Saturday, 3 August 2013

Fun outdoor toys for kids

I'm lucky enough not to have to worry about what to do with my daughter in the school holidays as she is still at nursery.  For many other parents who are into week two and three of the school holidays, I'm pretty sure both you and your little ones are starting to have to actually think and create things to do to escape the dreaded boredom!

My little one is currently putting the Chad Valley inflatable activity centre through it's paces.  It took about 45 minutes to blow up using the electric pump (thank goodness I had one!) so I'm glad I put it together while she was sleeping.

This is almost virtually indestructible!  It has been jumped on, squashed, pushed from all sides, attacked by nearly 3 kids under 4 at the same time and it is still standing.  It withstood the sun, hail and rain and has still not popped!  It's unfortunately not in stock at the moment but hopefully will come back next season as I would highly recommend it due to it's small size and the ability to withstand hours of play from hyperactive toddlers as well as having the ability to put up with our great British weather.

The only snag is that the nylon type string that was supplied to tie the blue safety guards to the side isn't really ideal.  If you are an expert at tying knots, then you might find it easy to do but I've ended up losing some of the string through slightly rougher play and will use normal string to secure it as it doesn't pull away and become loose.  Having a small instruction guide on how to tie the knots may be an idea but I'm impatient and probably wouldn't have bothered with it anyway.

It's time for me now to look here at girls toys that I can start putting away for Christmas.  Yes, I said it. Christmas.  CHRISTMAS!  Just over 4 months away guys, so I'm going to start buying small gifts now so that it isn't such a shock to the bank balance.

A x

Note:  I was given this activity centre free of charge to put through it's paces.  My thoughts are my own and completely unbias.

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