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Guest Post: Who am I?

Another beautiful guest for July, this time from Beth at Bethemed Designs.  Be sure to follow her on Twitter and like her Facebook page to keep updated on what she is currently creating.

A bit about the author
Beth Murrison is a stay at home mum of 2 very lively toddlers. She recently started a new business, Bethemed Designs, designing and creating bespoke artwork and personalised accessories for kids.  She has her fingers and toes crossed that she can successfully combine her business with being a SAHM.

“Who am I?”

Who am I? Well, I’m many things, wife, daughter, friend. All very straight forward ....then I became a Mum.

I longed to be a Mum and couldn’t have been happier when my daughter Carys arrived and then 14 months later along came Ethan. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much being a Mum dominated. Suddenly it became so difficult to just think of myself and what I wanted. There was always a child to be fed, wanting to play or a nappy to be changed. Now my youngest is 2.5yrs old and is soon to be  embarking on his own journey starting nursery,  we are entering a new era.  I’ve rediscovered  the ability to think about me again.  There are still children to be fed, bottoms and noses to be wiped along with some bizarre and random conversations to be had. Lots of trampolining and imaginary games to be played. What changed? I don’t know but I started question myself about what I wanted to do. Unfortunately I had no idea.  I couldn’t (wouldn’t) go back to investment banking. Missing out on precious time with my little ones wasn’t an option.

One weekend the kids were staying at grandparents to allow me to decorate their rooms.  Little did I know how inspirational this would turn out to be.  I had a fantastic weekend.  Ethan now has his name on his wall with rockets and the moon, aeroplanes in the sky. Carys has her name entwined in flowers with butterflies and bees. 

My husband (ever the practical and wise one) looked from my beaming face to the kids walls and stated the obvious - “that’s what you can do.”

That was in May 2012 and now I have created ‘Bethemed Designs’ or should I say we, as this is a family venture.  The kids help with ideas and sit at the table with me making their own creative master pieces whilst I work on designs. They love to see the designs coming to life on canvas.

I’m currently designing an alphabet canvas which Carys as contributed to and continues to amaze me with her ever expanding knowledge. Not only does she tell me in English what I’m drawing but also in Spanish.  Kids are just little sponges enthusiastically soaking up information. This thirst for knowledge did lead to an eventful dinner one evening.  I’m lucky to have two very good non fussy little eaters.  Well actually I have one non fussy eater and a human disposal unit cunningly disguised as a little boy. How much do boys eat? We were trying something new for dinner and Carys decided to tell me her opinion as she frequently does. “No me gusta” are the words that she picks after trying her food. She’s mumbling with her mouthful, is my first reaction, so she repeats the statement.  Obviously realising that she is smarter than her parents she explains “It’s Spanish (with a roll of the eyes) it means’ I don’t like it’. I never thought I would be so proud of my daughter saying she didn’t like her food.

My main challenge now is time management . I’m sure there are Mums everywhere trying figure out how they can achieve what seems to be the impossible. I’m learning to manage my time more efficiently. I had a rocky start when ‘Bethemed Designs’ started.  I would sit down to paint a product that had been ordered once the  kids were in bed and I’d think oops forgotten to put the washing on or I’ve not done the ironing or sorted the kids have clothes for tomorrow. Thoughts I suspect echoed in most family households. Why is it, as Mums, we feel the need to be in control of everything (or maybe this is just me)? Thankfully I have a very helpful and considerate husband who is a very hands on Dad therefore I do not need to deal with everything. The main question is why it has taken me 3.5 years to realise this?

I certainly haven’t got my time management anywhere near perfect yet but I’m happy that I focus on one thing at a time (my new motto). I have accepted and relish that the morning is my time with my son. Then in the afternoon, when Carys is home from nursery, we are a trio with adventures to be had.  Why not make the most of this time as this was the main instigator behind my decision about my work? These times will not last forever.

Now I’ve realised that I’m not super woman, I can stop stressing and focus 100% on what I am doing at that particular time and enjoy seeing my kids and my business develop. New challenges are opportunities not obstacles. Most importantly we are working as a family unit helping each other out and having fun.

So back to my original question “Who am I?”  Well right now I am a very happy Mum and wife, still a very grateful daughter, a friend that meets for coffee more often and now inspired creator of ‘Bethemed Designs’. I spend enjoyable, fun time, with my family. I am doing something that I love designing and creating  bespoke canvases and name plaques. I’m working on creating personalised bags for kids and many more exciting new ideas.  My brain is officially back to work, it and has emerged from the child cocoon that it has been hibernating in. I can also declare ‘I’m me’. I’ve changed since having my kids but for the better and I am most definitely a new, improved and fulfilled ‘me’.

Twitter: @Bethemeddesigns

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