Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Discover Babyhuddle

Whilst reading through Chloe's blog at A 20 Something Mum I noticed a new badge on her profile saying 'Babyhuddle Elite Blogger'.  What I found was list maker heaven! 

Babyhuddle is a fabulous website that was started by a husband and wife team to help parents and soon-to-be parents make informed decisions on what to by for their babies and children.  The lists are created by other parents so you can find comfort in the fact that the products have been tried and tested for comfort, durability, ease of use; generally things that parents look for in a product.  Just one example of the fabulous lists that the members have created is 'baby travel essentials'

Join the site and you can make lists of your own as well as ask questions and have them answered by the other very helpful and friendly members of the Babyhuddle family.  The other joy of the site is that you can also buy the items that you see.  Hoorah!

I'll be blogging for Babyhuddle as well as creating all manner of wonderful lists (this makes me very, very happy!), answering and posing baby and family related questions and generally having a fabulous time doing it.   So become a member of the Babyhuddle family, follow my blog and follow me on Twitter so that you are never left out of the loop!


Babyhuddle Elite Blogger


  1. Thanks again for your kind words. We're very luck to have parents like yourself part of the Babyhuddle family.


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