides the tins and ramekins) are a few perfect recipes to do them justice.  I have the inspiration, that's for sure!

A x

Thursday, 26 January 2012

£10 discount off your 1st visit to the 1Life Health Clinic

1 Life Health Care have offered all my readers/followers £10 off their 1st visit to their Clinic in St Albans.

Being a client, I can vouch for the extremely professional care and treatment that they provide.  I know that I am in good hands and am always given excellent and valuable aftercare advice.  

Click here to be taken to their contact page to book your first treatment and let them know that you were referred by Ally's Blog!

A x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Doing squats while pushing Isabella in her pram?!

Fabulous article from the folks at 1Life Health in St Albans on 'functional training'.  This is where it is at people!  Get with the programme and have a read about it here.  It's trending now!

Bit of cosmic goings on happening, seeing as I'm thinking about putting my body through its paces this year.

Keep your eyes peeled on your way to work for that strange lady walking down the road, pushing her daughter in her Bugaboo Bee buggy and doing lunges at the same time!


This duathlon lark doesn't sound so bad!

Being the wife of a 2 x Ironman (Frankfurt 2009 and Lanzarote 2011 with the tattoo and medals to prove it), I have a good idea of how time consuming, mentally and physically taxing, completely competitive yet exhilarating, amazing and life changing this experience can be.  Travelling to different locations around Europe doesn't hurt either.

Before you ask how my training is going I'd like to stop you right in your tracks!  Here are a few things you should know about me...

1.  I love watching triathlons and supporting my husband.  Yes, he does triathlons because he loves them but there are times when you need the support during and at the end of the race, and I'm very happy to carry his kit and scream and shout to drive him on to swim, bike and run as fast as humanly possible!  In fact, I get quite competitive about shouting as loud as I can and being at the front of the crowd so he can see me!

2.  I'm not very good at early morning starts (except for leaving for holidays and the odd tri event), extreme cold, swimming in open water, and running or biking long distance.

3.  I don't really feel the need to do a triathlon!

However, all that said, I think I would like to do *drum roll please* a duathlon!

So, as you do, I googled 'duathlon training' and came across this fabulous article on the Duathlon247 website.   I looked at the programme and for the first time I realised that I actually would like to attempt something out of my comfort zone, and that this actually looked like an event that I would be able to do and enjoy at the same time.  Hoorah!

I ran in the mornings before I fell pregnant with my daughter in 2009 but never got back into it as I had SPD and sciatica so waited for a few months after she was born in 2010 before attempting to run again, but I never did.  Useless I tell you, useless!

So I clearly have the running kit but am lacking in the bike department.  I will use my husband's mountain bike to train on until I buy a bike of my own.  

I know absolutely nothing about which type of bike I should buy.  Mountain bike or road bike?!  I'm sure my husband will point me in the right direction and I'm pretty sure I know which way that will be! --->. (Felt).  He has had a few Felt road and TT bikes over the years.   They just suddenly seem to appear from nowhere!?!  I am sure that there are many tri WAG's out there that will know what I mean.

Of course this will mean that I will now have to get up at 5.30/6.00 am to go for runs and bikes before work but with the days getting warmer and longer I actually can't wait!   Now all that is left is to enter a race!  This will push me harder with my training and give me an actual goal to work towards.

Watch this space!

A x

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Gu decadence at its best

I can think of few better ways to end a fabulous weekend than with a touch of Gu Goodness.

On this occasion I had the pleasure of savouring a delicious, decadent dark chocolate and vanilla cheesecake.

Totally scrumptious and delectable experience!


The reason why I bought my black dress

This is by no means a regular Friday/Saturday occurence.  My life is anything but boring but it isn't extravagant or over the top.  I am very happy and content sharing my two work free days with my immediate family unit, friends and other family members.   Throw in a good meal here and there, a fabulous movie and a beautiful bottle of vino, and you have a pretty good of idea of what my weekends are usually about!

Below is a short and sweet account of the past few days in my simple but wonderful life.

Friday day
Royal Albert Hall most of the day.  Extremely privileged to be seated in the Queen's Box.  Watched two of the many scenes from the current Cirque du Soleil show (tears in eyes experience), "Totem" and listened to interesting and inspirational speeches from a number of major public figures - Sir John Major, Seb Coe, Phillips Idowu to mention a few.

Experienced the mastery of International Emmy Award winner Gareth Malone in action, listened to the breathtaking voice of tenor Russell Watson and to the amazing sounds of classical boy band, Blake whilst trying to keep from drooling on myself during the performance of the latter.  I also had the chance to sing in the RAH along with the rest of the individuals attending the event while Gareth Malone conducted us all.  Utterly magical and a moment that I will never forget.

Friday evening
Pre-drinks at my hotel for the evening, The Dorchester, and then a sumptuous dinner in The Great Room of the Grosvenor House hotel on Park Lane.  Evening entertainment was provided by a amazing Highland Band, the fabulous Blake and side splitting humour of Michael McIntyre.  Dancing followed until about 2am which was about the time that my feet finally gave up the fight for the night!

Saturday morning
After about 5 hours of sleep (boring fact - I never sleep well when I am away from my husband), I eventually showered and dressed at my leisure and finally strolled down to The Promenade at The Dorchester for brunch.  Albeit I only had a cheese and ham omelette for my breakfast it was still fabulous.

If I could have stayed in my seat all day, propped up by pillows supporting my utterly relaxed and drowsy body, I would have.

I find having no one but yourself to look after is an extremely liberating experience.   I am usually up at 8am on a Saturday at the latest and giving Isabella her breakfast and getting her ready for the day.  I do take this in turns with my husband of course.  It isn't rushed but definitely does not go at a snail's pace and comes with different challenges each time.  Don't get me wrong, I love it and adore the time with my daughter and family but I do also like a bit of me time if the opportunity ever presents itself!

This is just a very quick and summarised version but what a magical experience it all was and if given the chance to repeat it in the near future, I would graciously accept the offer!

A x

Friday, 20 January 2012

My Friday Song

Being the quirky yet loveable soul that I am, one of my 'things' is that I have a song that I play each and every Friday on my way to work.  This has become my 'Friday song', and a song that I use to bring me extra enthusiasm and energy for my day, a song that makes me feel euphoric, exhilarated and a song that makes me feel like I can take on the entire world (one bit at time of course!)

What is my song, you ask?  It is....

Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World 
by Johnny Clegg and Savuka

It get's me everytime!

Gone on, have a listen.  I know you want to!  I'm pretty sure that it will make your day too!!!

Here is to wishing you all a Fabulous, Fantastic, Fascinating Friday!  I'll be living it up at the Royal Albert Hall all day followed by a fabulous dinner and then shutting my eyes at The Dorchester.

It's a tough life, but someone has to do it, and I accept the role with open arms!  Honestly not a typical Friday night for me though.  It usually consists of steak, red wine and DVD's at home!

Thank you to my husband for looking after our daughter and letting me get a bit crazy for a while :)

A xx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

My favourite, fabulous after dinner snack

Not much beats the smell and taste of freshly popped popcorn as an after dinner/late night snack.

Throw in a fabulous movie and excellent company and you have a near to perfect evening!

A x

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My positives always outweigh my negatives

A rather rushed morning has landed on rather a high, I'd say!

Let's weigh it all up, shall we!

Negative: not washing my hair this morning before work.
Positive: it was ridiculously rainy and windy on my walk to work so it would have been a wasted exercise.

Negative: had to push Bella one handed in her Bugaboo while holding my black brollie in the other.
Positive: arm muscles are definitely much stronger.

Negative: brollie blew inside out and has a broken bit.
Positive: I can buy a colourful one now!

Negative: having the rest of Bella's milk spilled on my coat.
Positive: no work on Friday so no need for this particular one as will be living it up at the Royal Albert Hall and then staying at The Dorchester!

Negative: walking the rest of the way from nursery to work with no brollie.
Positive: receiving a fabulous and very important email that made my day, possibly my week and 2012!!

Always look on the bright side of life! :)

A x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Calculating the kilometres I've walked since baby arrived

I've often pondered and wondered how many kilometres (can't work in miles) I've walked pushing my daughter in her Bugaboo Bee since she was born in April 2010.  

I only really started walking to and from town in May 2010 roughly 4 days per week.  That's an average but some weeks its more, some it's less.  It all depends on whether I get cabin fever or not or if it is gorgeous outside or sub zero!!!

Here are the rough stats for 2010

Distance to town and back home: 7km

Days between 1 May and 31 December 2010: 244
(I got this figure from ConvertUnits.com . A fab site for when you are bored and wanting to know random things like this!)

Subtract 35 days and 35 weekends (105 days): 139 days 

Subtract roughly 20 days in South Africa for holiday: 119

End result for 2010: 119 days x 7 km = 833 km walked

These are the rough stats for 2011 (pre office move)

Distance to work (via nursery) and back home, bearing in mind this was only for 3 days week until May when we moved to offices: 6km 

Days between 1 January and 30 May: 149 days

Subtract 42 days not walked and 21 weekends (84 days): 65 days

End result for Jan to May 2010: 65 days x 6km = 390 km walked

Once we moved into offices in June 2011

Distance to work (via nursery) and back home, bearing in mind this was only for 3 days week until May when we moved to offices: 6km 

Days between 1 June and 31 December 2011: 213 days

Subtract 30 weekends and 30 days not worked (90 days): 123 days

Subtract about 6 Bank holidays: 117 days

End result for 1 June to 31 December 2011 = 702 km walked

(A very rough) total for 2010 and 2011 = 1,925 km walked!

That, my friends, is how I lost my baby weight!

A x

Note: This is just for a bit of fun and is a rough estimate and just for my curiousity as to how far I have pushed my daughter around this beautiful town in her Bugaboo Bee.  This figures are as near to accurate as I can get them!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Reason to Celebrate!

I have just finished my first book of 2012!!! Hoorah!!!

'Aleph', written by the world renowned author Paulo Coehlo, is also the first book that I've completed since I went on maternity leave in March 2010! Double Hoorah!!!!

I won't write a review on this particular title as I don't think I can. I take something very personal from each of the books that I've read of his over the years and I don't feel that I want to share it, to be honest.

One thing I will say though is that whenever I have read one of Paulo's books, they have always fitted perfectly into my life situation at the time, giving clarity to what was taking place or opening my thoughts to a new way of seeing the world.

I think that there are quite a few others that would say the same thing. I'm sure there are many that would think I was nuts and talking utter rubbish and that are quite happy that I am keeping my views quiet.

Anyway, how exactly will I be celebrating this momentous occasion you may ask? I have a cup of raspberry and echinacea tea by my side whilst sitting next to my husband on the couch with my Kindle on my lap. I am shortly about to embark on another literary journey, this time into the world of 'Water for Elephants'.


A x

Isabella's Chair. A Thelbridge Curtains, Blinds and Chairs Creation

Heather Smith is the founder and creative genius behind London based Thelbridge Curtains, Blinds and Chairs.   She realised that not only did the blinds and curtains that she was creating for family members and own home look fabulous and very professionally sewn but that she enjoyed making them too!  What started out as a hobby has become a successful small business that is run alongside Heather's full time career.

Chairs are the latest addition to the Thelbridge family.  I happened to see a photo of one of her first creations and I simply had to have one for my daughter, Isabella.  I contacted Heather straightway to see how I could get my hands on one!   They are perfect for watching telly (snuggled up in a blanket), reading a book, leaving at Grandparents, popping in the boot to take to a friend, having at your holiday home ... I could go on for a while here people!

Our lounge is very bright with greens, reds, oranges and a Mexican blanket and Heather had the perfect fabric in her collection and so that is how we came to have this gorgeous 'Bella chair' living in our family room.

The chairs are suitable from birth to roughly age 4 or 5.  Slighter larger chairs can be made on request.  Although adult chairs aren't available just yet, they are incredibly strong and can hold my husband while my daughter sits on his lap.  It apparently makes a fantastic PS3 chair?!

A few questions and answers about the fabulous Thelbridge Chairs

How can I get my hands on one?!
Contact Heather through her Facebook page at Thelbridge Curtains, Blinds and Chairs.  They are made to order so should take no longer than six weeks to make, possibly less time than that dependant on the volume of work at the time that you placed your order .  With that said, they are extremely well worth the wait!

How much do they cost?*
£45 for a chair without fabric supplied.  £55 for a chair made with the fabric that Heather has in stock or can source for you.  

How much is postage?**
Roughly £5 within the U.K. posted by Royal Mail but Heather will confirm this with you when you place your order.

What fabric is available?
Heather will be able to email you with samples of the fabric that she has in stock if she doesn't have them up on her Facebook site.

I have my own fabric.  How much is needed?
Roughly 2 metres of upholstery 'weight' fabric.  You would need to post this to Heather or speak to her to arrange any other suitable arrangements.

How can I wash my chair?
In the washing machine!  Hoorah!!!  Simply empty the foam balls into a black bag, put the chair cover in the machine on a 40 degree wash, turn on the machine at the correct cycle for the fabric, press start.  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

I've included a video of my daughter from when she received her chair.  I think you can safely say that she is one very happy and satisfied customer, and I am very sure you will be too!

A x

*Prices correct at time of post publication and may be subject to change.  

**Prices correct at time of post publication and will be dependant on number of chairs ordered and where they are delivered to.

Smiley, Happy, Creative, Fabulous People!

I am extremely fortunate to have the pleasure of knowing a number of extremely talented and creative individuals and will be blogging about them all in turn over the next few days, weeks and months to share their many talents with you.

So often we ignore local talent but I feel strongly about giving credit where it's due and acknowledging these gifted souls and showcasing their various lines of work and creative abilities.

Have a fabulous Saturday!


Thursday, 12 January 2012

My apologies...

For those of you who follow my blog or read it from time to time, you may (possibly) have noticed that the colour scheme keeps changing.

Well, I think this is a mood and weather thing, and at the moment I am 'feeling' pink and green with a touch of floral.  It makes me happy.  Need I say more? :)

A x

The World's First Power Folding Pram

For those of you who know me, I love my Bugaboo Bee.  It's light weight, compact and looks great too.  Well, I think it looks fabulous.  I wouldn't mind getting a canopy made with the South African flag and Proudly South African design logo on it.  

I came across a tweet earlier that lead me to the this article:-

Hands on With the World’s First Power Folding Stroller

I walk close to 30km a week to and from work, to and from town, pushing my daughter in her buggy and I would have loved to have had lights and an odometer on my buggy.  I have thought about it many times infact!  It would be really interesting to see how fast I walk when I am in a rush to get Bella to nursery in time for her breakfast or how slow I trudge up a few of the hills.

I'm pretty happy with the ease of folding of my Bugaboo Bee so the folding mechanism on the Origami, whilst it would be handy, wouldn't be a huge selling point for me.   Have a look at the 4Moms website to see the other innovative items that they produced. 

I researched my buggy very well against the other market leaders in the UK at the time (mid/late 2009) and it still ticked all my boxes. 

1.  It fitted into the boot of the car that we had at the time (Ford Fiesta 3 door).

2.  It is lightweight (under 10kgs).

3.  Very easy to fold and put up again.

4.  Handle bar that can be pulled out to a decent height so that both mom and dad can push the pram with comfort and no back pain.

5.  Sturdy wheels that don't get punctures or need pumping up.

6.  Suspension to keep baby comfortable and happy across the ever so bumpy St Albans pavements and paths.  My daughter used to sleep soundly for a good hour or two as a baby and still loves her buggy naps.

7.  Easy to clean as most fabric bits can be machine washed.

8.  Very handy coffee cup holder as an extra.

9.  Good under pram storage.

10.  Fantastic to fly with as you can store the hood in your luggage, remove the seat and take as carry on, and put the frame into the hold.  The front wheels also go into my luggage so that they don't get damaged.  Very, very easy to put back together again.  Well, I found it easy after an 11 hour flight to South Africa on my own with a 8 month old baby.

After reading all of my nonsense, I think I've fallen in love with my Bee all over again!

A x

Quick! Hide the fruit and veg!

While some parents struggle to get their children to eat fruits and vegetables, I have the complete opposite problem.

I once made the rookie mistake of letting Isabella hold a packet of clementines while we were shopping. I knew I could smell oranges but I wasn't sure where it was coming from? I turned around to see Bella trying to eat one right through the net packaging! She had managed to nibbled through the outer flesh of the fruit through the netting and was sucking on the juicy inside.

I now have to buy things without her looking and sneak them into the fridge as soon as we get home. Pure craziness I tell you. With a mom like me though, I guess that's enough to drive anyone slightly loopy!

A x

Help me decide on which dress to pick!!!

Either full black or black and white. It's for a black tie event in London next Friday night.

A xx

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