Monday, 18 February 2013

The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Toddler Truth...

My nearly three year old daughter is developing the most wonderful kind and caring nature.  She also has a strong sense of what is right and wrong and has developed the beautiful, although sometimes slightly embarrassing, trait of just saying how it is.

I sometimes wish I could get away with half the things that she says but the need to not tread on toes or get people's backs up is always at the forefront of my mind.  I can spend hours listening to her too because most of the things that she says actually makes so much sense.

I've written down a few of the gems that my daughter has come up with, both so that I never forget them an so that I can share her completely honest and innocent views and put a smile on a few more faces.

Little one's views on my driving...

"Phew! We made it".  

This said after I parked the car outside of her nursery before drop off.  I drive ridiculously carefully with her in the car so I think that this little seed may have been planted by my husband, but nevertheless, I drive even slower!

Little one's views on Mommy and Daddy working...

"Mommy, I miss you" and "Daddy, I miss you".

Said first thing in the morning just after she had climbed out of bed.  She didn't even say good morning to either of us but the smile and huge hug that she gave us when she said it in turn to myself and my husband made my heart smile and sink at the same time.  We are working to provide her with a wonderful life so when we aren't working, it need to make every single family moment as magical and memorable as possible.

Little one's views on surprises...

"Daddy, Mommy bought you chocolates".

Well, there you go honey! Happy Valentine's Day!

Little one's negotiating skills at bedtime...

"Okay, lie with me for just a little bit".

Fair enough.  It's a good middle ground.

Little one's views on whether she should do a task...

"Nooooooo way!" at the extreme or "Yes, please!" if it is agreeable.

Seriously?  You are nearly three, not thirteen, darling.

Little one's reasoning as to why I should sleep in her bed at night...

"Mommy, you are feeling poorly.  You need to come sleep in my bed".

Thanks sweetie, but the last time Mommy checked she was feeling 100%!

Little one on what her Grandfather in South Africa is called...

"No Mommy, it's not Grandpa, that is Oupa!".

About the only Afrikaans word that she knows, but at least it keeps her in touch with her South African roots.

The sheer honesty of it all is so incredibly beautiful and humbling; the fact that a two year old can make you see the world in such a wonderful and untainted way, as it should be.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Snow, colds and Olbas Oil

So, it seems that we are in for yet another bout of snow.  Joy!  Snow days, children at home because of school closures, disruptions to your daily work routine and people in two minds as to whether it's a winter wonderland or a woeful waste of time (how can you tell that I'm self-employed, hey?!).

The horrendous cold and flu bug seems to also have made a comeback.  It leaves you feeling completely drained, ridiculously miserable, exhausted and full of cold.  Generally, rubbish really.  

I'm not a big one for dosing myself up to the eyeballs with cold and flu meds so, when I need to, I do my best to use natural alternatives that help relieve the nasty symptoms.  

Olbas have a fabulous range of products that I've added to my household 'winter cold survival pack'.  I think that most people know of or have heard of Olbas oil; the one that you buy in the little 10ml bottle.  It's brilliant for putting on a tissue next to your pillow when you sleep, breathing in the vapours.  You can also add it to hot water and breath in the soothing vapours.  For muscular aches, you can rub in a small amount to the affected area and massage it up to 3 times a day.   

Olbas also produce an oil that is specifically designed to be used for children.  It contains the same ingredients as the adult version but in smaller quantities, perfect for little people.  You can use it in most of the same ways as the adult strength version but is not to be applied directly to your child's delicate skin.  

Olbas vapour release tissues in a nifty pack of 9 for your handbag/man bag/nappy bag/school bag are also delightful.  Breathing in the crushed vapours has a very soothing effect (obviously done before or after blowing your nose, not whilst attempting to blow it...dah!).  

However, note to the ladies... 

DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT use these in the place of loo paper if you run out.  If you do, it's at your own peril.  Your lady bits may thank me in advance for this warning...

I've grown particularly fond of Olbas Bath Oil and have used it a number of times when I've felt rundown or had really bad sinus pain and congestion.  1/2 a cap of the oil poured under running water is all it takes.  Simply lie back, relax and feel the aches and pains ease away.  My nasal passages feel like they are thanking me once I'm out of the bath, snuggled warm into my PJ's.  I feel relaxed and not half bad either which is what a working mom needs at the end of a usually busy day.  This is safe to use with children over the age of 3 so if your little one is sick at the same time as you, you can enjoy a (relaxing) Olbas Bath oil bath together.

Honey and Lemon menthol lozenges with real honey and Vitamin C help to keep you breathing a bit easier.  I felt that they also soothed my slightly dry and itchy throat.

So, what is the difference between a cold and the flu (not to forget the highly contagious and nasty man flu), I hear you ask?

Having had swine flu when I was pregnant I can now, without a shadow of a doubt, tell the difference between the two.

A cold will come on slowly and last for only a few days.  You will have a runny nose, sore throat and generally feel a bit under the weather.

Flu acts fast and last longer.  Fabulous!  It leaves you with aching limbs, completely exhausted and lacking the will to get out bed and with a temperature.  As I am not a man, I can't really comment on man flu.  I think that from the sounds of it, it could possibly be worse than child birth?!

Pregnant woman have the choice of having a flu vaccine in their 3rd trimester and for more information on this you can visit the NHS Patient Choices website.

As a parent or carer, it is important to also trust your instincts when your little one is poorly.   You know what your child looks and acts like when they are well so you will also know when they are not feeling great.

Most people will automatically phone their local Doctor's surgery at the first sign of illness forgetting that they can also speak to their local Pharmacists, explaining symptoms to them over the counter and getting advice and assistance that way.

Rest is of course extremely important to help your child recover, so even if they don’t sleep, try and keep them quite and rested so that their little bodies can try and recover.

Sleep expert and paediatric nurse Kathleen McGrath gives a number of valuable tips and wonderful advice on sleep in children in the video below.

For those of you who have coughs, sore throats, colds and are feeling generally miserable, I hope you feel much better soon and I'm sure that the Olbas products will help 


Note: The Blogger was presented with the samples completely free of charge.  All views are completely the Blogger's own and unbiased.
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