Saturday, 14 January 2012

Isabella's Chair. A Thelbridge Curtains, Blinds and Chairs Creation

Heather Smith is the founder and creative genius behind London based Thelbridge Curtains, Blinds and Chairs.   She realised that not only did the blinds and curtains that she was creating for family members and own home look fabulous and very professionally sewn but that she enjoyed making them too!  What started out as a hobby has become a successful small business that is run alongside Heather's full time career.

Chairs are the latest addition to the Thelbridge family.  I happened to see a photo of one of her first creations and I simply had to have one for my daughter, Isabella.  I contacted Heather straightway to see how I could get my hands on one!   They are perfect for watching telly (snuggled up in a blanket), reading a book, leaving at Grandparents, popping in the boot to take to a friend, having at your holiday home ... I could go on for a while here people!

Our lounge is very bright with greens, reds, oranges and a Mexican blanket and Heather had the perfect fabric in her collection and so that is how we came to have this gorgeous 'Bella chair' living in our family room.

The chairs are suitable from birth to roughly age 4 or 5.  Slighter larger chairs can be made on request.  Although adult chairs aren't available just yet, they are incredibly strong and can hold my husband while my daughter sits on his lap.  It apparently makes a fantastic PS3 chair?!

A few questions and answers about the fabulous Thelbridge Chairs

How can I get my hands on one?!
Contact Heather through her Facebook page at Thelbridge Curtains, Blinds and Chairs.  They are made to order so should take no longer than six weeks to make, possibly less time than that dependant on the volume of work at the time that you placed your order .  With that said, they are extremely well worth the wait!

How much do they cost?*
£45 for a chair without fabric supplied.  £55 for a chair made with the fabric that Heather has in stock or can source for you.  

How much is postage?**
Roughly £5 within the U.K. posted by Royal Mail but Heather will confirm this with you when you place your order.

What fabric is available?
Heather will be able to email you with samples of the fabric that she has in stock if she doesn't have them up on her Facebook site.

I have my own fabric.  How much is needed?
Roughly 2 metres of upholstery 'weight' fabric.  You would need to post this to Heather or speak to her to arrange any other suitable arrangements.

How can I wash my chair?
In the washing machine!  Hoorah!!!  Simply empty the foam balls into a black bag, put the chair cover in the machine on a 40 degree wash, turn on the machine at the correct cycle for the fabric, press start.  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

I've included a video of my daughter from when she received her chair.  I think you can safely say that she is one very happy and satisfied customer, and I am very sure you will be too!

A x

*Prices correct at time of post publication and may be subject to change.  

**Prices correct at time of post publication and will be dependant on number of chairs ordered and where they are delivered to.

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