Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lost in translation...

Isabella tried her first kiwi fruit of the year as part of today's afternoon snack.  I love teaching her about new things and as the last time she had a kiwi was about a year ago, I described what it tasted like, how it felt, the colour, etc.

Next, I asked her to say 'kiwi'.  Simple task, yes?  I broke it down into two syllables so I emphasised both bits and this is what the result was:

Mommy: Bella, say kee-wee.

Bella:  Kee-kee.

Mommy: No my baby, say kee-wee.

Bella:  Wee-wee.

By this time I had already started to giggle.

Mommy: Nearly there my baby.  Say kee-wee!

Bella:  Bee-bee?

Mommy:  *no response*

I know that she can say Kiwi as she said it when I bought them.  Is this toddler defiance in play?  Is she deliberately trying to make mommy look silly?  Most likely.  Do I mind?  Not really!  It's the small things like this that make me smile and love my daughter even more than I already do.

A x


  1. This is so cute! I really loved reading that! x

  2. lol! thanks :) She really is such a cutie. Love my daughter so much! x


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