Thursday, 8 August 2013

Which method do you use?

Since getting married, buying a home, getting a cat and then having a baby, I have become more domesticated.  I get excited about new washing machines and their various spin speeds and cycles.  I know how to clean most stains from various materials.  I am no longer bothered about the chore that is hand washing, and most importantly, I take care in what cleaning products I use in my home.

I've recently discovered method; a non-toxic design led cleaning brand that have beautiful products that can be used around the home to combat dirt.  They are really unique due to their emphasis on design with the various products coming in very eye catching colours and being attractively packaged so they look gorgeous around your home.  Functional and fabulous as I like to say.

A bit of a history lesson...
Founded in 2000, method is the pioneer of planet-friendly and design-driven home, laundry and hand wash products.  Formulated with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients, method cleaners put the hurt on dirt without doing harm to people, creatures or the planet.  method can be found in more than 40,000 retail locations throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia and over 4,000 in the UK.   And now you know.

It's safe!
method is safe to use around children and pets and surfaces cleaned with method, including high chairs and bathtubs.  You can rest happy knowing that children won't be harmed by coming into contact with the products and they also do not leave behind any toxic or harmful fumes/residues.  Well, maybe the kids do, but that's why you have method to deal with those type of situations!

Smelling fresh as a daisy
All method fragrances are free from nasty allergens and toxins.  method hand wash comes in an array of gorgeous fragrances and colours to suit you and your lifestyle.  Love!

All-in-One Mum product testing
On this occasion I've sampled the clementine daily kitchen spray, pink grapefruit multi surface spray as well as the french lavender and waterfall hand wash gels.  

My verdict on the sprays
I love the 'power' behind the nozzle.  Is that a strange thing to say?  With just a gentle pull back on the trigger, the spray squirts out powerfully over the surface that needs cleaning without having to pump it a number of times to get the desired spray effect.   Wipe straight away and it's clean.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!   

As method pay attention to the fragrance of their products I was sceptical as to whether they would be overpowering or not, but to be honest, they are delicious!  No chemical smell that you usually get from other products and my nose hairs weren't stinging either.  The gentle wafts of clementine and grapefruit were just delightful.  Perfect.  

The fact that they come in such beautiful scents means I can satisfy my crazy side and use different scents at different times of day, making and keeping me happy.  I'm a simple soul.  Both the multi surface spray and daily kitchen cleaner are made from plant-based products and bio-degradable ingredients that will break down safely in the environment.   

RRP £3.00 for 828ml bottle of multi surface spray and daily kitchen spray.

My verdict on the hand wash gels 
My hands were left clean without my skin being left with that dried out feeling.  I hate washing my hands and then being left with that squeeky, dirty, feeling and then needing to smother them in hand cream and this was definitely not the case with this wonderful hand wash gel.  method don't use parabens in their hand wash gels.  

Smelling good enough to eat, I actually looked forward to the next time I needed to wash my hands.  I almost looked forward to having dirty hands again.  They look fab in both your kitchen and bathroom.   You could use them at work too, if you have a kind boss?  

RRP £2.49 for a 354ml bottle of hand wash gel. 

Most important and the best point of all....

They work!  Hooray!  All method cleaners use powerful formula's made with naturally derived surfactants that work by dissolving and removing dirt.  Their team of green chefs (aka formulation chemists and product designers), ensure that their products are not only highly innovative, but also highly effective.

Their greenskeeping team rigorously assesses every ingredient used, so you can be completely sure of its safety. Basically, that's why method's entire product line is both people- and pet-friendly, specially formulated to put the hurt on dirt without harming a hair on you or your loved ones' heads.  

They also used recycled plastic, are vegan and cruelty free.  I like this and I'm sure you do too.

I found this fun You Tube clip on the method Facebook page which sums up who they are and what they stand for.  

Saying that it's life changing would be a bit dramatic but it's enough to make me rethink all the cleaning agents I have in my house and change everything to method.  Having a child, fur-child and husband, I want what is best for them.  The gorgeous packaging isn't half bad either.  

Where to buy
method is available at major supermarkets - Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, B&Q, Homebase,, Co-op and many small independents and fairly big ones like Whole Foods, or online at


if you buy these products you'll join the ranks of these other method lovers: Stella McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, Laura Bailey, Lauren Bush, Donna Air, Rachel Bilson, Leonardo Di Caprio, Kirsty Gallacher, Erin O’Connor and me, All-in-One Mum!

Alison xx

Find out more about the method range here



Note:  I was sent these products to use and review in my leisure.  All views are completely my own and not bias.

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