Thursday, 21 November 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddler Girls

Little girls tend to be very girly from before they can even walk. Whether it’s a result of being surrounded by pinks, purples and pastel tones from birth, or just an intrinsic love of all things sparkly, little girls certainly seem to know what they like. This Christmas you can treat the little princess in your life to something a little more lady-like than the many gender-neutral toddler toys that are available, whilst still keeping them age appropriate.

Little girls have been playing with dolls for many years. There are dolls for all age groups, from basic fabric rag dolls to fashion dolls with small parts, clothes and accessories for older girls. The infatuation with dolls can start young, and many are made with no loose buttons or parts especially for toddler girls. These are usually washable and soft so they can be cuddled and slept with without any problems. There are also strollers, cots and accessories all designed with younger children in mind, which help with fine and gross motor skill development.

Little girls will often discover princesses, and Disney princesses in particular when they are a little older. There is lots of merchandise available for your little princess, both Disney-themed and otherwise. For the smallest princesses you can get some lovely Disney outfits and toys or soft dolls designed for little hands. There is also the Fisher-Price Little People Princess Songs Palace with solid plastic figures and no loose parts for pre-school children, which they can enjoy playing with dressed as their very favourite Disney princess - as well as, of course, the DVDs and Blu-Rays of the movies, ready for the next generation to fall in love with.

One of the most iconic images of little girls is of tiny ballerinas in tutus. This is often an interest that is started early, before your little one can even walk, yet alone pirouette. There are many ballet themed toys and accessories for little ones. There are ballerina mice on children’s TV and clothes in all sizes with ballerina appliques. Toddlers will love dancing about in their very own ballet shoes years earlier than they can actually start ballet lessons.

Of course some children do not conform to gender stereotypes, and you should take cues from your child as to what they like and enjoy. If they do show an interest in girly things then you can indulge this at Christmas, with so many great gifts available for your princess in the making.  

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