Sunday, 4 March 2012

March Monthly Goal

Weekly goals are no more!!!  My teenage like enthusiasm developed into adult rationality as I realised that as much as I like to be optimistic and see the positive in every situation, this was a bit too ambitious even for me.

So, my goal for the month of March is to carry on where I left off with my 3rd Weekly Goal and epic fail of attempting to Spring clean my cupboards.  Hopefully the charity shops will soon reap the benefits of my clean out!

If you would like to take part in my monthly challenge and set yourself a goal, write a post about what you intend on doing and share the link to it in the widget below.  This will then appear under this post and people can click on it to be taken to your blog, so it is a fabulous way of getting extra exposure.  You see, it is a very positive situation people!

Check in on the last Sunday of the month and feel free to keep us all updated as to how you are getting on.  Have a fabulous week and an even better March!


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