Saturday, 9 November 2013

Review: Time to 'Save the Blow Dry'!

So, you wake up in the morning.  It's 15 minutes later than you actually planned to get out bed.  Your hair, however, is still looking great from the day before.  Now that you've lost that extra 15 minutes you darn well better not get it wet in the shower because there definitely isn't time to deal with it this morning!!

Sound familiar to anyone?  Save the Blow Dry are here to come to the rescue of the late sleepers, lazy blow dryers, constant 'I'm in a rush' folk with their super trendy new Save the Blow Dry shower cap. Clip your hair up lightly if it's long and then then tuck it into the cap along with any stragglers, hop into the shower, and hey presto!  No wet hair.  Your blow dry and style has been saved from the day before!

Interesting fact: on average, ladies spend over two hours each week blow drying and styling their tresses!

With a soft and super-absorbent micro weave towel inner and protective outer (phalate free) you can rest assured that your hair will be left dry and sexy as the towelling fights off humidity and condensation.  Hoorah!

This sexy little number number not only protects your hair from water but can also be flipped inside out with the protective layer on the inside, giving hair treatments the chance to work even more effectively.

My hair is naturally curly and when it comes into contact with water it gets frizzy but in my last few showers I've come out with the same, smooth hair style that I started with.  Bliss!   If my husband had bought me one of these for my birthday or Christmas, I'd actually be pretty darn happy.  It looks great and fits snuggly over my long below the shoulder, thick hair.

For best results:
  • Brush your hair before use.
  • Clip up long hair with a clasp or slide.
  • Push any escaping strands of hair into the hat and make sure your hair line is covered.
  • Dry yourself off BEFORE removing Save the Blow Dry!
  • Shake Save the Blow Dry! to remove excess water and hang up to dry.
You can buy your Save the Blow Dry shower hat from their online store for £14.95.  By doing this you are also donating to a very worth cause.  Save the Blow Dry have partnered with Khandel Light, a charity that is doing fabulous work to greatly improve the lives of communities in and around Khandel, Rajasthan, India.  This is one of the most impoverished regions in the world, where life for the poorest villagers of Khandel is at the margins of existence with families lacking essential things that we take for granted like clean water, basic hygiene and sanitation, decent housing, medical care and access to education (especially for the girls).  

By you buying a Save the Blow Dry through their website, this will directly fund two weeks of safe drinking water for a family in the desert region of Khandel, making a vital difference to people who live an impoverished existence in a region with constant drought and soaring temperatures.

Ally x

Find more on Save the Blow Dry 


More on Khandel light here

Note: Save the Blow Dry very kindly sent this to me to review and give my opinion on.  Verdict.  Love it!


  1. I first saw these a few days ago. Look like the caps you used to be able to get; big and roomy. The average now is a poor replacement. Lovely review!


    1. I love mine and even my daughter tries to get her hands on it (she is only 3 1/2!). Plenty of room for long hair with these ones. Love it!


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