Thursday, 8 August 2013

My latest mini project: renovations, decorations and DIY!

I’m quite happy to admit that I am one of those (sad) people that loves and is slightly addicted to Pinterest.  I am also ever so slightly fond of scrolling through the latest Ikea catalogue on my iPad or trawling through the website, going through the various room ideas and then pinning them to my Pinterest boards.  Liking, wanting, pinning.  Liking, wanting, pinning.  It’s addictive.

My latest mini project is to get my bedroom split in two by partitioning it bang down the centre, subsequently creating an extra bedroom for my yet to be conceived, second child.  This has opened up an entire Pandora’s box with regards to design ideas for my daughter’s new ‘big girl’ room, the new nursery and then the room for myself and my husband; a place where we can retreat to when both children drive us nuts.

As I scroll through various pins and web pages, my mind works at a million miles per hour.  What colour scheme?  What design style?  What paint colour for the walls?  Carpets?  Wooden floor?  Chandelier lamps vs. something more modern?  Thank goodness I’ve pinned everything that I did like, with the basis of my inspiration coming from Ikea.  I like clean lines and the Ikea style blends well with my personal ideals and style ideas.  It just works and I love the vibrancy of the colours and simplicity of the designs.

I was pointed in the direction of a funny You Tube clip about an Ikea character called Mandy and her son Luke.  It’s a spoof of “my sweet 16” done ‘Ikea style’ and takes you on a walkthrough of her home. I wish my house was that clean but jokes aside, with a few simply items around the house, it can be tidy and organised, even with kids.  Hilarious, so I had to share it! 

Watch this space for All-in-One Mum design projects and hopefully 1 x new baby on the horizon.  Also, if you are half as random as I am, you can follow Mandy at her own Twitter page to see how she is getting on, with life, and things like that.  Ha ha, ha ha ha!

Alison x

Note: This post was written in collaboration with Ikea but all views are completely my own.  I am truly fond of using both Pinterest and Ikea, on a regular basis, and am currently about to do renovations and a mini-home makeover. 

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  1. Sounds like your hands are full with renovations after renovations, eh? It sounds exciting! With the many house renovation ideas you can browse from on the internet, I bet you're wracking your brains with deciding which to apply to your home. Well, I gotta say that you should stick to what you need and have to do so you wouldn't get overwhelmed. Please update us. I'm excited to see what you did with your bedroom and your daughter's room as well. Good luck!
    Homer @ Pinnacle Group


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