Saturday, 1 June 2013

Where did the last 3 years go?

My daughter turned 3 in April (how is this for slow blogging?! ).  Where has the time gone?  I know it sounds like a cliché, but it honestly feels like only yesterday that we were bringing home our baby girl from hospital.  All too quickly she has grown into a lovely little girl with a fun loving, creative, energetic and unique character.  I am one very proud All-in-One Mum!

I like to make an effort for her birthday parties and so this year I created the invites myself, giving it a personal touch.  My mom made and effort for my birthday parties and I can remember nearly each and every single one, especially the ice-cream birthday cake in the shape of a Care Bear (hot South African December birthday!) to the entertainment with the puppet show and the one at the super tube water slides in Muizenberg.

I have become a bit of a Pinterest addict and gathered most of my inspiration from there, pinning pictures of cakes, invitations, colour schemes and keepsakes that I loved.  My daughter loves Hello Kitty so this was the basis of my pink, purple and blue colour scheme.  I created the invitations and other pieces in Word and then printed and stuck them to pieces of coloured card so that they really stood out.  Basically, I saw, I pinned, I created!

I put in a self addressed and stamped envelope so that everyone was happy to post off the RSVP cards.  My daughter loved getting her replies through the post so each time the post arrived she got ridiculously excited in anticipation of opening up her own mail. 

Instead of party packs I gave books to each child, wrapped in pretty wrapping paper.  I attached a thank you note on it from Isabella to make it more personal.

I laboured over 2 days making her 3-tiered cake (Thursday for the cake and most of Friday night into the early hours of Saturday morning for the decorating).  It was quicker to give birth!!!  Let's just say that the detail looked different in my head but due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. me being completely rubbish at working with fondant icing, a few layers and stripes were added to cover a few minor mistakes.  The finished product did look pretty good.  Yes, that is my slightly bias opinion.

With fingers crossed for decent weather, I ordered a princess bouncy castle and happy hoppers from A and K Events a week or two before the party.  Thankfully my decision to delay her party for a few weeks after her birthday was the right thing to do as we had beautiful weather on the day.  It was actually a warm and resembled something close to Spring.  Hoorah!

They delivered the bouncy castle and hoppers allowing plenty of time before the party started and even let my daughter (, me...) have a few last jumps and slides before taking it down.  It came and went as if it was never there in the first place.  Alison and Kevin were simply lovely and come highly recommended.  Kids all happy outside and the house was left untouched.  Result! to plan for my husband's birthday.  Maybe sumo suits or roo boxing?!?


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  1. You have such a good memory Ali ... but I suppose as one gets older remembering everything is a little bit more difficult!! I do believe I did make an effort for your parties.


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