Friday, 27 April 2012

Essentials for a Newborn

Hoorah and congratulations!  You're pregnant, and in 8 months time you will be holding your little bundle of joy in your arms.  It's the moment you've been waiting for and the excitement is mounting every day at the idea of meeting your little one for the first time.

So after the initial shock and excitement, what now?!  What does a newborn need?  Which way is up?  What clothes do they wear?  Where do they sleep?  What do they eat?  How do I feed the baby?  So many questions that need to be answered and you are probably being told 50 different things by 50 different people, both whom have children and those without.  People without children seem to be the ones with the most ideas and (strongest) opinions oddly enough...

Well, fret no more wonderful and blooming pregnant mommy and ecstatic expectant daddy!  Head straight over to Babyhuddle where you can ask other moms and dads those niggling questions that you just have to get answered but weren't quite sure who to ask.  Take comfort in the knowledge that you are getting honest and truthful answers from people that have tried and tested various products and have gone through the stages that you are yet to reach on this amazing baby adventure.

Users can also create lists of their favourite products ranging from their best and favourite baby carriers right down to their top baby essentials.  These are fantastic when it comes to making an informed decision as to what to buy for your little one.  

Why not make a list of products so that if people want to buy gifts for baby you can simply send them the link to your list and they can purchase the products straight from the website via one of Babyhuddle's affiliated Amazon retailer?  Sheer genius I tell you!

Babyhuddle and All-in-One Mum are currently running a fabulous competition until the end of April 2012 where one lucky person can win up to £30 in Amazon vouchers to spend at Babyhuddle.  I can easily think of at least a dozen things that I'd like to buy for my daughter and I'm sure you can do the same for your little one.  Click here to enter now!


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  1. I wish I'd known about this when I was pregnant. It would've been a huge help. Fingers crossed there'll be a next time :-)

    1. It's a fab site! I use it now, especially for the unknown toddler stage. Hopefully I can use it for a number 2 one day, too! :) x


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