Friday, 7 June 2013

Just, calm down!

Now that my daughter is three I'm even more aware that I need to watch what I say around her.  My attitudes and opinions are absorbed by her like a sponge, so if I am going to have a strop, I'm going to need to do it in my own time.

Last week two of her little friends (sisters) were having an argument over my daughter's bike.  Both grabbed a side of the handle bars and were tugging on them for dear life in order to stake their claim to the bike for that nanosecond, right before the kerfuffle would start again.

So, in steps my daughter, standing in front of her friends with hands raised up high to the sky...

"Just, calm down!" says my incredibly mature three year old.

Never mind the fact that I was lost for words and then couldn't stop laughing at the ridiculously grown-up kiddie moment.  I think the kids were as shocked as we were with my daughter not fully knowing the impact of what she had just said.

I hope that this is a show of things to come; that she will grow up to be a kind person, who likes to jump in and solve problems, doesn't like to see people struggling or fighting who is strong yet gentle at the same time.

So far I don't think I've done too awfully as a mum, fumbling away at the best of times, but at times like these it makes you think that you may have just possibly done one thing right, and simple pleasures like that just can't be beaten.


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