Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The difference a child makes to your life, heart and home

A few of you may think that I'm about to go straight into waxing lyrical about my daughter and what she has brought into our lives.  I think it goes without saying that each child is precious and individual and that they touch your lives in such a unique way and that all the words in the world could never truly express this.

Yes, I do get a bit soppy at the end of this post but the real aim of this was to see what a change Isabella has actually made to our home in the physical sense of the word.  It must have been extremely dull and boring before she arrived in April 2010.

Here is a small peak into what our home is like now.

1.  Our Bathroom

Pre-baby our black and white tiled floor bathroom with other basic white goods was very simple.  Now it is colourful with baby bath toys, bath products, etc.

2.  Our bedroom

Our room is a subtle green.  Extremely peaceful with black brown furniture and a gorgeous Feather and Black Oliver bed which I adore.

We currently having a pop up house full of ELC pink and blue ball pool balls in our bedroom that moves from room to room.

Next to my red nail polish is pink kiddie nail polish that peels off when it is dry.  Isabella loves having her nails painted and getting her hair blow dried.  She can actually do it herself.  I don't encourage it but she enjoys being pampered and   she wants to do the same things that mommy does.  One thing we won't be doing anytime soon is applying make-up.  Kids still need to be kids and not turned into little living dolls!

I'm reliving my childhood as my daughter is playing with the toys I had as a baby, like my Fisher Price horse.   It still makes the sound when you move
the reigns!

3.  Family shoe box

The shoe basket now has big shoes and teeny tine shoes.   When Isabella takes her shoes off she pops them straight into the basket.  

Nursery has taught her so much and being neat and tidy is just one of them!

4.  My hand bag

This used to hold my keys, make up, pens, make-up bag and other things that woman just seem to gather.  It now also holds a constant supply of wet wipes, various snacks and random bits and bobs.  For example, I found Isabella's toothbrush at the bottom of my bag about 2 weeks ago and have also found building blocks.

I like to think that she puts these in there especially for me so that she knows I think about her all day long, which goes without saying.

5.  Entrance hall

This used to be the place where my husband left his various bikes.  Isabella's Bugaboo Bee buggy has taken their spot!

6.  Kitchen

Another 'fun zone' for Bella.  You have no idea how much fun and delight a toddler can get from playing in the cat's water bowl.  I'm not too sure how Snickers feels about this but it keeps Isabella happy, especially in winter when it's freezing cold outside and you have to do your best to be imaginative to find things to keep little minds active and have it be fun, interesting and include a few educational bits at the same time.

Not sure what water splashing teaches though?!?

We have toddler snacks, toddler yoghurt, toddler spoons, a plastic box for toddler plates, cups and bowls so that when she is hungry she can go and grab what she needs and bring it to me and ask for it.  It's also great because it's perfect for when she helps me unpack the dishwasher.  Fantastic fun and she loves it!

Our fridge is now home to various family photos and also to Isabella's artwork that she brings home from her nursery, which she adores.

7.  Lounge

This is now a room for toys which even comes with Isabella's own couch, complements of Thelbridge Curtains, Blinds and Chairs.  Lucky for us, Isabella is a neat and tidy child and likes to pack away after she has finished playing for the day.  She also has her own toddler broom that she uses to sweep the floor when I (occasionally) clean the house!

8.  Car

We had to upgrade to an Estate which now has a car seat in it and raisins that never seem to stop coming from somewhere?

9.  Spare bedroom

This is now Isabella's bedroom.  This is the sign I made her for her 1st birthday which I will of course change in 2 months time when she turns 2 years old!

I can't believe how much Isabella has changed our lives, and only for the better.  I can't imagine not having a toothbrush in my bag, or raisins randomly strewn across the house.

How something so small can bring you feel so much joy still amazes me every day.  The love I have for this tiny creature is beyond words and I can happily sit on the couch just gazing at her as she babbles away to her dolls, plays with her other toys and then looks up at me and smiles, and then goes back to doing what she was doing.  It makes me heart melt and there have been many occasions when I need to stop myself from crying (I blame it on becoming over emotional after having a baby!!!).

I put her to bed at night after singing her nursery rhymes as I cradle her in my arms and her eyes grow heavier as she slowly nods off to sleep.  I know she won't remember these moments when she is older but I will treasure them forever.  I simply can't wait for her to wake up in the morning so it can all start over again.

So honoured and blessed to be Isabella Joyce's mommy.



  1. well written and love the pictures Al .... eventually over the years you forget all these little things, so it is so lovely that you are writing everything down.

  2. What a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it and seeing the pictures! x


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