Saturday, 17 March 2012

Stealing Precious Moments

My husband is away on a boys weekend, competing in a 150km cycle race in the Hague, so after I had taken advantage of this by dominating 'his' couch last night and watching a girly movie with Snickers on my lap, I went to check on Isabella before I hopped off to bed.

Armed with my heart shaped water bottle to keep my feet toasty as I had no hubby to warm them up on, I placed it under the duvet at the lower part of my bed so that I wouldn't be greeted by cold sheets.  I tip-toed to Isabella's room using my iPhone to light my way and made the fatal mistake of opening her bedroom door just as I heard her stirring yet I decided not to turn around and went in to make sure that she was snuggly tucked in.  

I was met with open arms and a smiling toddler so, as it was very late, I picked Isabella up and popped her into bed with me.  This was the first time in months that she simply put her head down and went to sleep in our bed.  On most other occasions that we have put her in our bed when she was crying or wouldn't go into her cot she thought that coming to our bed was a game, so I am very grateful that she did in fact decide to sleep this time!

I was gently woken up this morning by hugs, kisses and cuddles and soft whispers of "Mommy".  Granted, I was kicked once or twice in the ribs during the night but I can't think of a more perfect way to start the day.


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