Saturday, 9 November 2013

Proud to be a Mommy Blogger...oh, and a feminist...

So, it's Blogfest 2013 and the latest topic of discussion is 'can you be a mummy blogger and a feminist'.   My immediate reaction being...WTF.  In a room full of women, some extremely strong willed and with sharp tongues, why, oh why in the name of all that is sacred, would you even bring this up?!   Following all the Tweets on Twitter made me quite glad that I wasn't actually at the event as I'd either have to sit on my hands or bite my tongue.

Being a mum or even a mummy blogger does not mean that you should be pigeon holed into some sort of 'Mary Poppins' type, happy to make the meals, clean the house, can't change a light bulb being.

I think that being a mummy blogger is actually quite the opposite.  Yes, there are people who blog solely about their families.  They enjoy it, don't slag them off for it.  They like it, it's pleasant and non-offencive.  It's a creative outlet for most and it takes a flipping great deal of commitment and also balls to keep up with it all and get half decent posts up for your readers as well as making sure that if you are reviewing a product, you do it within the required timescales.  All this whilst juggling homelife and in my case, my own business.

Blogging has developed so much over the years that mums can actually make money from doing it.  They are, in fact, their own brand and business.  Now, to be honest, I'd be very apprehensive to kick sand in the face of any women that is staying at home, working on a blog to earn extra money for the household and still doing everything else that makes up part of her day.  Do you honestly know how much time it takes to do all of these tasks?  Do you?

Since I've been blogging I feel more empowered.  I always loved to write and now I have the platform to do it on.  I love to wear make up, heels, prance around in nice dresses and bake.  I always wanted to be a wife and mother and have pets and a white picket fence.  I also like to speak my mind.  I can change a tire, a light bulb, build flat pack furniture on my own and run my own business as well as stand my own against men in a car dealership who try to take the piss.

I want to show my daughter that you can be whoever you want to be, without having to tramp over people to do it and losing yourself along the path.  I am me, pure and simple.  Girly but also completely nuts and outspoken.  Loving but not a pushover.  I'm a mum who prefers to be called 'mom' and I'm damn proud to be a 'mommy blogger'.

Ally x

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