Saturday, 7 January 2012

Making time for me (aka mommy)

I used to work in London until March 2010 when I went on maternity leave.  During my commute to and from work, and sometimes even during my lunch breaks, I would read.  I would read one or two books in a single week on a regular basis.

Since then I have struggled to even get a quarter of the way through any book that I've opened.  I can't even attribute this to lack of time or sleep.  It's more a case of not actually making the time for myself and this has become a very bad habit.  No more I say, no more!!!

Reading relaxes me and transports me to wherever the books is based.  I become one with the characters and almost end up feeling attached to them.  It's a beautiful sense of freedom and walking into a bookstore and browsing for an hour or so is still one of my favourite things to do.  The smell and touch of a new book is something very special to this world.

As part of my bucket list for 2012 I have made a list of 11 paperbacks that I want to read this year.  These are made up of classics, some very modern writers, South African authors and one biography.

Please excuse my round, squidgy and slanted writing.  I type more now that I write.  I am sure that someone would just love to analyse it and I'd be very interested in what they have to say.

As my husband bought me a Kindle, I thought it only fair that I read one Kindle book and then alternate with a paperback.  I'll either keep the paperbacks when I am done or give them to a friend or charity shop.

A x

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