Thursday, 15 August 2013

Review: Huggies DryNites Bed Mats

Potty training.  Some kids take to it like ducks to water.  Others, not so much.  Being strong willed, my daughter more or less trained herself from the age of two and only had a few accidents and thankfully left me no surprises.

She is now three and wanting to get out of her night time nappies.  This means that I need to get myself organised just in case there are any accidents at night, so with one sheet on the bed and two clean ones in the cupboard, I feel pretty much sorted on that front but the key thing is to have something to stop little night time accidents from soaking through to the mattress.

That is where Huggies DryNites Bed Mats come in.  We were sent a pack to sample and so far they have worked amazingly.

The mats are highly absorbent with a waterproof backing and very easy to stick down to the mattress.  Simply peel off the adhesive backing on the four corners (I do one at a time) and then stick into place on your child's mattress over the area that they are most likely to wet the bed.  If you get it wrong the first time, you can simply lift and replace in the correct position.

They are easy to remove and do not leave the mattress sticky where the adhesive tabs were placed.  You also don't get that funny crunching sound as you roll over it, so your little one will barely know it's there even while they sleep.

They are very absorbent but because she is physically wet, she will still wake up in when she has had an accident so we can change her bedding which literally takes a matter of minutes; stripping the bedding, taking of the bed mat, replacing it with a new one and putting on a clean sheet.  She has had four dry nights now out of seven which makes a huge difference compared to when we first started a few months ago and had a full week of bed wetting, at which point she actually asked to go back into her nappies.

I feel that these sheets have given her more confidence and that they are really helping to encourage her to get dry at night in her own time.  These may not be the cheapest solution if your child regularly wets the bed as the RRP is £5.89 for 7 bed mats but to be honest, if your child only wets the bed every other night, they will last for two weeks and cost you roughly the same as a pack of night time nappies.  I prefer these to waterproof sheets as there is less washing to do, you don't have to wait for them to dry and they can fit any size bed, so you can take them to grandparents homes, on holiday, or into your bed if need be.

The DryNites website has some excellent hints and tips on how to get your child through the bed wetting stage with minimal fuss and maximum encouragement.  You can claim a free sample too and test them out for yourself.  The bed mats are available at most major retailers such as Asda, Mothercare, Tesco, Sainsburys, Boots and are also available to buy through selected online retailers.

Alison x

Note: I was sent a pack of Huggies DryNites to sample and put through their paces.  All views are my own and not bias.

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