Saturday, 14 April 2012

Happy Places Meme

Jenna from Stillettos on the School Run has created a wonderful Meme that makes me, well, happy!  The task that Jenna has set everyone is to think of 5 places that you consider to be "happy places".  It can be anything really, but generally it's a place that you can call your own, where you can simply be yourself for a few moments without disruptions, food to make, noses to wipe, clothes to wash and all other things that come along with being a Mom/Wife/Partner/Other half/Woman in general!
My 5 happy places...

1. Anywhere where my gown is
I love wearing my white towelling gown.  I wear it all year round and have often opened the door wearing my gown and received many a strange look.  I get a look of shock when I quickly flash it open to show that I have actually been showered and dressed for a couple of hours!  It's soft, it's warm, it makes me happy.

2.  The Couch
I should actually say, 'My husband's couch".  It's an incredibly comfy cream fabric 3 seater.  I sit on here and watch TV at night with him or read my book while he rubs my feet.  Very lucky wifey indeed!  During the day I sit here with my daughter and we have cuddles while watching CBeebies. There is always a blanket on the end to snuggle up with.

3.  Anywhere where there is sun
I'm like a cat.  Wait, no, I'm South African!  I love the sun.  Just thinking about the warmth of the sun as it's rays wash over my skin, creating a feeling of utter comfort and relaxation.  I really do miss the sun and have only been on summer holidays since moving to the UK nearly 8 years ago.  
4.  The Body Shop
I could spend hours in my local store.  The manager even knows me by name! I love the smell of the shop and it even feels 'happy'.  I'm a big fan of the body butters, make up, skin care products, shower gels...generally everything in the store.  I was even a Body Shop at Home consultant a few years back!

5.  Anywhere with my Kindle
My husband bought me a Kindle for Christmas and since I've had it I have read 3 books.  That is 3 whole books in 3 months!  Since I had my daughter in April 2010 I have managed to get half way through 2 books.  I'm a definite Kindle convert.

I have tagged 3 people to take part in this Meme and tell us where their "happy places" are.  Once you have done your meme, linking back to Jenna's page at Stillettos on the School Runcome back to this page and copy the post URL into the widget below for all to see!  To get everyone started, I've put a link in to Jenna's original Meme.

The ladies that I have tagged are:

Mum of All Trades @daramc76 

It's all about passing it forward.



  1. by gown do you mean dressing gown? if so im with you, i wear mine 99% of the time, even drive in it lol x

  2. nothing like curling up on the sofa and the warmth of the sun! Good choices! x


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