Sunday, 29 January 2012

Cause and effect, and then repeat

My daughter knows the basics of cause and effect, action and reaction, etc.  She is slowly learning not to do the same thing twice and if it isn't something that will bring her harm, she does it very carefully and with much greater caution that her first attempt.

Bella was sitting on the couch with my husband who had his legs stretched out on the couch with the cat lying on top of him.  Isabella stood up and decided to walk from the head of the two seater couch to the other end where my husband's feet were resting and subsequently close to where Snickers's head (and claws and paws) were positioned.

I'm not sure of what actually happened next but all I know is that Snickers swiped at Bella's foot and her claw clipped on Isabella's heel.  I'm pretty sure what did actually happen was that Bella stuck her foot directly in Snickers's face!

Bella was obviously slightly shocked and upset but she knows that if she disturbs Snickers while she is sleeping, she gets upset.  Not even a few minutes after this all took place, Isabella looked at me and then looked directly at the cat and with utter determination and full knowledge of what she was about to do, she lifted her leg, pushing her foot heel first and with a slow hit firm action aimed it towards the cat's face!  Lucky for kitty, Bella withdrew her leg when she realised that this wasn't the smartest of moves.

I'm not sure if this was an act of defiance, courage or pure curiosity, but I will never forget the look of utter determination and calculation on my daughter's face.  Where did my baby go?!


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  1. Bless her she sounds like she is learning teenage traits already!! x


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