Wednesday, 25 January 2012

This duathlon lark doesn't sound so bad!

Being the wife of a 2 x Ironman (Frankfurt 2009 and Lanzarote 2011 with the tattoo and medals to prove it), I have a good idea of how time consuming, mentally and physically taxing, completely competitive yet exhilarating, amazing and life changing this experience can be.  Travelling to different locations around Europe doesn't hurt either.

Before you ask how my training is going I'd like to stop you right in your tracks!  Here are a few things you should know about me...

1.  I love watching triathlons and supporting my husband.  Yes, he does triathlons because he loves them but there are times when you need the support during and at the end of the race, and I'm very happy to carry his kit and scream and shout to drive him on to swim, bike and run as fast as humanly possible!  In fact, I get quite competitive about shouting as loud as I can and being at the front of the crowd so he can see me!

2.  I'm not very good at early morning starts (except for leaving for holidays and the odd tri event), extreme cold, swimming in open water, and running or biking long distance.

3.  I don't really feel the need to do a triathlon!

However, all that said, I think I would like to do *drum roll please* a duathlon!

So, as you do, I googled 'duathlon training' and came across this fabulous article on the Duathlon247 website.   I looked at the programme and for the first time I realised that I actually would like to attempt something out of my comfort zone, and that this actually looked like an event that I would be able to do and enjoy at the same time.  Hoorah!

I ran in the mornings before I fell pregnant with my daughter in 2009 but never got back into it as I had SPD and sciatica so waited for a few months after she was born in 2010 before attempting to run again, but I never did.  Useless I tell you, useless!

So I clearly have the running kit but am lacking in the bike department.  I will use my husband's mountain bike to train on until I buy a bike of my own.  

I know absolutely nothing about which type of bike I should buy.  Mountain bike or road bike?!  I'm sure my husband will point me in the right direction and I'm pretty sure I know which way that will be! --->. (Felt).  He has had a few Felt road and TT bikes over the years.   They just suddenly seem to appear from nowhere!?!  I am sure that there are many tri WAG's out there that will know what I mean.

Of course this will mean that I will now have to get up at 5.30/6.00 am to go for runs and bikes before work but with the days getting warmer and longer I actually can't wait!   Now all that is left is to enter a race!  This will push me harder with my training and give me an actual goal to work towards.

Watch this space!

A x

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