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Guest Post: Part Time Worker – Full Time Mummy

This wonderful Guest Post was created by the lovely Leanne over at My Little Life of Scrap.  It is a heartwarming blog that I thoroughly enjoy reading.

After a quick gander at her 'about' page I had to do a double take as I could tick off every single one of her roles, character traits and interests (bar photography) as my own.  Great minds clearly think alike and things like that!  It made me want to follow her blog and I'm sure you will too.

Part Time Worker – Full Time Mummy

When we started trying for a baby and even when we found out we were pregnant – the whole concept of returning to work was never discussed. I guess I had always assumed I would return. To be honest, money was a main reason. I don’t think we could get by on one income. Another reason is, and this is a hard one to say, I enjoy my job. I’m good at it. I enjoy the people I work with and (real mummy confession time) I enjoy being me, just me. However I had known that I did not want to return to work full time. I had worked with others in my job who had worked part time, and I felt that actually I wanted to be able to do both. To be a mummy and do my job.

I won’t lie to you. It is hard.
The three days I go to work, are a struggle in the mornings. I have to be organised from the night before (and organised even down to things like planning meals) I have to think ahead. I have to call in favours. I am tired. I have to wake up earlier than both the boys to get myself ready before sorting them out. By the time I get to work I have been up and awake for over 2 hours ( that is not taking into account the occasional 5am start M likes to throw into the mix, to keep me on my toes!) I have to deal with the guilt of dropping my child off at nursery when all he wants is cuddles from me. I have to enforce bedtimes (even though it means I only see M for an hour or so awake) I have to spend my evenings doing washing, packing bags, tidying, cooking and making lists ( as well as fitting in things like seeing the hubby, my hobbies and the occasional glass of wine in front of the TV).

But overall I don’t mind.

It gives me a focus. It gives me something else to talk about. It makes me feel useful (other than cook/cleaner/nappy changer…) It gives me social interaction, that is not centred around my child. It gives me the chance to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee. It gives me a lunch break. It gives me an income. It gives me a bit of self-worth and a knowledge that my brain is still doing something!!

And yes, I would probably Love to be a SAHM.

I would love to spend my days with my boy. Painting, playing, singing songs, watching him grow. I would love to have a tidy house, healthy home cooked meals for all every night, time to sit and be a homebody. I would love my husband to come home from work and dinner be ready (I have a stepford wife wannabe complex!)

But this is my life.

I am making the best of what I have. And what I have and do isn’t that bad.

I’m sure most of us could sit and wile away the days daydreaming of another life. But I have realised something. You have to start being thankful for the one you got.

Being a working mummy does not make me a bad mummy. It makes me, me.

Also I may add……

A day at home with Maxwell, makes me way more tired than a day at work. #fact

And ‘being at home’ does not mean I sit and do nothing – it is not a day’s holiday. It’s just I’m doing my real job. MUM.

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  1. Lovely post! I work three days a week too (although I work two long days so the third is a half day). It is difficult getting up early in the mornings, and also organising everyone else so that they are ready to go but I think that I do benefit from being at work. I enjoy the adult conversation and the break from small children whinging and pulling at me! I do love the time that I spend at home with my children too though, and to be honest if I was given the opportunity I wouldn't be too sad if I had to stay at home!


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