Friday, 6 April 2012

Meet Kylie, the Koala: 1st Ever Nursery Homework Assignment

The first thing my husband said to me when I jumped in the car on Friday after work, with a rather mischevious look on his face I might add, was "You didn't tell me that we had to look after the Koala for the weekend".

Now, any sane adult would immediately look for the stuffed toy but after a long day at work and in a complete state of shock at what he had just relayed to me I asked him where it was?  It's amazing how my mind automatically jumped to visions of having some small rodent or other creature roaming in my house for the weekend.  I had guinea pigs and hamsters growing up and cleaning up after them was definitely the least fun bit.  Also, it was predominately my mom's job which means that it is now MY job to do. This in itself is a very scary job.  We have a cat.  Cat's need feeding and occasional grooming but otherwise, they do their business outside of the house which has nothing to do with me cleaning up after her, thankfully!

After I quickly snapped back to some state of adult reality and sanity I saw the stuffed Koala sitting snuggly on my daughter's nap.  Big sigh of relief at this time I might add.  I still can't believe that I was looking for a real life creature.   I honestly can't belive that I have admitted this either!

So, for the Easter weekend, we are welcoming Kylie the Koala into our home.  Mommy (and daddy?!) now have to document her adventures in our humble home over the next four days.  Of course my competitive nature is about to overtake itself and I have already planned the layout in the journal, the activities we could do and pictures we will take.  I just can't help myself.  It's all in the name of being fun and creative after all, and yes, I'd like my little creation to look fabulous as all the other parent's at the nursery who are in the Koala group will get to see it too, and it will be forever saved in this wonderful little book and kept in the nursery (I hope!) for years to come.  My daughter will of course have the main role in all of this too so I need to make sure that she looks her best!

Watch this space for the tales and adventures of Kylie the Koala.  (Drum roll please!  Maybe some cymbals?!)


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