Saturday, 21 April 2012

Doing housework with a bit of help from my friend, the Telly...

Just over 2 years ago this would have read slightly differently and been more along the lines of 'Doing the housework and listening to music while dancing around the house like a loon with no distractions and little person to mess it all up again". Something like that.  It may even have been as long as that too as I would have had the pleasure of limitless time.

I never wanted to be the type of parent that plonked little one infront of the big black picture box but unfortunately,when the laundry basket lid no longer shuts and the husband's gym and training kit is about to walk downstairs on its own and the floor looks like it is actually pleading with you to mop it, a Mom has to do what she has to do!

My daughter loves 'Beebies. Now other than the obvious CBeebies channel, my husband and I have yet to actually figure out what programme she is actually referring to.  We thought we had cracked it with Waybuloo but that was short lived.  We are now at the stage where she will do something, watch a programme or adore a character for an extended period of time and then get bored of it...and fast!  Even the morning Weetabix had to be upgraded to a Weetabix and 'crispies' combo and then cranked up a few notches to porridge with fresh berries and honey.  At least mommy gets fed a good breakfast at the same time and doesn't end having hers stolen.

Anyway, I digress!  My daughter is now napping in her big girl bed.  Peppa Pig is the flavour of the month and so she is tucked up in and sleeping on a Peppa Pig duvet and pillow set.  Happiness is!  Truth be told, it's actually a damn nice bed and in an attempt to get her used to it the other day I ended up passing out for a good hour on it.  Slept like a log too I might add.

While my daughter is napping I should actually be doing the housework but since I haven't blogged in what seems like an eternity (a week, yes, an entire week!) and after all this talk about housework, distractions, strange talking ridiculously pink pigs and general procrastination, I began to think about how I am actually managing to get bits and bobs done around the house now while my daughter is awake and slightly older (just turned 2 on 2 April - her crown birthday).  I'm pretty sure that there are quite a few parents out there that do exactly the same as me although it still doesn't stop me from feeling slightly guilty for using my TV as a babysitter.  I've listsed a few of my my daughter's current favourite shows that let me get on with it basically.  Here they are!

1. Peppa Pig
Even as I type the name visions of a strange pink pig talking and other characters from the side of their faces pops to mind.   The theme tune will forever haunt me but the vibrant colours and catchy music seems to have a fantastic calming effect on my daughter.  She snorts at the TV with occasional exclamations of "Peppa!" and then various other ramblings.  This gives me enough time to usually do any left over pots and pans and small things that need washing up from breakfast and (heaven forbid!) the night before.  Da, da, da, daaa, daaa, da, da, da, da, daaaaaa, daaaa!  Peeeeeeppa Pig!

2.  Waybuloo
Now, I really like Waybulo and we even bought 2 DVD's for our daughter for Christmas with roughly 10 episodes across them.  Some parents find the bizarre flying, floating creatures that do yoga and have their own language a bit odd but I find them very calming.  Perfect for after lunch when you need to do a surface clean, pack the dishwasher and then finish with a floor sweep.  Calms little one, calms you, get's mommy into good blogging mode and mood.   We have some quality time on the couch before nap time too.  It's a win/win situation.

3.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Perfect for hanging up/folding washing.  You are moving around anyway so you can get in a little dance and work out with little one at the same time.  Who can resist the 'Hot Dog' dance anyway?  Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog!!!

4.  Charlie and Lola
We bought our little girl a Charlie and Lola DVD for her 2nd birthday and I can safely say that in the 19 days that she has owned it, we have probably played it at least once a day without her getting bored of it.

The theme tune is jolly and pleasant, the characters are adorable and they teach wonderful life skills.  Totally inoffensive and even I quite enjoy watching an episode or 2.  I can usually leave this on when I need to vacuum and do a few things upstairs quickly.

Believe you me, I am not the most domesticated soul in the world.  I work 4 days a week which means I only have 3 days with my daughter which I treasure, so I will try do the majority of the cleaning and housework while my girly is asleep at night.  That said, as long as I have recordings of Peppa Pig and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my Sky+ I may actually have a semi-clean house when we are in on the weekends while spending time with her and having a laugh at silly old mommy too.  


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  1. Bless! Grace is a Beebies fan too although I spend half my housework time running back into the lounge to reassure her I wont be long so it turns out to be more of a work out than house work!


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