Sunday, 29 January 2012

Indecisiveness...what would you do?

For my 30th birthday I was given a very generous gift card for Champneys.  Any other sane person would look at the little golden book of fabulous treatments that Champneys includes with the gift cards, pick something and book in to be pampered.   Well, not me!

Let me attempt to explain a bit of my logic behind not treating myself to a much needed (deserved?!) full body massage just yet.

  1. I don't usually take the time to treat myself to things like this.  I get the basics done (mani, pedi and other bits) but nothing more indulgent than that.
  2. There are 9 treatments that would fit the bill.  I'm torn between Mediterranean Bliss and a stock standard full body massage. 
  3. I have read this booklet front to back on a number of occasions and each treatment sounds more dreamy than the other.  I can actually imagine how relaxed and zen like I will be after my special pamper session.  The more I read them the harder it is to choose!
  4. If I actually book in a session and have the treatment, then it's over.  Is this what it is like for men when they talk about the thrill of the chase?!
Here is a link to the treatment guide that Champneys have on their website which is very similar to the one that I have.  Go have a look and then, just for a bit of fun, use the voting bar on the main section of my blog to tell me which massage YOU would pick out of the 9 that I can't decide on!  

I want to book this by the end of the week and have the treatment on a Sunday afternoon so that I can get my week off to a beautiful, relaxed start.  I'm thinking late Feb or early March when I have free time.

Happy voting and apologies if I've left you in the same predicament as me! :)


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