Thursday, 12 January 2012

The World's First Power Folding Pram

For those of you who know me, I love my Bugaboo Bee.  It's light weight, compact and looks great too.  Well, I think it looks fabulous.  I wouldn't mind getting a canopy made with the South African flag and Proudly South African design logo on it.  

I came across a tweet earlier that lead me to the this article:-

Hands on With the World’s First Power Folding Stroller

I walk close to 30km a week to and from work, to and from town, pushing my daughter in her buggy and I would have loved to have had lights and an odometer on my buggy.  I have thought about it many times infact!  It would be really interesting to see how fast I walk when I am in a rush to get Bella to nursery in time for her breakfast or how slow I trudge up a few of the hills.

I'm pretty happy with the ease of folding of my Bugaboo Bee so the folding mechanism on the Origami, whilst it would be handy, wouldn't be a huge selling point for me.   Have a look at the 4Moms website to see the other innovative items that they produced. 

I researched my buggy very well against the other market leaders in the UK at the time (mid/late 2009) and it still ticked all my boxes. 

1.  It fitted into the boot of the car that we had at the time (Ford Fiesta 3 door).

2.  It is lightweight (under 10kgs).

3.  Very easy to fold and put up again.

4.  Handle bar that can be pulled out to a decent height so that both mom and dad can push the pram with comfort and no back pain.

5.  Sturdy wheels that don't get punctures or need pumping up.

6.  Suspension to keep baby comfortable and happy across the ever so bumpy St Albans pavements and paths.  My daughter used to sleep soundly for a good hour or two as a baby and still loves her buggy naps.

7.  Easy to clean as most fabric bits can be machine washed.

8.  Very handy coffee cup holder as an extra.

9.  Good under pram storage.

10.  Fantastic to fly with as you can store the hood in your luggage, remove the seat and take as carry on, and put the frame into the hold.  The front wheels also go into my luggage so that they don't get damaged.  Very, very easy to put back together again.  Well, I found it easy after an 11 hour flight to South Africa on my own with a 8 month old baby.

After reading all of my nonsense, I think I've fallen in love with my Bee all over again!

A x


  1. In the UK at least people really make use of their prams, like you walk so many kms every day pushing that pram.

  2. I think it's the ease and safety of it here, especially in our area!


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