Sunday, 10 November 2013

The 're-shaped' Psychologies magazine

I was first introduced to Psychologies roughly six years ago by my cousin.  She has this amazing knack for introducing me to new things that she knows I'll relish.

Psychologies is one of the few monthly mags that I actually read, not page-turn, from cover to cover.  The articles are about real women.  There are no skinny models in ridiculous poses wearing couture that I could only dream of affording.  Stories are not sensationalised; they are true to life.

Topics range from conversations with ordinary people overcoming extra-ordinary life circumstances to getting a deeper insight into the female psyche and how to be a better you.  All this finished off with a  touch of travel, make-up, fashion and recipes.

Unlike most fashion or gossip magazines, I read and learn from the the articles and am left feeling a combination of calm, empowerment, enlightenment and with more cultural awareness.  I'm not preached at or given guidelines about how I should be but how, by making simple changes, this is how my life could be.  Being a rather strong willed character, there are very few people that actually succeed in getting their message across in this type of way that makes me react so positively to it.

In this particular issue (December 2013), I was introduced to a new way of thinking through an article entitled 'Find the joy in anticipation'.  With so many of us leading frenetic lifestyles, day to day goings on can seem a little dull.  Looking forward to your next presentation or business meeting is hardly something to write home about, unless closing a £500,000 deal or something along those lines…I wish...

Research shows that when we are anticipating something like a holiday or big event, this feeling can have a profoundly positive effect and help us to live happier lives.  You remember that feeling, right?  Something akin to the feeling when you are a kid, the night before Christmas.  With that in mind Martha Roberts, the author of the article, sets a mini task of looking forward to one of three things; setting 10 minutes aside each day to read a book, getting excited about your favourite weekly TV show or planning a fabulous meal that you'll enjoy.

It's all in the anticipation and planning of one of these three activities and how you feel in the lead up to completing the task and the lasting memory of it.  Martha says to try this for a month and, to be honest, I think I'd like to keep this going from now until the end of time.  Not wanting to wish my life away until the next exciting event of course, but being excited and relishing in the anticipation of the start of the event really does make you feel happy.  It feels good.  I like that way of thinking.

Psychologies (UK Edition) is available in print (£3.90 per issue) and digital versions (£3.99) although getting a 6 or 12 months subscription does of course save you pennies, allowing you to either put the money away for a rainy dry or treat yourself to something nice.

Ally x

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Note: I've been enjoying precious moments on my couch, reading the wonderful articles in the new edition Psychologies.  All views and opinions on this publication are completely my own.

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