Monday, 2 July 2012

Guest Posts for July: Mummy and Daddy Juggling Acts

You may have seen a number of Tweets from me in June looking for people to guest post on my blog.  

Being a self-employed mum who works long hours 4 days a week, I was intrigued as to how other parents managed to get the work/life balance as equal as possible.  My mind never switches off and it's taken me a while to actually force myself not to work on the weekends.  Stay at home parents also have the same dilemna of making sure they get the balance right, even more so as they spend a far larger part of their day with their little ones.

A wonderful group of ladies (Bloggers and Tweeters alike) responded to my various Tweets and now I look forward to sharing with you their wonderful posts about what it is like to be a full time parents/stay at home parent/working parent and what it means to be a parent in general.  It's a life changing experience but only for the better of course!

You can look forward to reading posts from these wonderful people during the course of July.

Beth at Bethemed Designs @Bethemeddesigns

 at Mushypea, Sprout Et Al @_Mushypea

 at Upsydaisybaby's Blog @Upsydaisybaby
 at Beautiful Clusters of Life... @JanSep7670

If you would like to take part, please email me or get hold of me via Twitter.


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