About Me

I'm a mum to one, wife to a very outgoing, crazy, outdoor loving, triathlete type (2 times Ironman) husband , and have a very loopy yet affectionate cat called Snickers.  I'm also South African Expat living in the UK. 

I had full intentions of returning to my job in London after my maternity leave ended in December 2010 but the universe had other plans for me.  I am now self-employed thanks to a very good friend who made the courageous and daring decision to ask me to come on board as her business Parter in a new Marketing venture.  I haven't looked back!

The joy of my current career is that I live and work close to home and can walk to my daughter's nursery and work all within 30 minutes.  This gives me time with my daughter as well as time to listen to my extremely varied music selection on my iPod but also to ponder the meaning of life (boring!) and think of interesting topics and things to blog about.  I also catch myself creating characters and plots for the book that I will write one day, so I often stop and write these down or make notes on my phone in a rather desperate state in fear of forgetting the amazing creative mind burp that has just taken place!

Why Blog?
I dream of writing a book, along with the rest of the world of course!  Blogging is my way of developing my writing skills and creativeness.  It is like therapy to me.  I've always loved to read, spending hours in libraries and book stores, and getting stuck into a fabulous novel.

There is something so unique and intoxicating about the smell of a new book, how the pages are so crisp that the book almost creaks in your hands as you open it for the first time.  It entices you in and then inevitably swallows you whole until you have come to it's final page.  Even though I now own a Kindle I will still visit bookstores and buy paperbacks or hardbacks written by my favourite authors that I want to display proudly on my bookshelves.I love my family, adore reading, have a very strong appreciation of wine and food as my early career was in catering and hospitality, and I also like to research ideas and new gadgets that I find interesting and that I think would be useful for others to know about and be aware of.I also love my home country of South Africa, going on beach holidays and having fabulous lunches with beautiful friends, accompanied by amazing food and delicious wine.   Lunch can be substituted for breakfast or dinner and wine for coffee or Appletizer!
If you find my views, ideas and writing style interesting and worthy of your brand or product and would like me do a review for you, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I promise to give the consumer an unbiased view of what I had tested, tasted, smelled or visited, whatever the case may be.   



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