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Guest Post: My Life as a Working Mum

Lovely Guest Post contribution to my July series from Upsydaisybaby's Blog.  Like me, she is relatively new to the blogging scene.  Her writing style is honest and refreshing and is definitely worth a follow (267 other people do!) and a regular read.

A bit about the author
When All in One Mum was looking for some people to guest post for her I jumped at the chance. I have only been blogging a couple of months over at upsydaisybaby. I started my blog as working full time and having an OH who works nights its very difficult to get out and bore my friends with my moans, I have also lost quite a few friends since I had Bubba, so its nice to be part of the blogging community.

My Life as a Working Mum

I am a 24 yr old Mamma to my little boy Bubba who is 13 months old and the reason to many of my headaches!! But we love him anyway. I had to go back to work when Bubba was only 2 months old which was and still is hard to do, but I had to do it.

Before I had Bubba me and OH had split up I was living at my mums and he was back in our flat trying to juggle the bills and he had got in to some money troubles. I stayed living at my mums while I was pregnant to try and pay some of the debt off, which we did. But then going on maternity leave and having to live on £125 a week was a shock and we ended up living off credit cards and getting behind with payments again so it was decided that I had to go back to work.

Today being a Mum is stressful let alone a working mum. I have had to put up with stupid idiotic people I work with and the general public who we all know are in a world of there own. I have had a bad day in the office and for once came home to a baby in a nice mood, but when you have had a bad day at work all you want to do is sit down and relax and have a drink in peace, which when you have a baby is impossible. 

We went for a walk along the canal to feed the ducks as soon as I got home so I could try and chill out, which I did, until we came back and it was dinner time! My child will only eat cold food at the moment and most of it gets one bite then thrown on the floor! It’s a constant battle to get him to eat his dinner, then he doesn’t sleep well because he is hungry, this is the conclusion I have come to.

My OH works nights so as soon as I come in he goes to bed, which leave me to do dinner, bath and bed on my own after a stressful day at work. I know as soon as Bubba is in bed I would have chilled out and want him up again!

I really don’t know how the SAHM/D does it. I have had 2 weeks off work since I went back after having Bubba and it was more tiring than working full time and coming home to do dinner, bath and bed. Although when I am at work I wish I was at home, sometimes its catch 22.

I am quite lucky with my work as I work shifts sometime I am on late shifts so I get to spend the morning with him, although getting in from work at 11.30pm in bed by 12.30am and up 3 times in the night then back to work for 8am is horrible sometimes I walk round in a zombie state the next day, you know like when you have a new born baby and you are up every 3 hours yep like that?!

It’s now 6pm and I have to put baby to bed, have dinner myself and do some housework. I try to spread my house work out over the week when I can and do it while Bubba is in bed that way I still get to spend the valuable time with him.

I did feel guilty for leaving him at nursery for a while; he was 3 months old when he started. Now I have got used to it and so has he, he has always loved going and I have never left him at nursery and he had cried for me, he always leaps into the nursery nurses arms as soon as we are in the door and so far I have not missed any of the 1st things he has done.

We do have to work to quite a strict routine to make everything work, our routine is:

7.00am - I get up dressed and ready for work

7.30am - Bubba up, dressed and breakfast

7.50am - Drop Bubba at Nursery

8.00 - 8.10am - Get to work, I am meant to start work at 8am but they are very under standing that nursery doesn’t open till 8am so I am normally 10- 15 mins late.

12.30pm - OH pick Bubba up from nursery after his night shift.

4.15pm - come home play with Bubba or get irritated by him coz I have had a busy day and he won’t stop winging!

5.30pm - Dinner and bath for Bubba

6.00pm - Bubba goes to bed and I start my jobs.

It’s quite a full on day I get to sit down around 9pm when its time to go to bed! 

The only thing that I would change if I could would be to work part-time instead of full-time, but I do love my job most the time and I am very career driven. Hopefully one day I will have my own business and I will be able to stay at home and have people to work for me, I can keep hoping right

Upsydaisybaby x

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