Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day Meme

I've been tagged!  Huh, say what?!  I've never taken part in a Meme before today but I've seen a number of them floating around the blosphere at the moment.

Chloe at A 20 Something Mum tagged me as well as 4 other Mums in her Meme to answer the questions below.  In turn, I will tag 5 other Mums who can then take part in the Meme if they would like to, giving their answers and tagging another 5 Mums in return.

The original Meme was started by Loretta at More Than a Mum who drew her inspiration for this Meme from an article she read this week in the Metro.

I would like to add that there can be no right or wrong answers as everyone has their own views on Motherhood and how to raise their children which we are all so rightly entitled to.

I've listed the questions and my answers below and hope that you enjoy reading them.

Describe Motherhood in 3 Words
Exciting.  Eventful.  Amazing.

Does your experience differ from your Mother's and how?
Well, I would have to say yes.  I live on a completely different continent to my Mother who lives 12 hours away in South Africa.  My Grandmother (my Mom's Mom) was a great help to her and played a large role in the lives of myself and my sister.   My mom didn't necessarily need the help but just having that constant support from her own Mom must have been amazing.  There is not a moment that goes by that I don't miss my Mom and wish that she could experience the magic and beauty of my daughter in real life, and not through a computer screen.

My Mother-in-Law is extremely helpful and supportive but I think that some people may agree with me when I say there is nothing quite like having your own Mom to help you and give you advice when you are raising a child.  I can take it from my mom too.  She is one amazing woman!

What is the hardest thing about being a Mum?
I get scared that I am not stimulating my daughter enough in her daily routine on the days that I am off with her.  I take one day off in the week (that and childcare costs are extortionate!) and then come the weekend I am sometimes quite tired from my week but need to make sure that she is entertained and getting the attention that she needs and deserves.

No, I am not feeling sorry for myself.  I chose to have a child but yes, I do find it tiring and I really take my hat off to Stay at Home Mums who NEVER get time to themselves yet still manage to hold it all together and run a household at the same time.  Very inspirational!

What's the best thing about being a Mum?
Being called "Mommy".  I love it.  I love the hugs.  I adore the kisses and cuddles.  I don't even mind snot being wiped on me (as long as it belongs to my daughter of course!).

I love that this little creature is something that I created with my husband and I can't wait for her to wake up in the morning just so that it can start all over again.

How has it changed you?
Well, a typical Friday night for us now consists of steak, gnocchi and a movie or catch up TV.  Oh, and blogging!  Well, blogging for me and my poor long suffering husband trying to watch TV while I tap away on the keyboard.

I think I'm slightly less uptight than before I had my daughter.  I like to think that I tend to go more with the flow and just try to deal with things and get on with it really.  I don't think it's changed me dramatically but I know that I'm not the same person.  I'd like to say I'm a better person but that may be debatable?

What do you hope for your children?
I hope that when they grow up they can look back on their childhood with only happy memories, like I do.  I had a fabulous childhood and all I want to do is give Isabella the same.  Ultimately I want my children to be a healthy, happy and confident individuals, treating others with respect and kindness.

What do you fear for them?
Heartache and disappointment at the hands of others.  Unfortunately these are all parts of life and can only make a person stronger if you decide to learn and grow from it.  Of course no parent ever wants to see their child hurt and I will be with them every step of the way, watching in the wings, ready to jump out for when they need me the most.

What makes it all worthwhile?
The laughter, the hugs, the kisses and cuddles.  The things that she says and the way that she will just suddenly break into a little song and dance at random.  She makes me think of the famous quote by Mark Twain which I've written down below.

"Dance like nobody's watching; 
love like you've never been hurt. 
Sing like nobody's listening; 
live like it's heaven on earth."

For this Meme I tag the following wonderful and inspiring Mums who's blogs I follow. 

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  1. Thanks for joining in hun! It's a lovely meme isn't it! Can't believe you've not been tagged before-beware I will tag you a lot now! Ha! Lovely answers xx

    1. Lol! I'll keep an eye out then! I really enjoyed doing and yours was so beautiful to read. Loved it! Thanks for thinking of me. A xx

  2. A lovely set of answers. Being a Mum is such a rewarding and challenging role it's lovely to be able to share our thoughts on it all.

    Happy Mother's day!

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, completely agree that it's both rewarding and challenging but that's what makes it so exciting. Love being a mummy to Bella.

      Happy Mother's Day to you too! Ax

  3. Hi Alison. Hope you had a fab Mother's Day. It's hard being away from your mum, isn't it. I miss mine rolling her eyes when I'm being overly-dramatic. It's often the small things... Thanks for tagging me x

    1. I know, it is tough. South African Mother's Day is in a few months time so I will treat my mommy then. Won't forget to take photos for you when I'm in Wales x

  4. Lovely reading your answers sorry I am so late, finally done it :) x


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