Friday, 6 April 2012

Kylie the Koala's Good Friday Activities

Kylie and Isabella had a fabulous day today which started with a very relaxing morning catching up on CBeebies.  After that Mommy took the two girls for a walk to the shops to buy goodies for Isabella's party packs for her birthday party next Sunday.  The party games are all organised and all mommy has to do now is decide on what she is making for the adults and kiddies to eat.  Braai if it doesn't rain.  Braai if it does rain!  South African's can even braai in winter (nothing much stops us).

Isabella and Kylie then had a wonderful lunch time nap and when Mommy brought them downstairs she sat them at the kitchen table where she had set up rubber stamps, ink and paper.  They played happily together with the stamps, making beautiful pictures.  All this creativeness made them extremely hungry so they had a small afternoon snack before carrying on with the rest of the activities.  Kylie loved her sugar snap peas and said that they were now her second favourite food after eucalyptus leaves.

Next the two girls made a beautiful Easter bonnet.  They had such fun making this, sticking the flowers and fluffy glittery pom poms and hearts all over the place.   They decided that they would take turns wearing it, so Kylie will wear it tomorrow.

Once they had finished their arts and crafts Isabella took Kylie for a ride around the house on her magic pink caterpillar that her granny in South African bought her when she was born.  What fun they had!

Kylie and Isabella were very tired after such an exciting day so they went to bed early, snuggled up in their warm beds, dreaming of what adventures tomorrow will bring.


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