Monday, 9 April 2012

Kylie the Koala's Weekend Adventures

Wow!  Isabella and Kylie had a wonderful weekend!  On Saturday Isabella's parents took them to breakfast at one of her favourites restaurants.  They had babyccino's and blueberry pancakes covered in bacon and syrup.  Kylie didn't eat the bacon of course because she is vegetarian!

Next they went to the outdoor shop because Isabella's daddy wanted to buy a new backpack and her mommy was looking for a present for Isabella's baby cousin who was turning one years old in June.  They had a very exciting time running around the store while mommy and daddy were shopping, hiding behind sleeping bags and pretending they were camping. It was very tiring work so they eventually decided that it would be a good idea to save some energy for the afternoon and for Easter Sunday, so they sat down on the special children sized chairs and watched the grown ups shop.  The grown ups all looked very bored anyway and had confused looks on their faces while they picked up different items, comparing them to other ones that looked very much the same to the one they were already holding.  Adults are very strange.  Why didn't they just run around and play with everything?  It would be so much more fun!

On Easter Sunday the two girls were very spoilt by the Easter bunny who had left them both delicious chocolate Easter eggs.  Yummy!  They even had Easter eggs all the way from South Africa!  The girls spent the rest of Sunday eating chocolates, relaxing on the couch, playing with Isabella's sticker book and drawing pictures. 

On Easter Monday Isabella's mommy and daddy took her to the shops.  They had a yummy lunch and then mommy and daddy surprised Isabella by taking her to look at and buy a big girl bed!  Isabella was so excited, she didn't know what to do!  She jumped up and down on the new bed and didn't want to get off.  Mommy and daddy said that it would arrive next week and that there would be another surprise then.  So many surprises.  What a very lucky girl!

Kylie and Isabella are now sleeping in their warm beds, dreaming about chocolate bunnies, ponies and Isabella's birthday party next weekend.  Kylie will go back to her home at the nursery tomorrow and she can't wait to tell all her friends what a wonderful weekend adventure she had.


p.s.  Isabella's mommy doesn't usually write like a 6 year old.  She thought it would be different and exciting to write it like this for a change.  It's nice, isn't it.  Yippee!  The end.

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