Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My positives always outweigh my negatives

A rather rushed morning has landed on rather a high, I'd say!

Let's weigh it all up, shall we!

Negative: not washing my hair this morning before work.
Positive: it was ridiculously rainy and windy on my walk to work so it would have been a wasted exercise.

Negative: had to push Bella one handed in her Bugaboo while holding my black brollie in the other.
Positive: arm muscles are definitely much stronger.

Negative: brollie blew inside out and has a broken bit.
Positive: I can buy a colourful one now!

Negative: having the rest of Bella's milk spilled on my coat.
Positive: no work on Friday so no need for this particular one as will be living it up at the Royal Albert Hall and then staying at The Dorchester!

Negative: walking the rest of the way from nursery to work with no brollie.
Positive: receiving a fabulous and very important email that made my day, possibly my week and 2012!!

Always look on the bright side of life! :)

A x

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