Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The facts of life according to a three year old

My daughter loves children that are younger than here, especially little babies.  She gives them gentle hugs and strokes their heads and arms with tender loving care.  Basically, she adores them.

I'm not even sure how we got onto the subject but we started to talk about babies and where they came from.  Now, as she is only just three years old, it's a tad too early for the real 'facts of life' talk.   However, she had somehow concocted a theory of her own.  It goes something like this...

Little One: Daddy is going to London to go and buy a baby.

Me: Oh really, and where will he get one from?

LO: The shop.

Me: (fair enough answer I thought). Okay, so what happens next?

LO: Daddy comes home and gives it to mommy and puts it in her tummy.

Me: (thinking that is slightly how babies come about, without having to go into more detail.) Yes, something like that babe.  But what happens next?  How does the baby come out?

LO: Like this! (sticking her finger in her mouth) POP! Goes the weeeeeasel!

Me: (not really having an answer, I smile and laugh.)

I think that for a three year old she pretty much has a few of the basics sorted out; baby comes from daddy, given to mommy, goes in tummy and then pops out.   Hopefully this will save me from 'the talk' for a few more years.


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