Friday, 6 January 2012


We have a gorgeous cat.  Snickers is a British Blue x Bengal.  She wouldn't hurt a fly.  We also have quite a few cats in the neighbourhood that want to hurt my poor, harmless Snickers.  She comes back home with fur missing and a few scrapes although I'm pretty sure that she does defend herself, even if it is just a little bit.

Well, I came home the other day to find poor Snickers trapped in the house whilst 'evil cat' (don't know it's name...don't really care) was sitting on it's haunches outside on the grass, staring at my front door, waiting for the perfect time to pounce on my poor kitty.

What did I do about, you ask?  As any caring mother would do for their young, my first instinct was to defend her!  Bella was safe and snug in her Bugaboo Bee so I opened the front door and grabbed the nearest thing I could find, which just happened to be a black umbrella.

By this time my heart was starting to race.  I wasn't going to injure the cat, of course not!  I just wanted to chase it and scare it as the hissing that I did on previous occasions had no effect whatsoever (yes, I am THAT crazy person).

Of course my neighbour would just so happen to be walking back to their front door at the time that I sprinted across the wet and muddy grass (didn't know the extreme mud part at the time!!) with the crazy eye and umbrella, to scare off said 'evil cat'.
It all unfolded in slow motion.  I could feel the squish of the ground underfoot and I can still remember how my legs literally slipped from under me, leaving me sliding along the grass for at least a metre or two, looking like a complete nutter whilst clenching a black brollie with arms whipping about like those stupid blow up people type things they have at races and school events.   I think I even left skid marks in the grass.

I got up with all dignity completely lost, and turned to my neighbour who looked at me with the 'tut, tut' face and told them I was trying to 'get the cat'.  That probably didn't go down too well.

'Karma' was the first thing that came to mind after that.  If you are going to act in a way that is wrong or unacceptable, the universe will punish you in some way or form.  I don't think 'evil cat' will be back for a while yet at the same time, I think I will be more tolerant of small creatures and let my cat fight her own fights!!!

A x

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