Monday, 23 April 2012

A Meme: Ten Things I Tell Myself Every Day

The fabulous Mrs Jones from Keeping up with the Joneses has tagged me in a wonderful Meme entitled 'Ten Things I Tell Myself Every Day'.  It was started by Mum of Three Boys.

I'm a list making person.  I write my thoughts down.  I talk about things and then create a written list. I compile lists in my head as I'm walking along and then I either put them into my phone or write them down (sometimes as I'm walking).  It's sad, I know.  I like to think of it as being efficient and not OCD.  

Anyway, enough rambling.  Here is my wonderful list of the ten things I tell myself every day.

1.  Today is the first day of your life.  Yes, it's sad I know.  Everyday is a fresh start and a new beginning, blah blah blah.  It's something that I've grown to realise.  Each day is a new day and you really are the master of your own destiny.  After you've gagged, please continue reading.

2.  Today I am not going to eat chocolate.  I have a slight addiction to Cadbury's Crunchies.  In South Africa we used to have white chocolate Crunchies.  Oh my word...I have no words for how fabulous these were!  If you remember these, please tweet, Facebook or Google+ this!

3.  Today I am going to achieve everything I set out to do.  I do honestly try my best to do everything that I need to do yet unfortunately there are only 24 hours.  An extra hour in my work day and then after work day would be nice.  Just saying.

4.  Tonight I am going to write an amazing blog post that everyone is going to love and it will go viral and I'll have 1000's of followers by the end of the week.  A girl can dream, can't she?

5.  Today I am going to be more tolerant.  I'm working on it.  I'm a bit too intense for my own good...and breath!  It adds to my quirky yet loveable character.  

6.  Today I am going to learn something new and actually absorb it.  I've actually learnt quite a bit from watching Horrible Histories and funny enough, I remember most of it too!  Everything else that I come across needs to be written in vibrant colours and mind map form for it to sink in.  I can still remember remember learning about the Taureg tribe in Std 4.  I think that is Grade 6?  Basically, I was about 10 years old and I'm now 30.

7.  Today I will be happy with the mommy body that I have.  I carried a child and have the tummy to show for it.  I don't work out so I have no excuse.  I'm 8kgs lighter than when I had my daughter (5'3" and roughly 54kgs) but I also walk nearly everyday and for much longer distances but I enjoy it.  However, I'm not toned.  8kgs lighter and thinner has nothing on 8kgs lighter and firmer/toned.  Something to strive towards.  I don't really see me running along the beach in '10' style any time soon...

8.  Today I am going to smile at everyone I see.  It doesn't take much and I honestly don't do it to annoy people.  It costs nothing, it makes me feel happy.  If I was grinning like a loon and scaring people off then it might be a bad thing, but I like to think that I've made someone's day and they've made mine by smiling back.

9.  Today I am going to brush my daughters hair without having to bribe her/pin her down/chase her around the room.  I've learnt a great deal of patience from this.  You'd be surprised how strong a 2 year old girl actually is.  Lucky for her she has curly hair that can pass as being brushed!

10. Today I am not going to check the countdown timer on my iPhone...again!  We are going to South Africa in December and I get to meet and hold my nephew for the first time.  He will be 18 months old.  Seeing everyone else is a bonus.

So I am now sharing the Meme love and tagging a few other fabulous bloggers.  Please don't feel obliged to take part, but it would be awfully and terribly nice if you did!  If you do though, please carry on with this Meme and share it with other bloggers.



  1. Great list, I agree with so many of the points you've made! love no.4 :)

    1. Thanks hun! Point 4 is my fave. A girl only dream! :)x


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